CEO of JPMorgan says you don’t need to know how banking works, it’s like an airliner engine, too complex to explain, just shut up and pay us.

Jamie Dimon in Davos Switzerland today explaining why people don’t need to know what’s going on in the banking world. It’s too “complex.” Just know that their fee comes from managing this ball of financial confusion. And that’s all you need to know.

There, don’t you feel better? I mean it’s not like the world bailed out the whole banking system or anything. We should have faith.

AndrewMyers 5pts

Jet engines are not that complicated to understand. You are taught in school how they essentially work but you don't have the same situation for money creation, economic theory (which doesn't work anyway) and banking. There is a Roman maxim of law: Veritas simplex oratio est. This means the language of truth is simple; anything complicated has the greatest potential to involve deception. There is much talk of this being the case and the fact that all this is hitting mainstream and that he's now defending the banks (or trying to) speaks volumes.

jimmem 5pts

BS  I know how a jet engine works. When the owner puts in crap fuel after charging the customer of good fuel, it still craps out.

ChiranjibMohanty 5pts

 It is not a complete course but is aimed at the Spanish speaking person “who knows some English and who wants to take a few steps forward”. It presents the principal “claves” or essential points dealing with the most common errors.

orville 5pts

Anyone know where this quote originated every link i have found leads back here

Mile 5pts

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jefferson67 5pts

why isn't this guy in a prison some were?


I am still laughing at the title. That video was great. He won't be running for president any time in the near future. LOL. 


Best Regards,


Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

The people who have been hurt by these guys deserve to find out how it works in every detail.

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

but many people can understand how an engine works. it is actually quite simple when you get down to it. The difficulty arises when you try to optimize it. and if a company says that, they are doing something immoral or illegal and trying to hide it. It isnt too complicated. Its abusive.

jes2 5pts

"I agree with him" ???


Does she even know how her hair dryer works?

Ian Mackenzie
Ian Mackenzie 5pts

not what I learned in Business and accounting school, time to ship this man to GITMO with his crook DC politicians butt buddies

Geo James
Geo James 5pts

He's the quintessential Bankster Piece of Shit. Dimon should get cancer and die.

OregonRazor 5pts

I know how the lock on a jail cell works ....

George Mcfarlin
George Mcfarlin 5pts

Since his bank got bit in the butt by a $6 BILLION trading loss, I'd say his Trading Desk team feels likewise about his comments.

concernedcitizen1987 5pts

it's not complicated.. the banks make money from nothing, charge interest at high rates which can never, ever, be paid back, and the countries use their people as collateral.


Eventually, the people, countries and all our resources will be raped and devastated beyond the point of no return. Then, and only then, will we realize we cannot eat money. 

LittleJohn 5pts

As an engineer I can tell you that a jet engine in principle is quite simple - how complicated you want to make it after that is entirerly up to you. The idea that the financial sector is complicated and thus you plebs cannot understand it is the language of a fraudster.

Robert Griffis
Robert Griffis 5pts

It's not that complicated. He's hiding something.