Feds shut down last oyster cannery in California simply because they want to. No humans allowed at Pt. Reyes. (Video)

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We at ACC care very much about the environment. I personally love to hike, surf, and enjoy the great outdoors in all sorts of ways. I love wildlife. A broad empty vista is a beautiful thing to me. I revel in a starry sky devoid of human light.

But I am not about to flush the property rights of my fellow human beings just because I enjoy these things. I am certainly not willing to give power to disconnected bureaucrats who have little regard for welfare and livelihoods for people who make their living from the land just because I happen to want to take a stroll without being impacted by others.

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The Wolf of K Street: Lots of Obama buddies lobbying to keep crony Ex-Im Bank alive

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Corporate America is doing a full press in DC right now, even during the lazy days of the Congressional summer recess. The big boys don’t want the Export-Import Bank, the taxpayer backed corporate slush fund, to go away. Congress may stop funding it in September. If Congress does stop funding Ex-Im it will be a major win for everyday Americans and it will be a real loss for the crony capitalists.

Though the President called the Export-Import Bank of the United States “corporate welfare” when he ran for president, his message has changed. Many of his former staffers are pro-Ex-Im too as the attached report outlines. Who followed whom is unclear.

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Uber having to hire David Plouffe is all that’s wrong with America

UberPPT cc As we said yesterday (and many other days) it is pay to play in many parts of our overly politicized economy, and Uber (the world’s leading ridesharing company) wants to play. That’s why it just brought on a high powered consultant formerly of the Obama administration to smooth things over with the other rent seekers.

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Revolving door at regulator CFPB enables former bureaucrats to cash in at taxpayers’ expense

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Elizabeth Warren’s baby, and protectorate of the Federal Reserve (the Fed funds the CFPB) is graduating lobbyists left and right. This crew holds the keys to Dodd-Frank for industry and it doesn’t lend out the keys for free.

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Here’s how much aid the US wants to send foreign countries in 2015, and why

I was recently talking with a friend who happens to be Jewish about aid to Israel. We were discussing Rand Paul and the dance he has to do with the official American Jewish political community on the issue of aid to Israel. Many in the pro-Israel crowd are vehemently against US aid to Israel being cut. They fear that Rand Paul would be open to the idea. For many American Jews this is a huge issue.

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