The Principles That Divide Us Might be Greater Than Those That Bind Us Together (But we’ve seen much worse)

We’re in a bad spot right now. However, even what we’ve seen over the last year or so still pales in comparison to 1968. I have a stack of old Newsweeks from 1967- 68 and it was absolutely insane

Unfortunately there are those who see the current strife as a time to further their agendas. Some would like to reignite the flames of 2 generations ago even though,

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/r/socialism survey results are in: 48% are unemployed, 61% live with parents, 69% are uneducated, 14% support free speech, 46% support riots

This is a completely unscientific survey but it is interesting nonetheless. And this is the “socialism” subreddit on Reddit, so let’s just say there’s probably a bias toward living in one’s mom’s basement generally.

Frankly, it could have been worse.

HT r/libertarian

Click here for the survey results.

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Google, other tech giants, want people to shut up, Want to put the information genie back in the bottle

Remember when this DIDN’T apply to the USA and the West?

Anyone who doesn’t toe the line, Left, Right, up, down is under attack online right now to some degree. There appears to be an effort to reduce the scope of discussion and to put the information genie back in the bottle. Brexit was a shock. Then came Trump. It was all too much.

Remember the fake news list that came out of nowhere that was pushed with great zeal by the #oldmedia and by the DNC last August?

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