Bill Black: Why and how Holder let all the big bank CEOs off the hook (Video)

“Responsibility remains so diffuse, and top executives so insulated that any misconduct could again be considered more a symptom of the institution’s culture than a result of the willful actions of any single individual.” -Eric Holder on why he “could not” prosecute anyone in the top echelons of the big banks. What a guy.

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Bill Black is no ideologue. He is someone who is committed as far as I can tell to legitimate justice in massive system of financial fraud we know today as “banking”. No doubt he and I would disagree about the size and power of government generally and probably about the fundamental nature of money itself. However, he helped prosecute the case against bankers during the S&L crisis and he is extremely knowledgeable, not to say was also effective.

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Email Proves that White House, DOJ Targeted Reporter Sharyl Attkisson


Not a surprise. This White House has been called the most dangerous ever for journalists by many, including reporters solidly in the mainstream-statist camp. There is nothing “liberal” (in the good sense of the word) about this president.

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Japan Is Dying And We Still Don’t Get It?!

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Japan, you gave us karate, Godzilla, walkmans (remember those?), sushi, Hello Kitty, and cars which didn’t fall apart. Though we fought you bitterly in World War II America came to love you more than any other country in the world with the exception of the United Kingdom (and maybe Australia, Canada doesn’t count). We hate to see you in your current straights. One, because we have a general affinity for the Land of the Rising Sun. But two, because we are riding the same bullet train here in the States, just a little further down the track.

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“I am not a dictator, I’m the President.” – Barack Obama

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Tonight is a sad night for this country. Tonight President Obama is expected to declare his intention to unilaterally bypass the Congress of the United States – a Congress that was elected by the American people – to declare what is essentially “amnesty” or at least the beginnings of “amnesty” for illegal immigrants in the United States.

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Rap Artist With No Criminal Record Faces Life In Prison For Album Lyrics

What happened to this kind of California liberal?

What happened to this kind of California liberal?

This is not a joke.

OK, I just listened to one of Tiny Doo’s songs. I will say that it is very unlikely that I will be adding his stuff to a Pandora playlist. It’s pretty straight up thug stuff. But this guy is getting locked up because of what he says on his album?

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Ohio public school brainwashes 8 year olds: “Rights are special privileges the government gives you.”

*An important update. Apparently this teaching aid has been changed to use less statist language. However the below version is still in use. has the story of the revision.


“One must indoctrinate a child while he still fits width-wise on the bed.” – A saying from the Soviet Union


The fact is that pretty much as soon as one exits the womb one is peppered by pro-government propaganda. FDR ended, didn’t extend the Great Depression. The Federal Reserve is there to help “stabilize” the economy (not act as a backstop for the giant banks). That “we are the government.” That World War I was a war we had to fight,  and so was Iraq. That the income tax is a tool of “justice”  and not just blatant theft. That Obamacare wasn’t a crony capitalist vehicle for the insurance companies and Big Pharma. That roads would not exist without the government. And on and on.

Those who question these supposed civil axioms are considered turds in the punch bowl. Dismissed by a “everyone knows such and such” wave of the hand by the uninformed “informed.”

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