A run on the Federal Reserve (Texas wants its gold, Along with Germany, Azerbaijan, The Netherlands, Switzerland)

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We are seeing a slow motion run on the Federal Reserve. Around the world faith in the dollar is on the wain and sovereign governments are becoming more concerned with the whereabouts of their ultimate store of wealth, gold.

During the cold war many governments sought the perceived safety of storing their gold in the United States, protected from the communist menace in the Old World. Germany and many other countries moved their gold stores to the New York Fed for safe keeping. If all else failed and the Red Army rolled across the Polish plains and into Western Europe, at least the core wealth of Europe would be safe in the free world.

But times have changed. All around the world financial leaders are looking over their cards at the other players at the table. Many are looking at the US who actually holds their chips. The Soviet menace is gone. Why should I have to ask the United States for my chips when I want to play?

Plus the USA isn’t the straight shooter many thought it once was. Uncle Sam might be getting a little too cozy with the chip piles. He actually thinks that he’s the house. Maybe the American casino isn’t the best bet any longer.

Even Texas, which thinks it is its own country anyway, wants its gold back. There is a move in the state legislature (and backed by the Governor)  to “repatriate” Texan gold from the New York Fed vault.

On CNBC this morning Jim Rickards discussed what is going on.

Charles Savoie
Charles Savoie 5pts

The problems in precious metals trace to an alliance of very powerful men, who individually could not achieve such results; but as a cooperative phalanx---have certainly done so.  We've been convinced the Great Depression was due to the October 1929 stock market crash.  No---the mass unemployment was due to the loss of business by the export industries (yes, we used to have those) because Far East and Indian buyers could not pay.  England caused the Depression by intentionally wrecking the Far East's main money---silver.  The top decision maker, Viceroy Irwin of British India, later became president of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain.  Today we have Paul Volcker as a V.P. of The Pilgrims Society New York.  He used to say gold would fall to $5 except the USA was supporting it at $35---complete Pilgrims Society liar.  Later Volcker organized a "bailout" loan for the Hunts with a "sting" inside it, which caused them to forfeit over 60 million silver ounces by 1986.  The Pilgrims Society is sponsored by the British Royal family (world's largest landowners) to bring back their "colonies" here and turn the UN into a world government run by The Crown.  Details at www.silverstealers.net---a story most are afraid to give any coverage to, and which no one has disputed.

YBU 5pts

Silly earthlings we mined most of your gold millions of years ago. That's why there is so little of it.

Gorb 5pts

I deeply resent watching this kind of television. Somebody just starts to frame a good thought, and then everybody else has to interrupt and pile in, talking past each other. Very ignorant and nerve-wracking.

DavidEpstein 5pts

Bring that gold home assuming the U.S. even has it.

Jim Loveless
Jim Loveless 5pts

The clock is done ticking,you better hang on,or get out of America if you can.

Alan Talbot
Alan Talbot 5pts

look we are the country we have been in worese shape and allways come back from it so we are better off rebuilding from the ground up we cant undo what has been done but we can stop it from ever happing again

John Chitwood
John Chitwood 5pts

Texas will get our gold back, Gov Perry has finally had enough of Obama, i think Perry's days of political tightrope walking are OVER!

Willie Dinger
Willie Dinger 5pts

It doesn't take a wise man to see what's going on.

Glen Pfeiffer
Glen Pfeiffer 5pts

It may turn out to be a run on gold plated tungsten.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

The gold doesn't exist...this could turn into a bank run in our own country, the United States.

Ben Calvin
Ben Calvin 5pts

so... they are going to take their gold and put it in another branch of the federal reserve in their own country. so they can go into more debt and give out free welfair to east eu members. sounds like a plan....

Joseph A. Cummins
Joseph A. Cummins 5pts

From what I can tell from my feeble caluclation, the actual buying power of $1 dollar today, compared to a 1945 dollar, is $.01 cent.

RM Avila
RM Avila 5pts

Awesome! I wonder if there's any gold in Ft. Knox to return to the owners? I think China has it all!

Bob Talsma
Bob Talsma 5pts

well put Charles, soon we will see our country being sold off, the land right out from under our feet.

Charles Massey
Charles Massey 5pts

The downfall of the economy is coming - inflation has never been addressed with all the money printing - so we now have a weak dollar, higher prices, more regulations, higher taxes, less buying power, and now a run on gold. We better wake up and take back our country before we have no country to take back.

Homer Porter
Homer Porter 5pts

We already know Obama is not Trustworthy so they should get it if it should still happen to be there. Without transparency we really don't know.

Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin 5pts

Why do people want gold? Gold cannot feed you when you are starving. This is rediculas

Daryl Zimmerman
Daryl Zimmerman 5pts

There is no gold left in the Federal Reserve...Or Elswhere! Silly People!

Jeff Bute
Jeff Bute 5pts


William Cox
William Cox 5pts

heard about Germany trying a month or so ago, but the feds refuse. I believe Germany might be trying to leave the european union!