CDC Director Confuses CNN’s Dr. Gupta with Conflicting Information on How Ebola Is Transmitted (Video)

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Actually Dr. Gupta doesn’t seem confused at all. In fact he seems to be very aware of the risks associated with close contact and Ebola transmission. The head of the CDC however seems less sure. The Director does however continue to smile reassuringly at the camera as he explains that in fact (contrary to what he just said) perhaps being within 3 feet of a coughing Ebola victim isn’t actually a good idea.

Beware the “pretense of knowledge.” Especially when it’s life and death.

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Former Chief Economist at Dept of Labor: Federal Workers Are Rewarded When They Waste Your Money


In DC the general rule is that agencies should spend every single dollar allocated for that agency so that next year the agency can ask for even more. Plus agency managers measure their stature by the size of the budget they command. If for some reason the amount of money spent by agency X dropped significantly, this in the mind of the bureaucrats means a commensurate drop in power and influence for that agency. No one wants that. (No one inside the Beltway anyway.) So every year it’s spend spend spend. Little regard is given to the fact that it’s the taxpayer’s money the agencies are spending. Anyone who did raise the issue seriously would be laughed out of the boardroom.

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Government MUST be open about Ebola, first case in the USA found in Dallas Texas

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It was just reported that the first Ebola victim discovered in the US is being treated in Dallas Texas. It is imperative that information flow freely around this situation. Keep the response open sourced. Let people track developments closely. I am sure developers at this very moment are working on applications which will help people avoid the virus.

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If you had assets before 2008 you’re probably doing fairly well, If you didn’t, well sorry

Middle class.

Middle class. A lot less wealth here these days.

The great disconnect continues. Those who are tapped into the (crony) financialized system have seen their stocks and bonds do well as the market has ridden a Federal Reserve created bubble. Those who do not have assets, or only real estate assets, (unless they have nice arable farmland) have fallen behind. It’s a case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, but the situation has been exacerbated by the central bank experiments of the last 6 years.

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