Trump eyes 10% spending cuts, 20% slash of federal workers

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This is would be another example of why Trump has to be seen by libertarians and other small government people as a mixed bag. He is pretty bad on some things but when was the last time a president seriously talked about cutting spending by 10% and getting rid of 20% (!) of the long protected federal bureaucratic class? (At least in some agencies.)

Hey, keep this stuff coming. If Trump wants to really get to the heart of the beast,

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Why Elizabeth Warren is no longer the darling of the left

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We give Bernie Sanders a hard time because he is clueless on economics. And really worse than clueless. But on the whole he is one of the more likable people in the Senate. And that he’s making the DNC vomit all over itself is pretty fun to watch. Not to mention a good thing for the country and the world.

Ms. Warren had her moment. She made her choice. Not that she couldn’t have another moment.

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Fore! More Years? No Thanks: Obama golfed 333 times, most since Ike


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I love golf. I even listened to a tournament the other day on the radio in the car. Think about that. Golf on the radio. So I have absolutely no issue with the sport per se. And I don’t have an issue with the president playing regularly. That he golfs is one of the few things I can say I like about the guy. But golfing almost once a week for 8 years while being president of the United States?

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‘Never Trump’ national-security Republicans fear they have been blacklisted

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The neoconservative, Bushite foreign policy community really went all in for Hillary Clinton even though most of the neocons are nominally “Republicans.” They are right to be concerned. Let the neocons wander the wilderness, maybe this time for good. (The world can only hope.)

It’s not a “blacklist.” You lost. You picked the wrong pony and now you don’t get to come to the circus. Sorry.

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