Eric Holder Admits Some Banks Are Just Too Big To Prosecute (Holder worries he might be the fall guy)

EricHolder cc

Holder’s so concerned.

He can’t bring any law suits. Prosecution might hurt the economy. The big banks are just too big. It’s not his fault. Congress needs to deal with the issue. He’s powerless.

Nonsense. Balderdash.

This guy is the Attorney General of the United States of America and he doesn’t want to be the fall guy on the complete abdication of justice post financial crash.

Between his inaction on the banks, his failure on Fast and Furious, and the suicide of Aaron Swartz, how is this guy still in power?

Click here for the brief video of his testimony before Congress today.

Walter Ignatius Baltzley
Walter Ignatius Baltzley 5pts

The KINGS COURT is back! the aristocrats get the legal insulation they have always wanted!

Kathy Parslow
Kathy Parslow 5pts

They ARE, we need to pass legislation to cap the size and make them break down, nobody should be so big it could rock the US or Global economy to bring them to justice.

Nick McDanel
Nick McDanel 5pts

When will we be rid of this fucking slime!?

MarkHowe 5pts

Bob Basso, author of Common Sense takes on the part of Thomas Paine to try to ignite the patriotic flames of our nation. view on you tube. he has some great ideas.

Richard Jasmin
Richard Jasmin 5pts


Jennifer Prell
Jennifer Prell 5pts

What a bunch of shit - too big or they get too many kickbacks having sold their souls?

Joe Herkert
Joe Herkert 5pts

they are to big if congress is their ally

Deborah Lucas
Deborah Lucas 5pts

Excuses, excuses, excuses! What a Patsy he is!

Dave Haufe
Dave Haufe 5pts

well when we owe more than GDP in debt its no secret who wins in this game. this gave the federal reserve total control.

Sharon Angle
Sharon Angle 5pts

that is ludicrous - if they are failing - put them through Bankrtuptcy - DO NOT BAIL THEM OUT

David Wilson
David Wilson 5pts

If a BANAK or Company is TOO BIG TO FAIL then it's TOO BIG and needs to be BROKEN UP?!!

Tim Drinkard
Tim Drinkard 5pts

To big to prosecute? you mean contributed too much to Obamas campaign. Hey everyone do you Know what corporation gave the most to obamas election fund? Bank of America. Bank of America is still stealing homes out from under people. through deception and lies.

Dennis Keezer
Dennis Keezer 5pts

holder is an idiot!!! he is protecting his friemds that's all and he thinks we the people are dumb enough to believe his lies....

Enos Eleazar
Enos Eleazar 5pts

to big to prosecute .. an amusing concept of criminals protecting criminals ..... we aint buying it ... we know what and who you are ...

Ronald Martin
Ronald Martin 5pts

especially the ones lining your pockets...right?

Neurotoxin Pridebreaker
Neurotoxin Pridebreaker 5pts

So we have a Federal Attorney General admitting criminal laws don't apply to the largest corporations? This is embarassing. Politicians get sent home in the most corrupt, corporatist police states for openly saying things like that..

Bernard Libby
Bernard Libby 5pts

He is guilty of treason for supplying weapons to an American enemy (drug cartels) in a state of declared war.

Sandy Lou Chaput
Sandy Lou Chaput 5pts

Holder is a fool and is about to get his tail kicked....Stand with Rand.

Steve Shenesky
Steve Shenesky 5pts

fuck wall street-these assholes work there,then they work on the sec,then they go back to wall st.-so incestuously fucked

Onimuksa 5pts

WOW!, I never new that so many left wing nut jobs were in here. Okay left wingers, I know I am preaching to deaf ears but I will give it a go.

You see, there is this thing called an internet. You are on it right now since you obviously were able to muster up enough brain cells to get on to it and post. On the internet, we can do several things. One of my favorite things to do, especially before putting the proverbial foot in ones mouth is to look things up and do some fact checking. We all know you guys have a problems with these annoying things called facts and an even bigger problem with things like statistics and common sense, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. If you actually DID your homework you would realize that Obama doesn't walk on water, the lack of a budget is allowing the demitards in the senate to rob your children blind, higher taxes are chasing away the jobs, and if the federal minimum was goes to $10/hr, teens will not be able to find any jobs to give the experience they will need that most real jobs will require later on in life. All of the libtards and a major of the repukicans in office should all be thrown in jail for treason if for no other reason than they signed into law Obamaclair (as we in Missouri call it due to that libtard Clair McCaskill) and that new bogus defense of women's act. The DOWA, would be fine other than that is the domain of the individual states to handle number one, and number two it covers woman, men, LBGT and isn't for abuse. If you and your spouse get into an argument and one of you gets you "feelings" hurt, the other person has now committed a felony which means they are no longer allowed to vote or carry a firearm. It is a dangerous over reach of power by the federal government and in direct violation of the constitution. A lot of even the older Democrat idea's had noble beginnings, the problem was that the politicians though of themselves as being noble and in their arrogance, instituted reckless ideas that were doomed to failure. some cases in point and how I would fix them. 1 social security, about to collapse. As in will no longer exist. So which is the lesser of to evils? Let it collapse or find a way that works. SS as it is now is an illegal Ponce scheme and could be fixed by using something similar to the Galveston Texas plan. People at age 60+ automatically get to stay on SS, 40+ get a choice, SS or new plan. under 40, new plan.

I could also fix the food stamp problem. You live in a house with a backyard or an apartment with a balcony, you get help setting up an aquaponics setup that would provide you with enough fish and vegetables for you to eat. I know a lot of you libtards out there would dismiss it out of hand because it would require you to do a tiny bit of work and how dare I suggest something that would in the long term lower deficits and ultimately be sustainable but we conservatives never thought of you as being guilty of having anything approaching common sense.

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

Really? Then what the hell do we pay you for?

Ben Catlett
Ben Catlett 5pts

He looks and acts just like a little weasel.

Robert Marsh
Robert Marsh 5pts

He's got the dirt on barry and the 'down low society'.

Carol Longmuir
Carol Longmuir 5pts

No one or company or corporation is too big to prosecute!! That's just an excuse!!! The reason they don't want to prosecute is that they have them in their pockets!

Franco Miccolupo
Franco Miccolupo 5pts

Holder aint got th [email protected] so we should have someone who does. We created our own Royal Corporate family...the UNTOUCHABLES.

Dennis Stimson
Dennis Stimson 5pts

The people of the United States are bigger than the crooks. Just takes education and then the will to put a stop to this criminal behavior.

Tom Sims
Tom Sims 5pts

Gloria.......if that were ture we would have NEVER bailed out the banks in the first place. The politicians and the banks KNEW they could BLACKMAIL the people of the US...........that's the truth.

Billie Wheeler
Billie Wheeler 5pts

Did anyone notice not one person went to jail when the bubble happened, not one, obozo's pocketbooks.

Robin Petty-Kapanka
Robin Petty-Kapanka 5pts

Agree with Gloria...NOBODY is too big to prosesute....Including the President....

Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

You think so, Eric? How bout we start by prosecuting you for treason and murder and work our way through about a hundred other charges. Then we can go after the banks you're worried about then you won't feel like the odd guy out. Fall guy? Give me a break! Them FEMA camps should come in handy. There's one hellava lot of corruption and treason in this country. It's going to a bit of space, don't you think?

Carolyn Wills
Carolyn Wills 5pts

he will be ! lol his boss never does anything wrong.

David Bock
David Bock 5pts

Grow a [email protected] pair and do your job Holder. Pedro, Holder had nothing to do with the murder of the agent on the border so lay off that crap! Treason, how about the whole Bush adminstration and a few others.

Chuck C Bourque
Chuck C Bourque 5pts

so...lets just shoot them instead..since prosecution won't work...these people only THINK they are above justice...oh it will come...and soon. You %1 'ers getting you will be hunted down and shot like rabid dogs.

Letty Hasbargen
Letty Hasbargen 5pts

That is about the most untrue thing I have ever heard. If a big corporation can be taken on the bank should be a snap. It is just another excuse to not do the job he is paid to do.

Pedro Luna
Pedro Luna 5pts

He's should be charged with murder of the border patrol agent for his part in fast and fersouse