In Letter to Rand Raul Eric Holder Says the President IS Authorized Potentially to Use Drones Inside the US Against US Citizens.

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Our Attorney General says this if things were sketchy enough a drone strike on American soil against a US citizen could be warranted. That whole due process thing? And the military not operating within the country? C’mon. Those ideas are so 20th century. You do know we have the NDAA right?

Holder says-

“It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States.”

Click here for the letter.

Alex Neveaux
Alex Neveaux 5pts

Look up the history/discussion on the 2012 NDAA and who actually supported it and what parts before you spout off like you know what you're talking about, please.

Brian JE Pinnegar
Brian JE Pinnegar 5pts

I voted for the President but I don't believe he has the power to do this. Because he doesn't.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

They already use drones on the borders. Now they're trying to expand these programs. The blatant disregard for the American citizen disturbs me greatly. Where are the privacy rights groups?

Alison Francis
Alison Francis 5pts

drone,him holder and the staterun media,the media doesn't do the job they are supposed to do for democracy,they are all lefties,minus a handful who have brains and worry about our great country,fair and balanced,is not in their vocabulary

Roy G. Faubion
Roy G. Faubion 5pts

BS, due process for citizens alone would keep this from happening, oh that's right, they don't follow the Constitution

Jim Jordan
Jim Jordan 5pts

The difference between Marxism and Communism is a gun ( or Drone).

Desmond Byrne
Desmond Byrne 5pts

I guess due process has gone the way of rule of law.

Mark Seifert
Mark Seifert 5pts

Combine this with the billions of rounds of ammo and 2700 light armored tanks just purchased by DHS and you see where this is going, especially when you add their assault on the 2nd and 4th Amendments? And doesn't that seem oddly opposite the sale of fighter jets to Egypt. Look like a pattern here?

Harold Basco
Harold Basco 5pts

I haven't found this in the Constitution...

Randy Cain
Randy Cain 5pts

Sometimes you can spot BS from the Git Go and this is one of them!And the press is no help because it was monopilized yrs ago by Rupert Murdock!He owns almost 80% of T.V , Radio,newspapers,and magazines!Completely useless as a resourse,If you want to know whats really goin on need to visit library in these trying times!

Jo Anne Buchanan
Jo Anne Buchanan 5pts

Where is the outrage? Where is the move to convict this imposter of treason?

Sandra Lynn
Sandra Lynn 5pts

They have completely obliterated our 4th Amendment per the Supreme Court upheld the Patriot Act so now they can without a warrent wire tap, search & seize anything on your property without a warrant...the gun confiscations are coming...unless we can get them all fired/out of office...

Phillip Pence
Phillip Pence 5pts

Fifth Amendment protects the right to due process; sixth guarantees a right to trial and retainer of counsel; eights prohibits excessive fines and cruel or unusual punishment. I'd say 0bama's killing ANY American without a trial is a direct violation of each of these, any one of which should be more than sufficient to remove both from office if not arrest and try them for treason.

Charles Massey
Charles Massey 5pts

We are getting crippled beyond repair with this President -we better wake up as I see a definite pattern like Hilter

Jerry Woods
Jerry Woods 5pts

People.... we have them on the Run....

Phillip Pence
Phillip Pence 5pts

Exactly! And that is where the problem lies. Our other elected "leaders" stand by and do nothing. Many are in favor of 0bama as dictator.

Bill Beason
Bill Beason 5pts

Shoot them out of the sky for violating the airspace above your above your home!

Ethan Gill
Ethan Gill 5pts

That is blatant and unforgivable. He needs to be impeached.

Jack Eller
Jack Eller 5pts

somebody needs to tell they idots in washington that god did not die and leave them in charge.

George Mylonakis
George Mylonakis 5pts

"extraordinary circumstances" as in, if the Constitution experiences sudden spontaneous combustion... oh wait...

David Wilson
David Wilson 5pts

What's next a Nuclear Bomb dropped on New York?

Robert Ahearn
Robert Ahearn 5pts

Where's the outrage from the press? Unbelieveable how the press has abdicated its responsibility to the general public.

Carl Pretz
Carl Pretz 5pts

Ripping and tearing at the CONSTITUTION!!!

Todd Heldt
Todd Heldt 5pts

A letter from Rand Paul, proving that even an imbecile can't be wrong all the time.

John Lumbley
John Lumbley 5pts

This is bull shit it goes against what america stands for, just another means of killing american citizens on american soil when OBAMA feels threated for impeachment.. he'll use this to stay in office and rule over us and anyone who is against him and his thugs. he'll say we are terrorist when we don't do as he says

Jason Goodwin
Jason Goodwin 5pts

Eric Holder abdicated his right to enforce the law of the land when he was held in contempt over Operation Fast and Furious.

Scott Leyder
Scott Leyder 5pts

And what is Congress doing about it? So far, not a bloody thing!

Pamela Lobdell
Pamela Lobdell 5pts

When we impeach Obama we can eliminate Holder, both for corruption, stupidity and inciting riots