Rand Paul Names Corporate Welfare Names from the Senate Floor

“So I would say we have to ask some questions. Should we be dispensing loans based on political favoritism? Should it matter if you’re a big contributor to the President? Should that matter getting a loan?

Now I think that ought to be illegal, if it’s not immoral, it ought to be—it is immoral, it ought to be illegal.” – Rand Paul

OneTinSoldier66 5pts

I like when he says... "We've got Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac losing $6 Billion a quarter, of your money." How long will it be and what will it take before our own representatives start realizing that Crony Capitalism and national debt burdens are robbing all of us of wealth? Which, as citizens of this country, includes them. Government was not created to bail out and take over failing institutions on the backs of the people. It's certainly not the American way, not what power was intended to be used for, and indeed does not make sense. Which leaves me wondering, what's going on with our Government? Theft has been made legal for the greedy who are connected. The connections must be severed. Government is not a business, should not be run like a business, and should not be in business. Government should simply uphold contracts in court by the rule of law. Not bail out businesses or take them over under the guise of 'conservatorship'. What happened to the 'temporary' in temporary control which is what a conservatorship is supposed be? I say it's time to abolish government conservatorship. There is not such thing as Too Big To Fail.

Barb 5pts

US Taxpayers are NOT happy now that we UNDERSTAND that all these LOANS are promoting Cronie Capitalism.  US Govt should NOT be in the LOAN BUSINESS to start with! It needs to be STOPPED and all Govt Run Entities should be PRIVATIZED or SHUT DOWN completely! That's MY humble opinion on the matter!