Federal Reserve Injected $237 Billion into European Banks Last Month

And we may have passed the event horizon.
And we may have passed the event horizon.


QE Infinity just keeps on trucking, I guess that’s the point.

Last month the Fed injected almost $240 billion into European banks to keep them more or less steady. That money came from where? Nowhere. Ben Bernanke conjured it and the Fed deposited it.

This is our economy today. A figment of imagination in a slowly collapsing fiat black hole.

(From Zerohedge.com)

Another way of showing what has happened: in the past 4 weeks, the Fed has injected a record $237 billion of cash into foreign banks with access to the Fed’s excess reserves: a number greater than both the cash influx surge seen after the Lehman collapse, and faster and more acute than the massive build up of cash during the spring and summer of 2011 when all the Fed’s brand new QE2 cash was once again, solely used to overfund European bank cash.

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Elizabeth A. Taylor
Elizabeth A. Taylor 5pts

A few months ago, you were reporting that the Fed was empty. Now this. Which is true?

Pony Thompson
Pony Thompson 5pts

Wish that illegal bastard would quit giving away our money.

Gene Gregorio
Gene Gregorio 5pts

Fuck this! REVOLUTION!!!!!!!! Its our country, prepare to take it back!!!!

Ben Calvin
Ben Calvin 5pts

since we are offering free toilet paper. Can I get $200 billion?

Dave Haufe
Dave Haufe 5pts

doesnt matter as both are going down the tubes soon anyway.

Janet Day
Janet Day 5pts

There are trillions hidden in foreign banks. Why?

Sterling McVay
Sterling McVay 5pts

Wow, and I Can't even Get Enough of a GRANT to Cover my College Tuition, Even though, my Father Spent 11 Months to Keep America Free of Fascist and Nazis', like Bush Sr. Unbelievable!!!

Judy Reed
Judy Reed 5pts

Overthrow the FED...let's have our own government controlled monetary system. Thieves!!!

Tj Criddle
Tj Criddle 5pts

The lifestyle billionaires are accustomed to

Judy McKee
Judy McKee 5pts

Oh yes, this country cannot print the kind of money they are printing and it works....hard times are coming for all that voted for O. and they will drag the rest of us with them

Neil Baxter
Neil Baxter 5pts

So they nicked a quarter off the trillion dollar coin? Why not, eh, when it costs nothing you can print all you like. Why not start minting trillion dollar coins and throw them out of tall buildings. Get on it Obama!

Stuart Bryant
Stuart Bryant 5pts

Conspiracy theories are almost always nonsense, but I can see no way to justify not believing that Washington is doing a Thelma & Louise on us.

Roy Austin Smith
Roy Austin Smith 5pts

willie for you info euros are already down the drain. when is congress going to have an auditor in to audit the idiots and put a stop to this giveawy process.

Kevin W. Golike
Kevin W. Golike 5pts

and do you know why they had to give them so much money? we are propping up all those wonderful countries that the liberals are saying we need to be more like! we need to stand up and shout at these nuckle heads ,NO WE WILL NOT BE LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES! we need to stop the spending madness ,it maybe to late!

David Wilson
David Wilson 5pts

I know these Govts really SUCK. But, if you think things are BAD Now, You haven't seen BAD yet, but it's COMING! Sad. KD

Darren Pollok
Darren Pollok 5pts

As Corb Lund said, "Nobody wants paper money son, so you just as well stop countin',"

Alex Diksas
Alex Diksas 5pts

Meanwhile the middle class in America is wiped out or as Celente says Dumbfuckistan is going into further abyss as the young people's future is hosed because some leader says we don't have a spending problem. That somebody never had a real job either, and the people of dumbfuckistan elected this douchebag twice.

Catherine West Stokes
Catherine West Stokes 5pts

The Federal Reserve has bought every piece of mortgaged real estate in America with this money, NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!! And for the record they invest in Gold and Silver, not any currency... This has all been done while we sat and talked about it and did nothing more. Their plan is to tax us into the place where they will cause Americans to default on their mortgages and they will repossess them. Their plan is working GREAT for them...

JoAnne Ingram
JoAnne Ingram 5pts

What are they thinking? No wonder we are broke!! They could have paid some money against our debt!!

Keith Weiner
Keith Weiner 5pts

their whole bloody irredeemable paper regime is insolvent. The reason for this injection is to stave off insolvency a while longer. This of course allows capital destruction to continue unabated (which will make the ultimate crash worse when it happens) and drive down the rate of interest which will further squeeze the margins of the players in the financial system. They are praying for a real recovery, but no recovery is possible in the final stages of the collapse of their rotten regime.

Charles Curtis
Charles Curtis 5pts

Back when I was in college, we touched on the subject of “how did Hitler get over 6 million people to follow along blindly and not fight back”. Today, I’m watching my fellow Americans follow down the same path. I still don’t understand WHY !!!

Alan Clontz
Alan Clontz 5pts

But, but, I can't afford the air fare to EU to visit my money.

Michael A Plamondon
Michael A Plamondon 5pts

Our economy is crumbling away and we are feverishly funding the world are there any brains left in DC?

Archer Beggs
Archer Beggs 5pts

According to this, the Fed injected a quarter trillion in new currency into the European banking system in a month. This is on top of 85 billion in QE3 and Open Marker Operations. Before I’m going to think about what it means, I want to know if it’s true.

Lake Writes
Lake Writes 5pts

Gave or loaned...not like the Rothschilds to "give" away money! They became rich from the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England interest.

Alan Clontz
Alan Clontz 5pts

I am sick of this crap, Burnabutt should be shoved in a meat grinder.

William Kelley
William Kelley 5pts

The FED knows the USA is going down like Greece so they are investing in Euros