You Can Now Order Domino’s Pizza with Bitcoins


I have been a fan of Bitcoin from the beginning, and if one can order pizza with Bitcoins, well, that changes everything. Pizza is one half of the most important equation in economics. The other half, for those of you who never took Econ 101 is beer.  If someone can figure out how to buy a 6 pack with Bitcoins, then watch out.


Thanks to a new online startup, Pizzaforcoins, you can now swap your virtual currency for a carb-filled dinner in 30 minutes or less. The way it works is that customers place their order on, then site owners Matt Burkinshaw and Riley Alexander will collect your Bitcoins and place the delivery order on your behalf using real cash.

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Matt Whitlock
Matt Whitlock 5pts

Intrinsic value is an illusion. All value is subjective. What this means is that value is in the eye of the beholder; one man's trash is another man's treasure, and vice versa. Commodities are valued by so many people that we often assume they have some kind of "intrinsic" value, but that's just a rational shortcut we take. Consider: wheat has a market price, but what would *you* do with a bushel of wheat? I personally have no use for a bushel of wheat and would actively refuse it even if one were offered to me for free. In other words, the value of a bushel of wheat to me is zero (or maybe even negative, since I would have to expend effort to get rid of it). Bitcoins have no more or less "intrinsic" value than wheat, gold, silver, oil, pork bellies, coffee, sugar, or any of the other thousands of commodities that are traded on exchanges. All of those commodities have uses, and some people are willing to pay a price to obtain them. Bitcoins have uses, and some people are willing to pay a price to obtain them. The reasoning is really no different.

Steve Perkins
Steve Perkins 5pts

For those who have a hangup about Bitcoin having no value of it's own....what's the value of that worthless piece of paper you're holding?

Brent Shaw
Brent Shaw 5pts

Ryan Chamberlain: An online non-fiat currency. Currently the ratio is 25(ish) to 1, usd to bitcoin.