Axelrod warns: Talk of removing Trump a ‘very dangerous road’, “Bloodless Coup” not OK

A very very dangerous road. I always thought that Axelrod was reasonably sane. (Partisan of course, but sane. In contrast to some people these days.)

I mean if one wants to flush the rule of law down the toilet and go full on Third World (which is what the anti-Obama people warned would happen with an Obama presidency) to take Trump down then, well, I guess you’ve made your decision. But consider that the rest of the country is very unlike New York,

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“War is the health of the state, but the death of empires.”

An excellent book about the Soviet experience in Afghanistan

We don’t agree with ole’ Pat on many things, including some of the things in this short piece. But he is right in that America did not vote Trump into office because he was a war monger. Indeed Hillary was the neocon ranting about war in Syria etc.

No, America wants to get its house in order and our house is not in Afghanistan.

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Is “the United States being purposely divided” ?

It certainly seems like some would be happy indeed to see this country divided. To use the parlance of our time (thank you Dude) they are “haters.” They don’t like this country. They’ve never liked this country. They think this country needs to be taken down a few notches. And many of these “haters” while the hours away in that utterly useless and deeply crony institution, The United Nations.

I thought we were cutting funding to these whiners.

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