This is just too damn rich: Brian Williams, that’s right BRIAN “Mr. I was suspended for lying to the American people repeatedly” WILLIAMS, frets about “fake news


I’ve been watching the “fake news” nonsense very closely. It seems to be a mix of partisans looking for a reason, any reason, why so many people just rejected Hillary and by extension Obama when in their opinion Clinton was clearly the superior choice, (Remember the whole email private server thing, and the Clinton Foundation money, and the quarter million dollar “speeches” to the bailout banks, and the get out of jail pass from Comey, and the rigged primaries,

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The Supreme Court oral argument that cost Democrats the presidency


This is an interesting argument but the gay marriage decision wasn’t THE deciding factor in the election. It was A deciding factor. There was a bouillabaisse of deciding factors this go’round. Regardless the article is worth reading.

2 things for the record. 1. We at ACC are not opposed to gay marriage. 2. I actually think that the single biggest factor in pushing Trump over the top was William Weld’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton even while he was running for vice president as a LIbertarian in the closing days.

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Orange Coast College Student Threatened With Expulsion After Recording Professor’s Anti-Trump Tirade


Look, even many of the people who voted for Trump have some beefs with Trump. I hear from these folks regularly. But the reaction from some other folks, particularly those who appear to be receptive to the politically correct societal critique, those who thought our society was going to be defined by the sociology departments of this country, to Trump has been off the charts.

I was listening to NPR yesterday and the endless complaining about Trump was remarkable.

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Obama is ‘most frustrated’ he couldn’t pass gun control


The fact that Obama’s home town of Chicago, which has very restrictive gun laws, is a virtual war zone might give the soon to be former president a clue as to why Americans are/were not keen to part with their guns. In fact if Obama is “frustrated” that he couldn’t get gun control, how does he feel about the fact that his presidency was the biggest boon to gun manufacturers ever? Many more Americans are armed now than before his presidency.

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As an era closes, Barbara Boxer defends politics as a ‘noble’ profession (Ha!)


I actually think it in theory can be if one works to wrestle power away from entrenched interests and to reduce the state. But generally the people who go into politics lust after power which is not a “noble” disposition even if it is a natural one

Ms. Boxer, despite this loving (and obligatory) sendoff by the LA Times was a classic politician in the classic sense. She sought through her career to take more money for the government and more from taxpayers.

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