New York Republican trying to slip pricey biofuels mandate into state budget

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Nothing says “I care” more than raising heating bills unnecessarily on people.

Albany stinks almost as much as Washington DC. This appears to be just overt, classic crony capitalism. Not a lot of nuance here.

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The vast generational divide at this year’s CPAC

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A great report. I certainly saw this first hand at CPAC this year. Liberty (generally) is what drives today’s young “conservatives.”

And it’s not entirely generational. I think many of the older folks are coming along, just fewer of them in relative terms.

I didn’t see many Huckabee 2016 signs that’s for sure.

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Hospital Profits Soar As Obamacare Creates More “Paying” Patients (You paid for them)

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I was listening to a triad of wonks on NPR’s The¬†Dianne Rehm Show last week discussing “Net neutrality.” One of the guests asserted that it was a given that business always hates “regulations.” I laughed to myself in the car. This person does politics for a living? And no one challenged her on this. (These are supposed to be smart inside the Beltway folks.)

What an ignorant statement.

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There is no such thing as a free lunch

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It’s a simple truism. Everything, everything, has a cost. What appears to be free isn’t. Debt fueled spending? That comes from somewhere. It’s not like the law of thermodynamics was somehow suspended for economic purposes.

But many people act like it has been. This is folly.

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Will Google soon define what is “truth” and what is not?

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This is a bit creepy.

Though it is true that there is lots of misinformation on the web, and that the quest for higher quality search results is very good one, that the most used search engine in the world may soon be in the business of defining what is “true” and what is not is of some concern.

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