This is insane. New head of Securities and Exchange Commission? A Big Time Defense Attorney—For the Big Banks!

President Obama Nominates Mary Jo White For Chairwoman Of The SEC

“A sick joke on all of us.”

This is where the true progressives and the libertarians and conservatives who care about crony capitalism can come together. The nomination of Mary Jo White for SEC chairwoman.

This is complete contempt for the American people. If there is any doubt, at all, about who’s side when it comes down to it this administration is on, look no further than this prospective appointment.

And don’t forget, our attorney general, Eric Holder was also a former defense attorney for the big banks.

I wonder why these guys keep getting off scott free? Heck, more than that, how they keep amassing tens of millions of dollars with each bonus season?

Nick Sorrentino

About Nick Sorrentino

Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of A political and communications consultant whose clients have spanned the political spectrum, his work has been featured at Chief Executive,, Townhall, The Daily Caller, and many other publications. He has spoken at CPAC, The Commit Forum, The Atlas Summit, The US Chamber of Commerce, The National Press Club, and at other venues. Sorrentino is the CEO of Exelorix Consultants and a senior fellow at Future 500. A graduate of Mary Washington College he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.

RobertFallin 5pts

Why am I not surprised?  Obama was the big banks candidate in 2008 and still received significant donations from them even though Romney received more in 2012.

Carol Poole
Carol Poole 5pts

he did the same thing with USDA, Monsato

JamesCoreyGoode 5pts

Greetings We are covering Global and Western Corruption from both the inside and outside. As a former Army Intel and Employee of the Federal Reserve Bank and 4 others (U.S. & E.U.)in an IT Security (With DIRECT access to much of what you are hearing about) capacity I had some extremely eye opening and direct personal FIRST HAND experiences (No second hand conjecture here). We have some great insight into this Global Economic Corruption that is finally being exposed... KEEP THE HEAT ON THEM!  Follow us please for more info like this that all ties together in one location. Please contribute knowledge as well as strategy as we are the FEW willing to stand up and end corruption. We have been divided and conquered long enough. Time to no longer be a Debt slave to this current corrupt financial system. Let US all stand together and ignore the plots to divide us further. CoreyG/Texas FB Site:

Janet Day
Janet Day 5pts

All I can do is shake my head in disbelief. So obvious.

usluv 5pts

Could this man be more obvious. What a total jerk!

Nick Sklikas
Nick Sklikas 5pts

Might as well roll out a welcome mat for Madeoff and Corzine!

Jack L. Brown
Jack L. Brown 5pts

Thats why theyre trying to take the guns and gain control of the internet. They're already throwing people in jail for PROTESTING1

Ken Swan
Ken Swan 5pts

But wait..... I thought it was the REPUBLICANS that were for the BIG BANKS??? (sarcasm) You mean that the DEMOCRATS are really the ones behind it? OH LORD whatever shall we do?(/sarcasm)

Barbara Nelson
Barbara Nelson 5pts

I am against cronyism, but there is no such thing as "crony capitalism." True laissez faire capitalism means the government stays out of the business of business which does not allow for cronyism.

David Wilson
David Wilson 5pts

How STUPID. She'll be DEFENDING CRIMINALS?!! This means that FRAUD and CORRUPTION will run RAMPANT. Typical and is WHY I question EVERY MOVE Obama makes.

Jim Kelleher
Jim Kelleher 5pts

Not even trying to hide the fact the state protects their dependent corporations and the corporation support the state.

Ian Mackenzie
Ian Mackenzie 5pts

time to throw some of these leeches to the wolves or store them in GITMO until further notice

Muhammad Jahangir
Muhammad Jahangir 5pts

I guess, it is the smart choice, as she knows the secrets of banks.

Wayne Wilbur
Wayne Wilbur 5pts

She's another one that has that defective Democratic Gene.

Ryan L. Jones
Ryan L. Jones 5pts

Fire the dumb bitch, and the whole of Congress and this administration afterwards. THEN get some people in to dismantle the fuggin Federal Reserve already.

Geo James
Geo James 5pts

the bankster cartel and the Muppet politicians. pimps and whores. Despicable corrupt criminal scum bags. this is all part of agenda 21

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

I'm not surprise that foxes are guarding the henhouse. Obama is a pathetic leader. Obama isn't transparent. Obama loves government...too much.

George Mcfarlin
George Mcfarlin 5pts

Everybody in the picture is smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 5pts

Obama supports wouldnt justify this. its crap, just as unjustifiable as the continued use of the Patriot act, and many other pieces of Unconstitutional legislation.

Greg Brown
Greg Brown 5pts

Like to see the Obama supporters justify this move.

Jack L. Brown
Jack L. Brown 5pts

But of course they have our best interests at heart. LOL

Jose Rumaldo Pacheco
Jose Rumaldo Pacheco 5pts

THAT NATIONAL Debt,, is not YOUR NATIONS Debt. It is the Debt created by a PRIVATE CORPORATION known as the United States in Congress ASSEMBLED. That debt is NOT YOUR DEBT, it IS a Debt that SPECIAL FAMILIES owe, like the Bush, Clinton, Obama/Soetoro, Carnegie, Ford, Redshield, Rockefeller, etc., as it is THEYthat own the Federal Reserve Bank, and Federal Reserve Notes, then it is THEY that need to pay that debt. This entire system is THEIR system and we are in the wrong for being in it, we need to get out of THEIR SYSTEM.

Robert Ahearn
Robert Ahearn 5pts

Business as usual for this administration (any administration for that matter).

Jason Burnett
Jason Burnett 5pts

this is the third obama appointee in the last month that belongs to the CFR!!!

Jim Stivers
Jim Stivers 5pts

Surprising another Obama hack in an important job to protect our rights.

Javier Arencibia
Javier Arencibia 5pts

As if it shouldn't be widely known that government is a revolving door of criminals?