Who gives the most foreign aid, who gets the most foreign aid? (Cool Infographic)

Lots of checks going to Afghanistan

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Flow of World Aid and Aid Transparency
Flow of World Aid and Aid Transparency infographic by gmz.

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

We need to end the corruption in the USA before we should help the middle east.

Adam Zack
Adam Zack 5pts

big pharm has a lot to lose. an international special interest group would be very concerned about losing their opium factory. amercan government is nothing more than a guard gog for special interests. accept that and youll see why you as an individual mean nothing to this tyrranical government that we all wanna bitch about.

Adam Zack
Adam Zack 5pts

we werent just at war we were occupying their country. yall may check into putting the shoe on the other foot as concerns someone "appreciating" our "aid" after we decimated their country. gee i wonder.

John Wright
John Wright 5pts

funny, it says donated. I didn't donate. it was stolen from my paycheck in the way a taxes. I disagree with giving our money away and then raising our taxes. i also disagree with destroying a country, then paying to rebuild it with our money, then raising taxes. The worst part of all is that the needy in these countries do not see the money, it goes right to their gov or special interest groups. look up haiti, they are still in disaster mode. the donated food rotted in warehouses, the money is still in "a fund" no housing, nothing. yeah text haiti to donate,,,,,, my ass! 20 years ago we airdropped food into africa, it was seized! its all corruption!!!!!!!

Jim Morris
Jim Morris 5pts

Interestingly military aid, which comprises a huge part of our foreign aid, was excluded. How come?

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

Afghanistan is a sinkhole for anything. Foreign aid won't help there until you get rid of the corruption.

Carey Smith
Carey Smith 5pts

It goes to the site, but the "enlarge" link on the site isn't finding the visualy server.

Carey Smith
Carey Smith 5pts

"Can't find the server" when the enlarge link is clicked.