Congress Gave the Pentagon Billions for Programs it Doesn’t Want

Made in Ohio. Hey, Speaker Boehner is from there!

Made in Ohio. Hey, Speaker Boehner is from there!

And the military is plenty happy to spend money. It’s like you handing your teenage son the Visa card, telling him to spend what he wants (which he of course does) and then absolutely insisting that said son needs a Ferrari, even though he swears he doesn’t want one.

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Conrad Black: The Saudis believe the West is about to give in to Iranian demands. Crashing the price of oil is how it fights back

Middle-East-map cc

Guess who doesn’t like the Iranians almost as much as Israel? Saudi Arabia. And the Saudi’s are very unhappy about the spread of Shiite influence through the upper Middle East, and apparently in official corners of Washington. The princes fear a rising Iran, and that, according to Black is why the Saudis are moving now.

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Comcast Lobbyists Hand-Out VIP Numbers (to “influential Washingtonians”) to Fast Track Customer Service

VIP ccI had a neighbor who had an orange above ground line running off of the back of his house for a couple of months thanks to Comcast. Sure they could install the cable line, but burying it? That you see takes a whole different team and they will be by sometime before the apocalypse.

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Mississippi Attorney General Dares Reporters To Find Any Evidence Of Hollywood Funding… So (TechDirt) Did

hood ag ccIn case you haven’t been following this story, the Motion Picture Association of America, the trade group for Hollywood headed by former senator Chris Dodd, has been accused of “improperly” (that’s the right word at this point) influencing states’ attorneys general in an effort to make life hard for Google. Google, Hollywood believes, makes it too easy to find “pirated” content online. So the barons of the big screen may have been calling up buddies in AG offices around the nation to put pressure on the Internet giant. The Attorney General in Mississippi appears to have been a particular Hollywood friend. Odd place for the studio execs to find an ally but hey, politics is weird like that.

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Oil could fall to $30 a barrel: Emirates boss (Video)

suv cc

Load up the kids and the dog in the Suburban! We’re driving to California via Alaska this summer! We’ll drive 100 mph the whole way! Carbon footprint? I got your carbon footprint right here!!!

All I can say is don’t get too used to it folks. Though the CEO of Emirates (below) believes that oil has been held artificially high for a long time and that lower prices might just reflect a reversion to reality.

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Authoritarian Republicans and libertarian Republicans fight it out (The Neocon Battle of the Bulge)

Cheney cc cc

There is a civil war in the GOP. This is not news. But it has again flared up in light of the recent budget deal, other domestic developments, and the new neocon Battle of the Bulge, the counter offensive by the big government wing of the GOP to reassert its authority and to secure an establishment candidate for president.

The neocons know that they are on the edge being relegated perhaps permanently to the political margins, and like the Germans in the frozen Belgian forests the neocons are going to go down fighting.

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Utah comes after insurance startup

zenefits c                        c

Pretty blatant stuff. As a former insurance underwriter (and sometimes agent) I can tell you first hand that brokers and agents loathe competition. Which is understandable. Competition means having to lower prices on a highly commoditized product. That’s not good for commissions.

This is one of the reasons why insurance is such a “highly regulated industry.”  It’s not just about looking out for the consumer that’s for sure.

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