Memo to the Political Class: You Can’t Be a Hero and a Thief

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Washington and the Fed think they can plan out society. That they can manipulate the levers of the economy to elicit positive outcomes (mostly for them). That leaving the world to the “whims of the marketplace” is madness. That dispassionate managers (no one is dispassionate, especially political managers) can and will make the world anew. There is no God. Government is God and it will giveth and taketh as it pleases.

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Daily Show on policing for profit: How the police can just pull you over and take your stuff. No conviction needed (Video)

Police Car Lights

It seems to me that even if one was doing something illegal the cops shouldn’t be able to just sieze your stuff unless you were convicted and the “stuff” was material to the crime. And even then.

But in the ole’ US of A police departments are seizing money, cars, you name it without conviction and on the spot in the name of civil forfieture. Basically they get to take your property because they want to. No joke. This happens every single day.

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Do you love high quality craft-brewed beer? Then you should love the market too.

Choices on tap at my local brewery.

Choices on tap at my local brewery.

The best thing Jimmy Carter did while president was his putting an end to the prohibition of home brewed beer. It was at that moment that beer in America began its renaissance. Beer has only gotten better since.

Craft brewers have had to fight an entrenched crony industry every step of the way though. They still have to fight. Brewers associations controlled by the big boys, politicians who were (are) inclined to restrict the market to protect donors, asinine and antiquated state regs, all serve(d) as roadblocks to the development of the beer market as we now know it.

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Gov. Cuomo’s “anti-corruption” commission dissolved when Coumo media buying company is investigated

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Another for the “surprise, surprise” file.

Even though the governor of New York created the commission with much fanfare in 2013 to “clean up Albany” it was dead by 2014. The commission was looking into things a little too closely.

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Three people died in illegal human experiments carried out by John Podesta backer’s firm

Hansjorg-Wyss cc

Meet Hansjorg Wyss, Swiss citizen, medical device mogul, “person number 7″ in a recent federal lawsuit, friend to John Podesta and the Center for American Progress, and big time political whale. He’s also the 112th richest man in the world.

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