Bizarre argument: Legalizing pot will make income inequality a lot worse

Reefer madness cc

Jake Novak at CNBC does get one thing right in this very strange and I would say ill informed op-ed. Even though he says from the outset that he is actually for legalization he explains why legal pot will nonetheless contribute to income inequality. I think his concerns for the most part are not really concerns. At least not on a societal level.

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Not a joke: Grover Norquist is going to Burning Man! (Video)

Burning man cc

For those of you who don’t know Burning Man is an annual festival held in the Nevada desert where pretty much everything goes. There are drugs. There are dudes wearing boas. There is electronic music and strobe lights. There is nakedness. There is a lot of sunscreen. And for the most part it is peaceful and from what people tell me, a lot of fun.

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Greenspan: “We just do not know how this thing is going to work out when we begin to tighten.”

Greenspan,_Alan_(Whitehouse) cc

An interesting quote above to be sure, and former Chairman Greenspan is absolutely correct. We are still expanding the Fed balance sheet. We are “tapering” but we are still pouring money into the global economic system. We don’t know what will happen exactly when the Fed goes neutral or starts to raise interest rates.

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Cuomo received big donations from companies which got big tax credits

Cuomo 2 cc

It is New York state. I just assume when I pass over the state line that it’s pay to play there. Like Mexico. So what if the governor received over a half million in contributions from companies which later got big tax credits. No big deal.

Yet some still wonder why people are leaving the state.

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Amash’s Likely Primary Win Will Vindicate Libertarian Politics


I actually don’t think libertarian politics needs to be vindicated. It is the future. At least for a large part of the electorate.

Amash is the real deal. He explains each vote he makes on Facebook. He is an ardent critic of big government and of crony capitalism specifically. He is staring down Karl Rove and his money machine in a primary battle as I write this. He was once called an “asshole” by Speaker Boehner. What is NOT to like about this guy?

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Big government is bad for the little guy

Capitol_Building ccWe are for small government here. It is a simple fact that crony capitalism can’t happen without an activist state.

Government should be modest and inexpensive. To the degree possible it should be invisible. Government should be tolerated, never celebrated. When government is celebrated things go wrong. Detroit, the Soviet Union, post World War II Britain, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, the Great Society, the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act, the list is nearly endless.

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