A 3.8% Tax On the Sale of (a Very Small Number) of Homes In the Obamacare Law?

If one makes over $200,000/year and if one realizes at least $250,000 in gains if single or at least $500,000 if married, on the sale of a home, one gets to pay (an additional) 3.8% to the federal government.

This little provision doesn’t apply to most of us, but how weird is it that it was inserted into the Obamacare bill?

I guess we really did need to pass it to see what was in it.

Click here for a good explaination of the tax.

Don L Brady Jr.
Don L Brady Jr. 5pts

The 'rich', have options most of us don't ...the ability to ex-patriate, re-locate...to less thief populated nations..

Richardw 5pts

There is a solid "plan" to tax those that worked hard to build something--and now must pay more taxes due to their success! 47% of all those that file federal income tax returns--pay ZERO for taxes? Would it be easier to maybe tax these folks a "little something"--rather than nothing and in some cases giving them a "refund"--when they paid in nothing? I just don't understand why we keep punishing the hard working --successful tax payers--that already pay in plenty????????????