Big Business CEOs Say – Raise Taxes On Small Businesses and Individuals to Avert the “Fiscal Cliff.”

Easy for you to say Mr. CEO.

Yesterday, I wrote about General Electric’s chief Jeff Imelt and his assertion that “state run communism…works.”  Now we learn that at a closed door meeting with the president last week the Business Roundtable blessed the idea of raising taxes on small business and individuals. Anything to keep this president happy it appears. It makes one wonder what business schools these guys went to.  Remember free enterprise guys? Perhaps, many of them would prefer to forget it. Mr. Imelt has.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses had something to say about the Business Roundtable’s revenue raising idea-

“It’s unfortunate that some business leaders are so cavalier in asking the government to raise taxes on someone else — namely, on small business — while protecting corporate profits and Wall Street,”

And the NFIB is right. That is exactly what is going on.

This administration would rather deal with a small number of large businesses which it can corral and compel, than the large number of small businesses which have traditionally been the engine of the American economy. Big business is comparatively easy to co-opt with regs, reg forgiveness and subsidies. Small business, on the other hand, is much scrappier and much harder to control. So, big business and this administration increasingly play ball with one another. Small business is marginalized for the benefit of both the president and big business.

But this is what happens when crony capitalism becomes more and more entrenched. Big businesses stop being businesses and start becoming semi-political entities.

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Ben Calvin
Ben Calvin 5pts

Raise taxes on small business looooooool. I almost fell out of my chair. How about we stop pushing the bill on business period?

Jason Lard
Jason Lard 5pts

you can take everything from the rich and it still wont cover liberal loony land spending

Janet Day
Janet Day 5pts

Brilliant. How did he get to be big business?????

Pauline Dion
Pauline Dion 5pts

No, we need to raise the taxes on the big business and cut into your profits a bit. That would help everyone and you will still be wealthy. Jerk....

Robert Circle
Robert Circle 5pts

And don't forget Wilson was a hard core Racist

Holly Stowe
Holly Stowe 5pts

And if we are going to raise taxes on anyone, then raise it on income earned over $1 million dollars. And then raise it again for every million earned after that. And raise the long-term capital gain tax rate to 20% for income earned over one million dollars and again for every million earned thereafter. You miss hitting small businesses and two-income professional families and you (finally) hit the real wealth in this country instead of the well-to-do. People earning obscene amounts of money (like Warren Buffet and pro-athletes and Hollywood). Yay.

Holly Stowe
Holly Stowe 5pts

And that's why republicans don't like him.

Holly Stowe
Holly Stowe 5pts

Ron Paul isn't a true conservative, he is a conservative libertarian.

Holly Stowe
Holly Stowe 5pts

Curtis...companies don't really get tax breaks for moving jobs overseas...that was a democrat talking point (read lie) from the last election. And big oil, pharma, etc use the tax code to their isn't special treatment.

Joe Forlano
Joe Forlano 5pts

Well ron paul is the only truly fiscal conservative that I've seen Robert and he has the record to back it up even the votes against raegan regardless..but even pauls own party kicked him out at the convention..just like boehner did to the couple newbies that voted against the party.. so what person or party will do what's necessary.. time for more than 2 parties dividing us

Holly Stowe
Holly Stowe 5pts

Everyone is saying raise taxes on someone long as it isn't them. I say cut spending and reform the tax code by simplifying it and reducing deductions...especially the one that allows church tithings to be deducted. Taxpayers shouldn't have to subsidize any church.

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

Small businesses cannot survive when big box stores come in and under cut everything while at the same time stripping that money out of the local markets and not paying their workers anywhere near the same wages. Small businesses dont need the extra pressure, most of them are hardly making it as it is. But they are the cure for this economy. Monopolies have been shown many times to be very very bad for the nation. They prevent new things from being made which dramatically slows efficiency improvements.

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

the real problem is on both sides. They both give way too much money to Defense 50% too much there, Big pharmescutical, big insurance, big oil, every company that gets tax breaks from MOVING jobs overseas, BIG banks, the federal bank that changes interest rates and those that think money somehow will flow downhill when all evidence shows that it doesn't. Both sides have their big issues and both are being baught out by lobbiests because the only way to get into office these days is with big money. THAT NEEDS TO STOP NOW, it needed to stop 10+ years ago.

N Cols Mccp
N Cols Mccp 5pts

I was surprised one day a long time ago to find out that some businessmen are **NOT** conservatives. Then Thomas Sowell explained why: business men want a free market where they are the buyers, and gov't enforced monopoly when they are the sellers. DUH! Of course! And wihch political party is more attuned to structuring the market to achieve desired outcomes: The Dems of course. So why is this article a surprise.

Nivek Kiraw
Nivek Kiraw 5pts

i say we push those fuckers off cliffs

Ernst Ghermann
Ernst Ghermann 5pts

Trickle Down - where do I find this theory? I don't think it exists.

LiberatedCit 5pts

Perfect picture to go with this story another good one would have been O's favorite banker jamie dimon sporting his presidential cuff links when he appeared before CONgress.


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Achilles Luther
Achilles Luther 5pts

show me 1 example where socialism or communism has EVER worked...

Rebecca Nichols
Rebecca Nichols 5pts

Sure they WOULD say that, they're the ones that started this BS to begin with!

Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee 5pts

where is the line between a small company and a mom n pop company? how many people?

Steven Gauna
Steven Gauna 5pts

There just repeating an idea obama has been selling to the democrat party and the American people. So what's new?

Robert J Butera
Robert J Butera 5pts

It's time to stop demonizing fiscal conservative principles and hire a guy who is a true fiscal conservative... President Coolidge pulled us out from that progressive clown Presidents "Woodrow Wilson" destructive economic policies that brought the roaring 20's... Then came that progressive clown FDR... And what happened? Back to the same big fob policies, like we have today... Stagnant economy and high unemployment until the war pulled us out of it... History continues to repeat itself and I believe it's because for generations now, kids are not being taught American history, rather this social justice crap took its place...

Robert J Butera
Robert J Butera 5pts

Right... And I will proffer to you... Since Reagan we've had liberal and moderates as presidents... All which are part of the "Establishment" ... Special interest own both parties... Does anybody ever wonder why both parties despised Reagan? Maybe because he couldn't be bought? Our debt has been on a upward trajectory since Reagan... And yes I know, he raised taxes but, he was duped by the congress, otherwise he would have cut taxes even more for EVERYONE! I don't recall their being so many people in poverty while Reaganomics was in place... He dropped the 7.8% unemployment rate to... What was it 5/4%? In four yrs... How's big gov doing now? For the last two decades We have been shipping jobs over seas... Clinton, Bush, and Obama...

Joe Forlano
Joe Forlano 5pts

Sam knows common sense..both sides should be offering trillions in cuts and they should compromise there..has anyone realized both party's plans add trillions to the debt ? They are kicking the can down the road.

Lois Sprague
Lois Sprague 5pts

Of course they do! And they can get away with it because this is a public that doesn't have the spine to stand up for what is right! And, it's not just those who support Obama and the Democrat party. The blame belongs to those who support either the Democrat or Republican party. People need to turn off their televisions, forget what they learned in the UNESCO schools, and do some research on the real history of this country and the massive deception perpetrated against this public.

Joe Forlano
Joe Forlano 5pts

And robert bush also signed the security and prosperity partnership with canada and mexico that most people are oblivious to..think both side are the prob and most people need to see what's really being done in secret..

Joe Forlano
Joe Forlano 5pts

Someone show me hiw reaganomics worked or what the definition even is.. they cut taxes slightly but then raised them eventually, and spending was NEVER CUT, so what is the definition of "working" then??

David M. Geary
David M. Geary 5pts

Warren Buffet, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Michael Brown
Michael Brown 5pts

Jody- there is NO "theory of trickle down economics". That was a term invented by certain pundents.

Sam Mancini
Sam Mancini 5pts

How 'bout we lower everyone's taxes and cut the trillion dollar spending? Oh, sorry that sounded racist.

Robert J Butera
Robert J Butera 5pts

Reaganomics never worked? More people have fallen out of the middle class since Obama has been in office... Obama is the "too big to fail, corporate bail out in chief"! If half the people would get their heads out from their asses, you would finally realize that the housing busted was a contrived plan by our lovely government. They need us to want more government intrusion in order to push this "new world order monetary policy" on us which will limit the use of resources, cut down on pollution, and prevent any real progress. If you don't know what "Agenda 21 " is... Go to "Democrats against agenda 21", Google, youtube... Or visit the United Nations website... Have you noticed the U.N. has been sticking there nose in our business... Bush St. Bill/Hilary Clinton gave speeches at the U.N. talking about the NWO... Bill Clinton signed "Agenda 21" into law, and it takes hold in 2013... You liberals are so clueless and so are some of my friends on the right... Forget us fighting each other... They are trying to cage us like little rats...

Piotr Suchocki
Piotr Suchocki 5pts

Jody, Reagonmics did work and not just during the time Reagan was president, but when Coolidge was president as well. Way before Reagan. I am assuming to you the best policy is to have the government run everything?...

Jack L. Brown
Jack L. Brown 5pts

I think we should have a lynching party for the CEOs

Chris Nastally
Chris Nastally 5pts

Yes lets do that. Sounds like a great idea. Im sure they have giant piles of cash just laying around

Andie Bloom Moore
Andie Bloom Moore 5pts

Me too Randy! Racist much there Richard? I got nothing for you either.

Jody Sykes
Jody Sykes 5pts

Reaganomics never worked,the theory of trickle down economics only pushed the money up the economic totem pole and burden down on the blue collared social class.

Richard Besse
Richard Besse 5pts

I'd say take the money of all those who support Obama.