Life in the “Income Depression”

And remember this is with a totally gamed CPI number. It's worse than it even looks.

And remember this is with a totally gamed CPI number. It’s worse than it even looks.

Newsflash! Things are not good economically.

Most people make significantly less in inflation adjusted terms than they did prior to the 2008 Crash. And it should be noted that the economy prior to the Crash felt pretty hollow too. People forget this now. But nearly everyone was living off of the housing bubble in the Bush years. That’s why it hurt so bad when housing ate it.

Remember the sea of realtors? At one point – around 2006 – it was basically impossible to go to a barbecue without meeting a realtor or a mortgage person. Idiot sons across the country were making money hand over fist, buying Suburbans, and getting in on rental properties. Where did all those people go? Actually don’t tell me. That the depression has wiped out this crowd is one the few positive outcomes of the last few years in my estimation.

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Co-founder of ACC Hunter Lewis: “Keynesianism is crony capitalism, and crony capitalism is Keynesianism” (Video)

This video is from March of 2012 at the Mises Institute. In it Hunter explains why it is that the current economic regime is fundamentally corrupt and what to do about the situation.

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Marc Faber: “Bubbles in everything, everywhere.”

"Sustainable" or not?

“Sustainable” or not?

As the market continues up – and may continue to go up – voices like Faber’s increasingly sound like the voices which warned of the impending housing bubble crash circa 2006-2007.

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Putin wants to wall off the Internet

putin-internet1 cc It’s good to remember that this guy is a big big government autocrat and a veteran of the KGB. The entire country is a cleptocacy and compliance to the Putin Plan is requisite for pretty much everyone.

The Great Internet Wall of China has proven moderately effective at best. Millions of people break through it daily. Russia, home of many highly talented hackers would probably have the same problem.

Isn’t it interesting how the powers that be, whether in Moscow, Beijing, London, or Washington are so concerned about the flow of information? Information itself is a threat. The truth is a threat.

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Ron Paul and Tom Woods discuss libertarianism and its critics (Video)

liberty freedom cc

2 of the most interesting people in political thought. Both of whom in my experience are actually decent human beings too.

Almost everyone knows Ron Paul but more people should be familiar with Tom Woods who’s book Meltdown is a fantastic (and very accessible) explanation of the 2008 Crash. You can read his work and listen to his show at

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Rand Paul: “These Barnacled Enablers Have Never Met A War They Didn’t Like” (Video)

It’s true. There is a predisposition toward war in the official corridors of Washington DC now. But this country was supposed to mind its own business. That was a founding principal.

We are about to make another mistake in the Middle East because our president (and nearly everyone else in DC) took the bait ISIS set. But let’s be honest, our “leaders” wanted to take the bait. Obama and McCain have been miffed ever since the people rose up and kept them from bombing Syria about this time last year.

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Coulter to Libertarian-Voting Republicans: I Want to ‘Drown You’

coulter cc cc

Is it possible that Anne Coulter’s cocktail dresses are cutting off oxygen to her brain? Is it possible that Ms. Coulter is just naturally a busybody who despises libertarians because she can’t help but stick her nose into other people’s business? Is it possible that Ms. Coulter is little more than a partisan hack with little philosophical meat to her positions?

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