Government Electric to Buy Thousands of Government Motors Volts

I am all for alternative fuels. I like wind. I love solar. I am for electric cars. But I am deeply against the subsidization of these things.

The Chevy Volt is the embodiment of heavy-handed government. Between the $7500 tax credit one receives upon the purchase of the car and the additional $250,000 of hidden subsidies in each new Volt, I have come to loathe the vehicles.

Now comes word that GE will purchase 12,000 hybrid vehicles for its fleet of which the Volt will be a key part. Assuming that half of the new vehicles bought by GE are Volts and considering that Chevy sold all of 6500 Volts in all of 2011, that’s quite a nice bump for Government Motors.

I am sure the decision has nothing at all to do with GE’s CEO Jeffery Imelt and his very cozy relationship with the Obama administration.

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Nick Sorrentino

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