The GOP Looks Within and Sees Cronyism

In the wake of Romney’s defeat many Republicans are looking very closely at where the $400 million or so in donations went. Some do not like what they see.

It appears to at least a few, that consultants hired to get the vote out were more interested in getting dollars into their bank accounts.

Republicans are the last ones to give someone a hard time for making a buck, but a growing number of GOP insiders see cronyism throughout the 2012 election effort. Cleta Mitchell, a veteran Republican insider, if there ever was one, was particularly blunt, as one can see below.

(From The Washington Times)

But Cleta Mitchell, legal adviser to several GOP House and Senate leaders, said the RNC and the party have more fundamental problems.

“Until Chairman Priebus and other GOP leaders focus on rooting out the greed, cronyism, and corruption of the ‘little white boy’ consultants who make millions of dollars, year in and year out, and yet lose elections — and until there is real accountability and transparency to donors to ensure that integrity is restored to GOP circles — none of these initiatives will matter,” Mrs. Mitchell said.

Mr. Priebus named Mississippi RNC member Henry Barbour, the nephew of former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, to be chairman of the panel. Joining Mr. Barbour are Zori Fonalledas, a well-liked, quiet RNC member from Puerto Rico; South Carolina RNC member Glenn McCall; Sally Bradshaw, who was chief of staff for then-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush; and Ari Fleischer, who was President George W. Bush’s White House spokesman.

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George Leyden
George Leyden 5pts

The real problem with the republican party is that they have been highjacked by the extreme right. Until they cleanse themselves of radical tea party ideas and abandon the unadulterated policy of obstructionism, they will continue to weaken and die as a legitimate political party. They still try to be as far radical right during their primaries and then swing more to the middle for the general elections. The question  then becomes which is the real party line. Also they still have not gotten it through their heads that they lost the election because the majority of Americans don't want their policy of hate and ignorance, and the vast majority of the true republican base do want compromise and even to raise taxes on the wealthy, but the party is being held hostage by the well funded tea party.

JohnAvvieHughes 5pts

It might do well for this "autopsy committee" to seek some answers from those of us who have abandoned the party. There's a lot more than money problems here, and they need to be throwing some groups out of their tent rather than trying to make room for them.

jroland 5pts

I could have run Romney campaign better for less than these jokers.First I would not have waited until the debates to go after "O"s jugular vein.The be relentless in my TV ad attcsks. basically mimic what the Dems did to Romney

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

overall we americans have been voting people more and more RIGHT wing. Not left wing. Those that are right tending have been voting radically right people more than middle right.

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

That isn't possible for them to look at themselves.

MarkMatis 5pts

What else would one expect?  After all, the nominee WAS Mittens.  How is this any different from his record as governor of Taxachussetts?  Romneycare.  Forced to pay for abortions.  Amnesty for illegal aliens.  Obscene anti-gun laws, in DIRECT violation of his oath of office.  May he and the Grand Old Party rot where they belong for being nothing more than jackasses-in-elephant-suits.

John Gardner
John Gardner 5pts

Rinse and his other liberal/leftist pandering pussies can keep being socialist lite, following the 'friendly' advice of the farleft media, and keep being the good little liberal lapdogs that they are.

John Gardner
John Gardner 5pts

as long as Rinse Pubic runs that party, theyre F'd.

ThomasDobbins 5pts

 @George Leyden People like you don't know what "Right wing" is...I'll give you a hint: It's not the local Tea Parties.

NickSorrentino 5pts

 @George Leyden The Tea Party is "extreme right?" That is why the GOP lost? Mitt Romney was the anti-Tea Party candidate. The GOP did everything they could to marginalize the Tea Party.  They wanted a "moderate" candidate."  They got one- and he lost.


The truth is the GOP wins when they embrace small government ideas both social and fiscal. The Dems lose in this equation. But most of the GOP establishment don't like a more "libertarian" stance. It gives too much power to the grass roots.


A policy of "hate and ignorance?" What policy is that? The Tea Party doesn't even know its policy- but you seem to? For the record the Tea Party has been a narrowly focused effort when it wins based on the ideas that we are taxed at levels which are unacceptable and that government is too big- and that we have strayed from the Constitution.  What is weird to me is that some people try to tie socially conservative values to the TP, which is not what drives it at all. But many people perceive the effort to limit the scope of government as some sort of attack on their social values. To be sure there are social conservatives within the TP but what is most important- by a long shot- is reversing the expansion of the state.