Biden: We’re counting on ‘legitimate media’ for successful gun control effort

Biden CC

Mr. Biden I wish I could trust you, but I just don’t. That you would call on the help of the “legitimate” media—read, #oldmedia—explicitly, to push your agenda just stinks. It’s not like you have to ask anyway. But given that the White House appears to be losing the debate fairly solidly, I suppose it’s time to boost the troops.

The State of the Union is tomorrow and we need you guys out there spreading our, ahem, the, word! We need your propa—, um, I mean, communication skills folks! Time to step it up!

(From The Washington Examiner)

“To be very blunt with you, we’re counting on all of you, the legitimate news media to cover these discussions because the truth is that times have changed,” Biden added, warning that people would continue to “misrepresent” the White House’s plans for gun control.

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Tina McNeil
Tina McNeil 5pts

Don't they know that 'legitimate media' isn't supposed to spin the news? THEY aren't responsible for anything but reporting both sides of the issue.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

They expect the mainstream media to be minions for them. Most already are, they should fear the media not manipulate it.

Shirley Mecham Larsen
Shirley Mecham Larsen 5pts

It's about time Americans let 'legitimate media' know that we don't need them anymore, that we think they have detrayed us!

Adrian Benavides
Adrian Benavides 5pts

First see if you can FIND any 'legitimate media'. Good luck!

Billie Wheeler
Billie Wheeler 5pts

They are up obozo's arse, biden has to dig them out, and NO I do NOT reconize this adminstration as being Legal, they swore an oath to uphold the constitution, and they are doing everything they can to tear it down. I for ONE believe obozo has no legal standing.

Lola Taylor
Lola Taylor 5pts

as long as they are in office--there will not be any legitimate media--its all biased!

Janis Thibodeaux
Janis Thibodeaux 5pts

fox news and oblamer is blaming them for all hisdum bills not passing

Mark Polowy
Mark Polowy 5pts

versus the illegitimate media the know so well? rocket scientist

Jim Mahoney
Jim Mahoney 5pts

Translation - We need the stenographer media to present our talking points as factual news.

Roy Pinchin
Roy Pinchin 5pts

Yeah right! two idiots together. No common sense.

Jim Hauser
Jim Hauser 5pts

that eliminates all the alphabet channels and their cable subs.

Ian Mackenzie
Ian Mackenzie 5pts

both Obozo and drunken Joe aren't qualified to handled a shovel never mind a gun

Jim Brawley
Jim Brawley 5pts

They have already told the MEDIA what they can say!

Dale C Myers
Dale C Myers 5pts

with the media we have today, you have already gotten your wish.

Dennis Mesecher
Dennis Mesecher 5pts

If it sells commercials it is legitimate. I wonder who is buying Biden's time?

Kevin W. Golike
Kevin W. Golike 5pts

how arrogant to say one type of media is legit and others are not? the free flow of information is critical to a free society,and for them to label one medai as the legit is just as bad as censorship. news is news no matter where it comes from or who delivers it,its one thing they cant stand is people giving information they didnt clear .

Kevin W. Golike
Kevin W. Golike 5pts

any kind of media is legit,to think other wise is just like communism,they controlled media ,and this is an attempt to do so by peer pressure,next will be force.

MarkHowe 5pts

Is he talking about the media that first said the Sandy Hook shooter used handguns and that an assault rifle was found in the car? Or the media that reported that the shooter's mother was a teacher at the school? Or the media that reported that a man was caught in the woods and taken into custody wearing camo pants and black jacket? Where is the follow up info on this man? Where is the ballistic reports? Where is a video from the school video system showing the gunman with his weapons? The media is pushing gun control for it's corporate masters who know that our economy is going to go down the tubes, and don't want an armed populace when it rises up in anger.

MarkHowe 5pts

Fox is no better than the rest! Years ago a team of investigative reporters from fox were trying to air a story about growth hormones in milk. Monsanto threatened to sue. The fox network tried to get the reporters to back off of the story. The monsanto attorneys dragged out the confrontation till the bovine growth hormones were approved.  Fox fired the reporters for not backing down. the reporters sued under the whistle bower act, and won. fox appealed and won. According to the appeals court, fox was not required to report the truth, therefore the whistle blower argument didn't hold water. Fox gives half truths and reports what meets their agenda, as does the other.

Julie Claflin
Julie Claflin 5pts

There is no legitimate media in this country

Roy Schoenfeld
Roy Schoenfeld 5pts

This is the same Biden that recently said new gun control laws will have virtually no effect on crime or the murder rates....correct?

Judy Reed
Judy Reed 5pts

If their lips are moving, they are lying!

Andy Bentley
Andy Bentley 5pts

What is the largest armed force in the world ? Is it Chinas military at 4.6 million or India 4.7mil or North Korea 9.5 mil, S.Korea 3.8mil,US 2.9mil ? (source : ) Taken all together, these largest 5 forces in the world constitute 25.5 mil armed men. The numbers for America on that site don't account for the sum total of Armed American Citizens which should be counted in the "paramilitary" category. There are 315 mil Americans. Given that 47% of Americans own guns (source : that constitutes a force of 148 mil. Which is 6 times larger than the top five militarises on the planet /combined /. Anyone who thinks they can subjugate the American Citizen to tyranny, should think again. A sum total of the all of the top five militaries in the world combined ,constitute a /rounding error/ compared to the combined might of United Armed American Citizens.

Chaz Labrock
Chaz Labrock 5pts


Perry Arnold
Perry Arnold 5pts

Fuck these guys... AND the media they rode in on!

Lynn Faulkner
Lynn Faulkner 5pts

Legitimate media = those that wil tell you what we want them to. So simple really.

Gretchen Van Deusen
Gretchen Van Deusen 5pts

i think he meant 'purchased' media........silly biden....another faux pas

Brigitte Youman
Brigitte Youman 5pts

Ha-ha-ha...Don't ever trust people who point the finger...It's illegal in many cultures for a reason!

Jim Debitetto
Jim Debitetto 5pts

the only legit media here in america is FOX NEWS !! CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN and the rest all LIE !!!

William Quayle
William Quayle 5pts

Get off the gun crap and revive people knowing god and the ten commandments. We need a revival of moral character not more gun laws.

Ralph Molina
Ralph Molina 5pts

Legimitate're a putz Biden...

Russ Ramey
Russ Ramey 5pts

Hell, we don't have a legitimate President...

Sal Bradley Taylor
Sal Bradley Taylor 5pts

LMAO - where the hell are we going to find LEGITIMATE media? If we find em, Obama will drone them as terrorists.

Mark Carpenter
Mark Carpenter 5pts

Nothing legitimate about state run media no matter what country idiot politicians speak on. Throw these two clowns in the gulag

Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell 5pts

The legitimate media would throw him to the Lions. What a douchebag.

John L Pund
John L Pund 5pts

Wow, the Hubris just doesn't get any better than them!