Food Stamp Nation: Invisible Bread lines and Corporate Welfare (literally)

When corporations, government, and desperation come together the results are rarely good.

We have written before about how food stamps (and we use the term broadly) have become centers of profit for corporations in recent years. From fast food merchants lobbying state legislatures so that stamps can be used at Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, to the nice little deal JP Morgan has engineered for itself managing the EBT back end. Where there is money being doled the big guys know how to get at it.

It’s big money too. The below infographic shows how big the business of virtual soup lines has become.

Virtual soup lines are probably not all together bad things if such things must exist at all. But the lines are getting longer and that is of concern.

sundamon 5pts

Its refreshing to see that at least it is now being recognized that Obama's so-called 'recovery' equates to depression era bread lines. We went from a recession to 5 years of bread lines, gee what a great job with the economy Mr Obama!

  Since the 71 billion in Food Stamps is taken from working people's paychecks in the first place, there is no appreciative value added to the economy. It is redistribution of wealth only, the economy gains nothing in the process, unlike if all these people actually had jobs to go to.  No net increase in employment, no increase in incomes or jobs, no net increase in demand, and nothing to promote change or growth in any way. So lets not look upon it so fondly people. Its a tragedy in the making, and nothing says it will end any time soon.

  Unlike economic expansion and entrepreneurism, redistribution offers less hiring, less opportunity, less economic growth due to less capital left for business expansion, 71 billion less to be exact, and instead we get an entire class of people "enslaved" and totally dependent upon a paultry government handout with no end in sight. And those who are taxed see their paychecks shrink, therefore spending less and see a reduction in their standard of living.  Not to mention the increased likelihood of both corruption and cronyism in this 'designed' and 'controled' economic redistribution system, designed by government, benefitting big corporations, and ensuring the downtrodden stay downtrodden.

  The only think interesting about any of this is how so many have come to just accept this 'new economy' as our new economic norm. Its insanity. And norm it is, since there really isn't any effort to change any of it coming from Washington.

   Rather, they are STILL piling it on with yet new taxes, new requirements, new impositions on business and growth.  None of that has ever brought prosperity to an economy anywhere, which in effect means they aren't even trying any longer, not even proposing to do anything about the economy. Yet we sit here and accept this as 'tough economy', like its all inevitable or something ? Are you kidding? 

   Since when has it taken so long for an economic downturn to recover?? Can you recall such a lame recovery as this? Such a long business cycle downtrend? And its not getting better, but looking worse recently. Have you heard of any economic proposals recently? Any actual attempts to turn the economy around?

     This economy is no accident, what did you think social justice meant? We've been hoodwinked big time into thinking that things must be this way from now on. Think about it, what exactly does anyone see coming down the pike that will change any of this? Can anyone foresee an end to any of this economic mediocrity? Just how is that going to occur?

 What a pathetic future to look forward to.

acey49 5pts

Boy, that sure is a lot of white people receiving help.  People do need help now and then and are we really going to let Americans starve?   Like Conservative Compassion said... the money is going back into the economy.  I was on food stamps for about 3 months about 3 yrs ago, and it really helped.  The trick is to find those that abuse the system and get rid of them.  

Ben Calvin
Ben Calvin 5pts

Tom, you couldn't have said it any better.

Conservative Compassion
Conservative Compassion 5pts

So, 47 million people get about $130 a MONTH to supplement their food needs. Not a huge amount. But 100% of that money ends up back in the economy and has a great multiplier effect. That 71 billion spent in 2011, created a $120 billion benefit to the economy. So we spent 71 billion to get 120 billion back, sounds like a great investment in a tough economy to me!

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

They should of kept the food stamp name. It's a shame they didn't because it might of been a motivator.

Tom Warner
Tom Warner 5pts

It should not be referred to as Crony Capitalism. It is nothing but pure Cronyism and is akin to criminal activity. It makes no sense to say Criminal Capitalism either. Just call it Cronyism.