The Military is Big Government Too, “Defense” Prepares for Deep Cuts, It’s About Time

Every time I write about this topic, someone gets irritated and explains to me that “defense” is actually enumerated in the Constitution and so is a valid expenditure of taxpayer money.

Indeed “defense” is enumerated. Defense. What we have today is not defense, it is a massive military industrial complex which costs the taxpayers far too much. We wage wars in countries most Americans don’t even know exist. We have hundreds of bases around the world. All funded by the US taxpayer.

Defense is vital for the Republic, high tech works programs are not.

When I was a kid, I can remember going to day camp at Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach. I remember specifically, the huge swathe of land which surrounded the base, right in the heart of Virginia’s biggest city. A sign on the barbed wire fence near the gate proclaimed that the base was “Property of the US Government.” I remember thinking that it wasn’t right that in a free country all this property was “government owned.” And really shouldn’t it be “taxpayer owned” anyway?  So, I will admit that I have some deep seated bias psychologically if I was thinking like that at age 10.

But, I will also say that much of my family is in defense contracting or in the military. I grew up a navy brat. I love Navy football. I respect the military, and I am very familiar with its many good aspects.

It is none-the-less much too large for us to sustain and is also sadly full of crony capitalism. Chock full.

As I’ve said before, the supposed “small government” Republicans use the military to spread the wealth, just as the Democrats use social programs to do the same thing.

So, those of us who believe we need to get government spending under control shouldn’t put the military into some special bucket where anything goes in the name of “defense.” We should shed no tears when sequestration actually forces some minuscule cuts. In fact, for those of us who are serious about getting things in order should be looking at how we can cut much deeper.

Click here for more on defense cuts from Politico.

Shawn Eng
Shawn Eng 5pts

I'm impressed. You went after waste in the DoD. Thank you for your consistency.

N Cols Mccp
N Cols Mccp 5pts

I agree with you on most of them. The Israel one, I don't. Why? Because they are among our true allies, and in a dangerous position, and rely on us, and could not possibly withstand an combined Arab assault, if the various Arab countries could ever figure out a way to collaborate. Taiwan is similar. All our other allies are in a similar position, except that they **DO** have the resources to defend themselves against any credible threat. So we do not need to alleviate their burden. I am not an isolationist: we ought to defend Israel and Taiwan.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

Beef up Israel? No, we shouldn't get involved in that region. We shouldn't be in the UK, Africa, South Korea, Japan, and many other far away nations. A lot of these bases are a waste of money. We should send them back to the United States.

N Cols Mccp
N Cols Mccp 5pts

@aidan haggerty: One way to maintain or even increase effectiveness is to reduce the number of areas where we think we need to keep a ready presence. e.g. get out of middle eastern countries like Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi, and just maintain, or even beef up, Diego Garcia and Israel.

Against Crony Capitalism
Against Crony Capitalism 5pts

Our vets deserve our help- not just money. But a shaken hand. A welcome home. And real treatment. Any vet should feel that they have a place to deal. The issues and the horror they must deal with must be met with kindness.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

We need to find a way to keep our military combat effective while reducing costs. Also we should help returning veterans as well.

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

and it is about freaking time they get substantial cuts too.

Don L Brady Jr.
Don L Brady Jr. 5pts

Our military remains stationed around the globe due to pure politics..

N Cols Mccp
N Cols Mccp 5pts

First time I've seen a conservative make this **VERY VALID** point that we don't need all the military we have. We don't need to be in so many countries. Vacationers and businesses doing business overseas should themselves pay for the foreign protection they need, and not presume on the general fund. So many conservatives are afraid of alienating the military folks by advocating appropriate cutbacks in the military, when, actually, military minded people should be thanking those who support the idea of engaging our troops in fewer dangerous, but ultimately useless locations. And military aide to countries that hate us?? don't get me started!!

Reticulator 5pts

Power corrupts, whether it's military power or the power to invade and conquer our health care system.

Ron Patterson
Ron Patterson 5pts

Not if the cuts come from vets benefits cut the waste leave the vets alone they deserve our best and they get the worst .

David Wilson
David Wilson 5pts


Joe Forlano
Joe Forlano 5pts

Time to bring them home and cut the spending here too,,sadly it won't happen

Michael Ward
Michael Ward 5pts

Our fighting troops matter. The military industrial complex is another story