Why No Prosecutions on Wall Street? Goldman, JPMorgan, Citi, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, are All Clients of Holder’s Law Firm.

Yeah, that might have something to do with it. Maybe.

In the wake of the financial disaster in 2008, which is still unfolding in case you haven’t noticed, federal prosecutions of financial crimes are at a 20 year low. That is a remarkable stat.

Could the fact that financial firms dumped piles of $100 bills on Obama’s head in 2008 have anything to do with the lack of prosecutions? No way. Attorney General Eric Holder says simply that though Wall Street may have acted stupidly, he just can’t seem to find any fraud.

And that all the big banks are clients of Holder’s law firm—a law firm that at least partially specializes in financial crime defense?  That has nothing to do with the lack of prosecutions either.

There are just too many pot dispensaries in California to bust, and Mexican drug lords to arm, for the American people to expect the enforcement of financial crimes from their attorney general.

I mean wasn’t Maddoff enough to placate you hicks in the hinterlands? You don’t expect us to throw Corzine under the bus too do you? Because that ain’t gonna happen.

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EdieVP 5pts

If thats so why did these banks had to pay billions for their scams, show the evidence dont just do an aritlcle without some documented proof.  There is always ways to show the evidence. I have seen evidence in other articles where is yours.

Hdsnroad 5pts


Shelly Bernal
Shelly Bernal 5pts

Fantastic Blog!  I can't wait to read more posts.  Thank you for your passion to improve our great nation by shining a spotlight on the politically connected and economically elite to whom justice does not apply.  We Will Never Forget!

Ezra Pound
Ezra Pound 5pts

The Federal so-called "government" is the mortal enemy of all sane, rational, freedom-loving Americans. 

Lisa Farkass
Lisa Farkass 5pts

Shit rolls downhill, and it has been downhill for a very long time.  The names may change but the game remains the same.  Take America down along with its dollar.  Our country is on the edge and no establishment candidate will do anything for the People.  That ship has sailed.  Time to take the country back and restore the Constitution. Dr Paul is the only one with a plan that will have any effect on the $15 TRILLION dollar debt and counting....otherwise be aware and prepare...

moose2moose 5pts

A democrat progressive socialist state requires plantation slave dependency to grow into a monstrous dictatorship government emerging into two classes. 1. The have NOT'S.......... 2. The Elitist Politician Masters.......... *.  No middle class, No ownership, No freewill, No future. Wise up people or we're simply meat for the grinder.

moose2moose 5pts

Conngratulations to all. All conservative comments on this page are exactly what this country needs to cure it's axis of evil. Semper Fidelis.

Barklikeachicken 5pts

Well its just sick to act like they cant find fraud.Well maybe someone will read this little hint and go with it.A security and a note can not exist at the same time.Because a bank cant not profit when a loan has been securitized so its stuck in a SPV, to prevent from paying taxes on note ownership transfers between banks.all the loans by passed the remic and spv's and they made profit.Thats illegal and called tax evasion.

Steven Berry
Steven Berry 5pts

There are no financial laws left to enforce, are there? The rich have whittled away any regulations that might have stopped their plunder. However, there is still one place left to look: see if the Federal Reserve Act is constitutional. The criminals have never let that question be answered. Their real cheat starts with taking public money private (and charging interest upon it.) All the rest pales against the true theft of sovereign coin.

nostrafarious 5pts

 Nice having a common criminal as the nation's "number one policeman."  Dirty fucker.

wolfgang123x Mueller
wolfgang123x Mueller 5pts

Put the bastard in chains try him for high crimes then lock em up for a long long time...

HapHarris 5pts

TARP was the biggest robbery in the history of the world-!   Business as usual.  And, don't forget Fast and Furious.  BUT FOLKS: This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Wait until you see what these Psychopathic Criminal Elites have in store for you. 

ralphwylie 5pts

This is why if people are sick and tired of this injustice they should not vote for Obama OR Romney. Ron Paul would end crony capitalism AND audit the Fed that is supplying all of this fiat currency. The only way to control the government is to take away it's money. More accurately, take back OUR money.

Captainallenvcox 5pts

Birds of a Feather Flock together eh? Max keiser states we should hang a bankster a Day then they might get the message

Shawn 5pts

Until we separate wealth from Washington, we will never again be a country "of the people". It is WAY past time the people of this country take back the country that was once ours. Every Vet fought and served for the Constitution yet we watch it completely ignored and intentionally violated by this administration. Impeach this prick and let's begin the healing process of undoing his horrific violations to America!!

OneTinSoldier66 5pts

The corruption comes from the top. It's called, an Establishment.

Piltdown911 5pts

No need to sweat, a Romney administration would also ignore banking fraud.