Labor Board Orders CNN to Rehire 100 Fired Employees

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I’ll bet that’ll be a fun return.

On the surface this ruling sounds like a win for “workers,” but sadly it’s not. If the government can keep businesses from firing people, indeed in this case force CNN to REHIRE fired workers, businesses will simply choose not hire new people.

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More economic silliness: Would a bubble be good for the American economy?

Don't worry Isaac. No one can, including and especially the Keynesian economists.

Don’t worry Isaac. No one can, including and especially the Keynesian economists.

John Aziz is the economics and business editor at The Week. I have to say that I at one time considered buying a subscription to this publication. Having just read Aziz’s piece, where he argues that bubbles are perfectly natural things which sometimes are good, I am sure that The Week will not be finding its way onto my Kindle.

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Meet the Strati, the world’s first 3D printed production car (Video)

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You want change? You want “revolution”? Well you are looking at it baby. You think the Internet changed things? Well between fracking, robotics, and 3D printing hold onto your virtual hat. Things are about to get even weirder. (In the good sense.That is unless the robots become our overlords. That would be terrible.)

The unions are gonna LOVE this.

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Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders may run for president (Video)

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Please, please, please run Mr. Sanders. It would be a lot of fun. And though I am disgusted by your economics, and though your ideas basically lead to the enslavement of the human spirit (I know you would argue otherwise) you for the most part are not a hack like Hillary Clinton. (Though you do do the Koch boggieman dance in this interview, and you don’t seem to have a problem with piles of union money manipulating the political process, bigger piles than the Kochs.) I would enjoy seeing the 2 of you debate very much. I promise I will not miss any of them and we will give any debates plenty of coverage.

I have to say though that every time I hear Mr. Sanders speak I am saddened. He’s a smart guy. He should understand why markets help everyday people. He should understand that socialism is death,that it is poison. How could someone as clearly bright as Mr. Sanders still cling to such a retrograde religion?

It’s hard to convert I guess. Especially in Burlington or Washington.

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Is Keynes Misunderstood, Maligned By Critics?

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In a September 11 Bloomberg article, economist Noah Smith claims that John Maynard Keynes, the architect of today’s government economic policies around the world, wasn’t a “‘socialist’” or even a “‘progressive.’” He did not favor “a command economy.”

Yes he “was in favor of some amount of wealth redistribution and government intervention into the economy.” But “Keynesian policies are fundamentally … about economic stability,… about smoothing out the fluctuations in the economy, reducing risk for everyone concerned.”

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US government ‘threatened’ families of beheaded reporters

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I can understand why paying ransom is counter to larger policy goals but ransoms are paid all the time. In fact one can buy a Kindnap and Ransom (K&R) insurance policy from a multitude of insurers.

One has to wonder, had the kidnapped been high level executives versus relatively powerless reporters whether the US government would have threatened the families of the executives with prosecution. My bet is the government would have let it slide.

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Was the $1 TRILLION spent on the Dept. of Homeland Security a total waste or only a partial one?

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I have always hated the term “homeland security.” What are we part of Bismark’s Germany? That aside the name of the agency isn’t the only thing wrong with the agency. There’s the whole “that it exists at all” thing.

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