Note to Our Progressive Friends: Check Your Arithmetic

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Critics of crony capitalism are found on both the left and right. This creates a very interesting alliance. For example, left and right work together to audit the Fed. We can also audit each other’s ideas for factual accuracy.

I like the story below by Adam Green in Politico entitled “The Mandate for the Left.” It is a useful piece because it explicitly describes the Progressive agenda at the present political moment: raise taxes on the wealthy, end corporate welfare, which includes Medicare and Medicaid paying drug companies way too much, and do not, do not touch Social Security or Medicare benefits.

Adam added that government should also “invest in jobs” without bothering to define what he means or to explain why what he means will work. But apart from this lapse, the article has the great merit of being clear. It isn’t, like many such articles, just a cloud of rhetoric. It gives us specific proposals.

Looking at the proposals, we agree that corporate welfare is a big part of the crony capitalist problem and that there is an unhealthy alliance between drug companies and the government. For the other proposals, however, the math needs more work. If the government seized every penny of income from those making over $250,000, ended all corporate welfare, and took all corporate profits to boot, without destroying the economy, it still wouldn’t be enough to keep Social Security and Medicare paid for. There just isn’t enough money there.

The problem is that Social Security and similar entitlements are Ponzi Schemes, in the sense that they aren’t funded by participants but by the next generation. There aren’t enough people coming along. This is pointed out by the next article below published by Townhall. And, by the way, with the economy the way it is, the people coming along aren’t even able to find work.

One of the oddities of the present political dialogue is that Progressives are making it very clear that they don’t even want to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits for the rich. Apparently they don’t want those programs to be seen as welfare and as a result are willing to borrow money from China or print money in order to send rich people social security checks they don’t need. This is an opportunity for the Republicans. Instead of cutting the charitable deduction, which is their latest bad idea, they should cut entitlements for the rich. If they did so, maybe voters would no longer view them as the party of the rich.

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Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

but if we could also get rid of the abuse from having everything undersold by China... we might be able to get a reasonable product and reasonable price out there for quality workmanship.

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

I wasnt aware that progressives believed it would be enough to pay for those things completely.

Raymond Moses
Raymond Moses 5pts

I hope Obama's five year plan fails like the Soviet farm plans!!

David Lester Williams
David Lester Williams 5pts

No, Ron. Marxism is alive and well in pseudo-capitalist corporate socialism, a.k.a. crony capitalism.

Ron Patterson
Ron Patterson 5pts

Sorry David your 200 years behind Marx is dead . It's just his so called econ ideas that have been disproved in EVERY COUNTRY that tried them go sing that song to people who don't already know the words.

Robert Circle
Robert Circle 5pts

The GM bailout was not corporate bailout but a Union Bail out. If GM had been allow to go through a normal Chapter 11 process the Unions would take a big hit. The next big bailout will be for the Unionized State Employees which I believe is about 4 trillion. I wonder how Texas is going feel about bailing out California 168 billion debt.