As Trump contemplates increased military spending let’s take a moment watch this warning from President (General) Eisenhower (VIDEO)


The Pentagon is an area that should see massive cuts. Historic cuts. I say this as a military brat and as one who has  beloved family in the military. The military should should be much smaller and much more efficient. As technology has ramped up there are large areas to cut. So cut them.

But you know what should be much smaller still? That massive post military career works program called The Military Industrial Complex.

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FEE: The DEA Is to Blame for America’s Opioid Overdose Epidemic


An excellent article that focuses on yet another failure in our war on drugs. Truly one has to realize at this point that our drug policies in this country are too often, mostly perhaps, driven by vested interests exploiting ignorance and fear for power and pay. The bureaucrats and the cronies in pharma take advantage of the deep Puritanical tendencies in this country. Tendencies that often contribute to people living lives of agony and despair.

Drugs are a mental health issue and should be treated as such.

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Donald Trump Pentagon Pick Mattis Made Nearly $1,000,000 On Board Of Defense Contractor


Defense is one of the most crony areas of American government. The amount of taxpayer money just thrown around by the Pentagon and which finds its way into the pockets of defense contractors is massive. Defense, especially civilian personnel, is an area ripe for cuts. Such a cull appears unlikely however.

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Arrogance: This video is precious. Watch all the super confident celebrities declaring emphatically that Donald Trump won’t be president


I’m sorry “liberal” fans of ACC but this is too great not to share with our readers. My bet is that many Americans are taking note of who said what in this video.

I so wish I had been at an election night party in the Hollywood Hills with some of these folks. Man, that would have been entertaining. Everyone on their phones calling their therapists and dealers.

The last clip from Obama is just fantastic.

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(VIDEO) Mike Pence on why Carrier isn’t crony capitalism – (It is, but it is not a black and white situation)


Tax breaks are better than tax incentives but they can still be be crony capitalism if other firms don’t get the same tax breaks and then are put at a competitive disadvantage. That the future president intervened in the marketplace like he did is also of serious concern. However it appears that Carrier is mostly just keeping its own money (tax breaks) and is seeking relief from some of the very heavy regulatory rules that the Department of Energy handed down under Obama.Trump pledged to roll back this burden.

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PELOSI: ‘I don’t think people want a new direction’ (VIDEO)

Been here.
Been here.

This dear readers, and particularly dear Democrat readers, is the leader of the Dems in the House of Representatives. Here she is. A woman who in spite of handing the House back to the Republicans years ago under her leadership, and after yet another bruising election for the Democrats which really has rendered the Dems almost a regional party, remains at the head of the party. Almost Castro style at this point.

The identity politics that has so defined the Democrats over the past 15 years or so has failed.

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The Saloon, America’s Forgotten Democratic Institution


I am a big believer in having beers (not liquor) with people who can hold a different, occasionally a radically different political opinion. But only if the people involved in the conversation are able to engage respectfully even with inebriation and have the ability to extract themselves if need be for the sake of a friendly relationship or just doing the gentlemanly or gentlewomanly thing. Such a person is rare but can make for an occasional fun evening.

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