These are the 5 states with a Democratic Governor and Democratic state legislature (MAP)*

Some say the Dems lack broad appeal. This map would indicate that this is correct. It is fair to call the Democrats a regional party at this point. Really the legacy of Obama.

The bad news is we still have Republicans to deal with. And I don’t see much tax slashing going on. They better get with it. Cut taxes. Roll back the state. Reduce crony capitalism. Earn your keep.

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Trump to Congress: Give Pentagon $54B. I’ll Tell You Why Later

The military is big government. Real big. We spend vast vast sums on the military now. What we need is a smaller, less manpower intensive, more specialized, and less expensive military.

Military spending and the Military Industrial Complex is one of the cronyist parts of the government. But “conservatives” always give such spending a pass. They should not.

We love the cuts to other agencies but why not just give it back to the taxpayers whence it came?

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Don’t blame Trump: Sports is why sports ratings are down

I used to watch the NFL. Then I stopped. But I still sort of cared. But then after a while I didn’t care either. It become too slick for me. All the betting, and the (in my opinion) stupid fantasy leagues, and the non-stop sports radio discussing ad nauseum the week’s games and even draft picks. Too much.

I remember driving in my car a few years ago, listening to one of the 2 DC FM sports radio stations and thinking to myself,

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Get ready to barf, Here come the self righteous, self congratulatory Oscars

What’s awesome is that these people really think that they are doing good. Indeed that they are giving back to the world. We must stand for what is righteous! Blah. Blah. Blah. You are actors… That the people who read People Magazine and watch Entertainment Tonight care about what Hollywood thinks is an indictment of both Hollywood and the people reading People and who watch Entertainment Tonight.

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