Janet Yellen could be on the verge of starting a ‘civil war’ at the Fed


Boy, “civil wars” seem to be breaking out all over. Republicans, Democrats (though they seem to have crushed dissent), and now the Fed.

It seems like there are multiple Fed Chairs now since Yellen officially took the helm. Stanley Fischer almost feels like a Co-Chair instead of Vice-Chair.

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Millennials vs. Mutant Capitalism


We don’t call it “mutant capitalism,” we call it crony capitalism. But the main point made in the attached article is vitally important.

What many young people know as “capitalism” is not capitalism. They’ve known only crony capitalism. Many young people have never seen a world in which the economy was allowed to breathe and one where people were generally free to start businesses and carve out a claim while helping fulfill the needs and desires of their fellow humans.

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This Election Is A Gift For Libertarians


It really has been for both big “L” Libertarians and for small “l” libertarians. The curtain has been thrown back. We’ve seen the inner machinations of the electoral system. We’ve seen the lying and the deceit and the collusion and the media compliance. Many of us already knew. Some of us had already seen the nastiness first hand. But now my generally apolitical neighbors down the street have seen what’s really going on, and it is opening minds.

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