How Much for a Date with the President? $500,000


The White House spokesman Jay Carney fielded real questions from the White House Press Corps today, if you can believe it..

I think the corps is angry that they got shut out of the golfing trip last week. They asked if a $500,000 check to Organizing for Action bought special access to the president. Carney shuffled his feet.

We have written before about the new charitable organization associated with President Obama, which was launched over inauguration weekend. We reported that OFA (as it is being called) appears to be essentially a vehicle for businesses and wealthy individuals who seek to curry favor with the administration. If one wants to get in in front of the President one had better be ready to write a big check to the organization. It’s all tax deductible of course.

Jeff Roland
Jeff Roland 5pts

Thought he was married? Oh sh*t another Clinton.

Matt Meeker
Matt Meeker 5pts

They would have to pay me a whole more than that. They would have to add a bunch more zeroes to that figure.

Gary Griswold
Gary Griswold 5pts

There's enough to impeach him now. Just do it. Oh but wait, the senate and the house have lost their balls. What to do, what to do.

Gail Meek
Gail Meek 5pts

oldest profession in the world...

Thomas E Johnson
Thomas E Johnson 5pts

So, another pimp in the Whitehouse. Bill Clinton is not alone.

Deb Puhl
Deb Puhl 5pts

Yuck!!! you'd have to pay me 10 Xs that to even be in the same room as that.......

Jim Brown
Jim Brown 5pts

I wouldn't give him the sweat from my armpits...........

R.c. Wright
R.c. Wright 5pts

and 750k gets you a night in the lincoln bedroom with moochelle

Ian Mackenzie
Ian Mackenzie 5pts

liar cheat traitor give him and that drunk Biden the same choices Nixon and Agnew had

Gary Sinkey
Gary Sinkey 5pts

how about 7500.000 to not have a date with his sorry ass.

Cliff Grondin
Cliff Grondin 5pts

If he is answering real questions, how does he have an answer sheet to read from? Seems scripted to me. He just happens to have THAT paper in front of him?

Don Decker
Don Decker 5pts

Yes - Ed Buhler - You'd be the one left in the Swamp - Puss Head!!!