Use These Words in Social Media and You May be Flagged by Authorities

This is not surprising. I think most relatively social media savvy people have just assumed that using some words and phrases would put one on the government’s radar. It seems a natural progression. As we live more and more of our lives online it is natural that the law “enforcers” would follow humanity into cyberspace.

Last summer the riots in England, reportedly spread via social media (not really Twitter or Facebook at least originally, but a proprietary program of Blackberry’s) put the powers that be on high alert. The “Arab Spring” had before the English riots, but that was in the developing world.

However, though most of us know the government is trolling through blogs and profiles it’s still another thing to see it right there in front of you, to see an actual list of words the government does not care for.

What is particularly concerning to me is the emergence of the surveillance state as an adjunct to the welfare and warfare state. Surveillance is a booming industry, one which government fosters with billions and billions of dollars. I need only drive 25 miles up the road to see it in its full glory, right along the Dulles corridor in Northern Virginia. Names of contractors large and small are emblazoned on midrise office buildings everywhere.

But I am told that it is in the midrises with no name on the outside where the real interesting stuff goes on. How much taxpayer money goes to these companies? We really don’t know.

It concerns me where we are going with all this as a society. Where does it stop? So long as there is big pot of government money to pull from it is unlikely that it ever will. Think about that.

National security is vitally important. There are people who want to do bad things to this country. But if we turn the United States into a de facto police state, what is it exactly that we are defending?

Below, the list.



Sohan Calebephratah
Sohan Calebephratah 5pts

Facebook's New 'DeepFace' Program Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds Facebook owns the world's largest photo library, and it now has the technology to match almost all the faces within it. Yes, even the ones you don't tag. Facebook announced last week that it has developed a program called "DeepFace," which researchers say can determine whether two photographed faces are of the same person with 97.25 percent accuracy. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed deep interest in building out Facebook's artificial intelligence capabilities when speaking to investors in the past. His ambition actually stretches beyond facial recognition to analyzing the text of status updates and comments to decipher mood and context. There's a business purpose behind all this intellectual enthusiasm: Understanding all the information we post on the social network is central to Facebook's business model, which leverages data to personalize ads so you'll be more likely to click on them. Facebook's growing ability to recognize you when a friend uploads photos from a vacation together has caught the attention of privacy advocates and government officials alike. For example, more privacy-conscious European governments have already forced Facebook to delete all of its facial recognition data there.

Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon 5pts

Would the list not be much shorter if BIG BROTHER just went to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Turber
Jim Turber 5pts

OK.......HOW ABOUT KILL EM ALL!!! ??? Shit they already have a pretty thick file on me by now any way!! :P SCREW EM!!!

Sheri Conover Sharlow
Sheri Conover Sharlow 5pts

Sheesh, if you got salmonella at a Subway in Sonora, you'd better not post anything about it.

Miguel Valdez
Miguel Valdez 5pts

It's safe to say if you read or participate in any political discussion you have already been flagged. They want you to tune out not tune in.

Dave Kincaid
Dave Kincaid 5pts

I wonder how they like the words blow me

Bob Deitrich
Bob Deitrich 5pts

And by commenting on this, I am now on the watch list.

Chris Clary
Chris Clary 5pts

According to them you can't say anything. Aw screw it NSA lick my taint

Jerry Rogers
Jerry Rogers 5pts

In December 1954 Rich was transferred to the Skunk Works, the secret research and development section run by Lockheed's Chief Engineer, Clarence "Kelly" Johnson. There he designed the inlet ducts for the U-2 spy plane, then next led the effort to design and build a large-scale hydrogen liquefaction plant for project Suntan, a proposed hydrogen-powered supersonic very high-altitude aircraft meant to replace the U-2. After Suntan was canceled, hydrogen proving to be impractical for a number of reasons, Rich became propulsion systems program manager for the U-2's successors, the A-12 and the SR-71 Blackbird.

Alan Gibson
Alan Gibson 5pts

They think they can shut you up with lists? Time to impeach all libtards and their gop supporters

Barbara VanPelt Mandato
Barbara VanPelt Mandato 5pts

Government isn't smart enough to catch any of those words because they can't spell them

Mark LaMar
Mark LaMar 5pts

So let em flag, kinda hard to arrest 300 million people

David Gibson Feldstein
David Gibson Feldstein 5pts

Damn the collapse of the cartel in san diego was brought about by the overuse of the body scanner in the port authority metro kidnapped meth lab

Chris Mickunas
Chris Mickunas 5pts

But what if you are a bombardier? You can't say you bomb for a living? Or a comedian who sucks and routinely bombs? Or if you were a fan of "The Tick" and you are the mad bomber what bombs at midnight? That's the ignorant thing of word searches by intelligence groups, who would really talk openly in a medium being watched. I think terrorist are probably a bit smarter. But then I again I use common sense on such things, there is a lack of that in DC.

George Mcfarlin
George Mcfarlin 5pts

How about using the words: 20 megaton hydrogen bomb?

Chris Spidell
Chris Spidell 5pts

Wow. So , I take it we can say if, and, or but. Right?

Toney Lauffer
Toney Lauffer 5pts

Well that pretty much covers the entire English language!

Jack Hudder
Jack Hudder 5pts

May as we'll add websters. The things that go on today amaze me. I carried a top secret clearance and couldn't even tell my neighbors where I worked but they brought in TV cameras to show what we did and how.

Ross Vieu
Ross Vieu 5pts

Im pretty sure that Im already on more Lists than I can count....................let er rip........

Jeanie Kunz
Jeanie Kunz 5pts

Oh my god..I must have been flagged about a hundred times by now!

Curtis Bourn
Curtis Bourn 5pts

All I've seen of home land security is a gang that acts like a Colombian cartel. Obozo's private army!!!

Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo 5pts

Fuck you nsa. There hope that is one of them. Lol

Eddie Tinsley
Eddie Tinsley 5pts

Well I've been flagged 94,768. QUICK SOMEONE WITH A BOMB BLOW UP THIS CHECKLIST. LMBO. OK THATS NOW 94,769 TIMES. but that's OK notice the last two numbers. That's my favorite numbers. :) lol

Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 5pts

Whats funny is weed or marijuana isnt listed.

Erick Mixer
Erick Mixer 5pts

Flag me all you want Sissy's I couldnt care less Just dont Fag me cuz when you GOONZ put your handz on me i will shove your teeth down your throat

Roger Longley
Roger Longley 5pts

Oh oh, I'm flagged. I used the word hurricane.

TeezieLocc 5pts

Anyone wanna ride to EL PASO WITH ME?just kidding