Could we be at war with China before the next presidential election? Some informed individuals say maybe

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What’s the old adage? Never engage in a land war in Asia? Well we tossed that one out a while ago and now it looks like we might be heading for one on the high seas. No kidding. China is building island bases in the South China Sea, right over massive deposits of oil and smack dab in the middle of Asian trade routes, and we are not happy about it. In fact we’ve ordered China to essentially stop immediately.  They are not complying, and are using diplomatic talk of the kind which isn’t very diplomatic.

We have gotten to the point where sober minded people (well probably most of the time) with serious skin in the game are getting concerned.

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Clinton Faces Biggest Threat From Rubio and Paul in New Poll

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The 2016 race is already interesting, and it’s going to get better. Many of the assumed components to a presidential race are no longer as hard and fast as they were. I am also convinced that there is another crop of “Reagan Democrats” waiting from the right Republican presidential candidate. This is a bit of what we are seeing here. Early trend flickers.

(From Time)

Against Clinton though, only Rubio, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul—who polls at 7% nationally among Republicans—would pose a threat if the election were held today. Clinton scores 46% to 42% against Paul, and 45% to 41% against Rubio, the poll found. All other Republicans poll multiples behind Clinton.

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‘HOPE’ Poster Artist Doesn’t Think Obama Lived Up to the Hype or ‘Hope’

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Many of us in 2008 watched the election in disbelief. Some people really were buying what Obama was selling. A lot of people were buying it. And given that the main alternative was John McCain it almost made sense.

Soon the most statist president in a generation, a product of Alinskyite Chicago politics no less, was in the White House.

What many of our friends on the more statist side of the political spectrum don’t understand is that people didn’t throw up because Obama was a black guy. I think a conservative or even generally moderate black president would have been pretty warmly received by many of the folks our lefty friends are sure are hiding Klan robes in the back closet.

It was that Obama was/is a demagogue and a polarizer. That his language was and is steeped in the cultural Marxism of the PC university. It was that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” this country. OK, transform it from what? America was a pretty prosperous place – even with the “Great Recession.”

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LA unions push for $15/hr minimum wage, But not for themselves, they say they should be able to pay employees less

Yes, this may be true. But isn't that more of a YOU issue?

Yes, this may be true. But isn’t that more of a YOU issue?

The minimum wage debate is a bizarre one. Anyone who understands the simple concept of supply and demand can see why arbitrarily raising the minimum wage above the real wage rate for unskilled workers is a boneheaded idea. Raise the cost of labor and jobs will diminish, margins will be cut, tax bases will be reduced.

But a $15/hour wage sounds good to people who seriously DON”T understand supply and demand. It’s just those greedy employers who are holding back. We need to squeeze more from those terrible business owners. You know the ones who sign the pay checks, take on the risk, and pay all the taxes. Those bastards.

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National Review Reports: Hillary’s brother and the family business

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From the moment the Clintons walked through the White House doors in January of 1993, Rodham has proven remarkably adept at harnessing their political horsepower for his personal gain. His schemes don’t always pan out, and they have caused numerous headaches for Hillary and Bill. But Rodham’s fortunes have always been tied to theirs, his bank account waxing and waning in time with the Clintons’ political prospects. He may lack their sophistication, but to many observers, Tony is the unvarnished embodiment of the Clintons’ decades-long dance with crony capitalism.

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Detroit Police Chief: I Wouldn’t Gas Up in the City Late at Night Unless I Had To

Don't get out to pump the gas in Detroit unless you're commuting with this guy.

Don’t get out to pump the gas in Detroit unless you’re commuting with this guy.

It was not that long ago that Detroit was one of America’s and the world’s great cities. A center of industry and commerce which rose up out of the American Midwest as testament to innovation and ingenuity.

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Big government neoconservative Bill Kristol: Rand is a ‘liberal Democrat’

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So a generally libertarianish guy who believes in free markets, lowering taxes, and actually reducing the size of the government is a “liberal Democrat”? Well, gee, this country is better off than we may have thought. Our colleges must be filled with professors calling for deregulation and the protection of property rights because we know that our university system is “liberal.” Ted Kennedy was actually for liberty and freedom not an ever expanding state, you didn’t know that?

And the guys who want to spend tons and tons of money America doesn’t have nation building and generally expanding the size of government are actually CONSERVATIVES! Holy moly, this changes everything. Good thing we have “conservatives” like Bill Kristol, whose political lineage extends back to a bunch of Trotskyites in the 1930s (the neoconservatives) to explain to us what a “liberal Democrat” is.

Thank goodness.

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Justin Amash keeping watch on House floor in case Boehner tries to sneak through Patriot Act extension

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Again, constant vigilance. Good to have someone like Justin Amash in the House keeping an eye on things, but we need to be watching too. So much bad legislation seems to slip through at Christmas time or around Summer Recess.

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Impoverishment: America’s New Normal

Way Signs "Innovation, This Way - Stagnation"

An excellent article from Jack Curtis at The American Thinker.

America has stagnated. It isn’t dynamic. Government is thick and restrictive. Businesses are not being created at the rate they were in the past. 20% of households (according to the attached article) have no one working. 1 in 5 households have no workers.

A poison cocktail of fiat financialization and massive government has dripped into the American bloodstream over the last 4 decades or so. The vigor is gone. Increasingly desperate people look to the welfare state for solutions, or at least a fix.

It is the state which has created this situation, not capitalism. We haven’t had real, non-crony capitalism, in this country for a long time. And the culture of Obama has accelerated this move away from free markets and free prices.

They say that parasites rarely kill their hosts. But sometimes they do.

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World’s first robot chef makes 2000 different dishes, Demands $0/hour in pay

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Say hello to the not too distant future. In the next 10 years robots will change our world in huge ways. They will upend labor markets and change our politics. Add in the Oculus Rift which makes real live virtual reality yours (I mean it is really, really cool) for $500, and watch out. You think the Internet changed your life? Just you wait.

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Appeals Court to Obama: Sorry, no executive amnesty

We decided that wasn't what we wanted.

We decided that wasn’t what we wanted.

Pretty much everyone I think saw Obama’s “executive amnesty” move as at best a power grab and at worst, well, something much worse. But it looks like Obama’s plans are dead on this front. He can still appeal to the Supreme Court but that body has been quite critical of this administration as Obama and Co.have sought to expand executive power in recent years.

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