John Allison, Former CEO of BB&T Explains Why Businesses Embrace Cronyism

One reason is to keep out competition with the help of the state.

Other times, businesses partner up with government just so they can remain competitive with rivals already at the taxpayer trough. Two sides of the same coin really.

Free Man
Free Man 5pts

There should be some strict American business law to check  loop holes.

Geo James
Geo James 5pts

It's MORE like a relationship of Pimps and Whores Aidan! Both enterprises are scumbags.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

It's like the relationship Airbus has with the French and German government. If they didn't have it they wouldn't be competitive.

Merlyn R Hanks
Merlyn R Hanks 5pts

Look to the legislators as the prime culprits. The business leaders are responsible to stockholders, the legislators to us.

Rebecca Denham
Rebecca Denham 5pts

Greed was the original sin from the Garden of Eden

Panama Smith
Panama Smith 5pts

The greed American business is destroying this country. When is a CEO makes over 700 * an hour what the average worker makes that is a disgrace. They care not for their employees or so see its they only care about how much money they have and how much more money and power they can get. I understand making a profit I do not understand greed.

Nick Lucko
Nick Lucko 5pts

You could save time by simply making an educated guess as to why: THE PAYOFF IS PHENOMENAL!!!

Alan Paris
Alan Paris 5pts

whatever the reason crony capitalism is not what was intended by our founding fathers...a business makes it on their own or they go under...simple as that...