America Drops Out of the Top 10 Economically Freest Countries

This, simply should not be. Despite what the poverty wranglers will tell you, wrapping red tape around an economy is no way to increase economic opportunity, and certainly not “justice.”

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Lower taxes for businesses and individuals, cut the bureaucracy, reduce the impact of the state in people’s lives and watch the economy grow and thrive. Continue on the slow suicidal economic path we are on currently and watch the quality of life continue to go down for everyday Americans.

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More Taxes and Tuition Buy Time for the Pension Bubble

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By Ed Ring, executive director, California Policy Center


“The ‘recovery’ is largely an illusion created by the effects of zero percent interest rates, quantitative easing, and deficit spending. The asset bubbles that have been created as a result of these policies have primarily benefited the owners of stocks, bonds, and real estate (the rich), while simultaneously deterring the savings and capital investment that is needed to actually create good paying jobs and increased purchasing power.”

-  Peter Schiff, EuroPacific Weekly, November 6, 2014

The question everyone should be asking, especially the managers of public employee pension funds, is how much longer our economy can run on zero percent (adj. for inflation) interest rates, quantitative easing, and deficit spending.

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Chuck Schumer again: ‘Public Knows in Its Gut’ That Big Govt is ‘Only Way’ to Help Them (Video)

Yeah that’s what I want. Please tax me more. Please make it harder for me to start a business. Please make it even harder for me to hire someone. Please mess up the healthcare system even more. Please keep me from doing what I want with my land. Please keep giving taxpayer backed loans to giant corporations. Please keep taking money directly from my pocket so that GE, GM, and other companies can have just that much more. Please get us involved in another 13 year long war. Please keep spying on my phone calls, emails, and web browsing without a warrant. Please keep wait listing vets so that they die quietly without care. Please keep paying paper pushers at the FDA $120,000/year in total compensation. Please keep wasting money on weapons systems even the Pentagon doesn’t want. Please keep telling me what I can eat or smoke. Please keep trying to restrict my constitutional right to speech and to bear arms. Please keep indoctrinating our children at school. Please keep paying government employee union members pensions which sometimes are 6 figures for life. Please take another few trillion taxpayer dollars and give it to Wall Street. Please, dear Lord please, let government come into every nook and cranny of my private life. Please, please, please, because in “my gut” I know big government is the only way I can be “helped.”

I feel like big government is up in my gut alright, but it isn’t because I want it there.

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Chuck Schumer: Passing Obamacare in 2010 Was a Mistake

I'm sorry but I love this picture of Pete Schumer.

I’m sorry but I love this picture of Chuck Schumer.

I’d say passing Obamacare at any time was a mistake. The program was and is a train wreck which is still piling up. The Dems know it. The American people know it. And it is the reason, to a large degree, why the Senate and the House are in GOP hands.

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Dividing the spoil$ (In the new Congress)

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This essay is pretty good with a couple of important exceptions.

Even though Moyers and Winship take the Dems to task for being a part of the crony capitalist game in Washington DC they still clearly see the Dems as preferable to the GOP which they refer to as the Guardians of Privilege. Though there is some truth to this jab the Dems are absolutely a party of privilege also, perhaps even worse than the GOP. That said, both parties are terrible.

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