Nanny State Fascism is OK Says Professor Because You Are Ignorant And Irrational

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People want desperately to think that things are not their fault. If you’re fat because you’ve spent a lifetime drinking Mountain Dew, it’s not your fault. It is society which has failed YOU. Those 2 liters were too easy to buy. The cups at 7-11, too big. You can’t be expected to control yourself, and that is why the people who are smarter than you, you know the government, must save you from yourself.

This is the argument of the attached piece, 3 Cheers for the Nanny State. Why not 3 Cheers for Paternalistic Fascism? Doesn’t sound as good I guess.

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Jim Corcoran
Jim Corcoran 5pts

First ones killed are the ones who helped the masterminds succeed. Can't have any "Truth" going public.

John Avvie Hughes
John Avvie Hughes 5pts

Another example: just yesterday Maui County Mayor Arakawa went all free-market and announced that the county was going to close their recycling centers because plenty of private recyclers have appeared to fill the need. The people have responded by saying that if the county isn't doing it then they just won't recycle any more. An extra 1/2 to 1 mile to drive on a tiny island is just too much effort for their fat lazy asses. You just can't give free will to a population of morons.

John Avvie Hughes
John Avvie Hughes 5pts

We have a fly in the ointment here in your responses...and that is that the people are being saddled with the costs of an individual's bad choices. I live in Hawaii among an ENTIRE CULTURE who actually believe that morbid obesity makes them look like royalty. They eat pure grease, carbs and sugar at EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL. The result is an entire population of morbidly obese adults and children and the rest of us are paying for their health care costs. Unfortunately it's true: people ARE too ignorant to make the right choices. This is why we have smoking bans...even if those people are only harming themselves they're too irresponsible to throw their butts in the trash so they must be legislated against. Prove to me that people as a whole are responsible and intelligent and I'll accept your arguments. As much as I'm all for individual liberty I'm also shown on a daily basis that i and my wife are the ONLY responsible and stewardly people we encounter every day. The rest are selfish, self-centered island-trashing bitches.

John Avvie Hughes
John Avvie Hughes 5pts

Unfortunately we are a small percentage. Most of the people ARE ignorant and irrational. And fyr neocons are elitists also.

Harold Basco
Harold Basco 5pts

Hmmmm, this was the whole argument behind prohibition and the war on drugs...the problem is not that we are born cosmic traitors against our Creator, but x, y, and or z made me the moral wretch I am, it's not some moral failure on my part.

CR Cobb
CR Cobb 5pts

"These are the very types of wicked problems for which we need to find ways of (to quote Garrett Hardin, who I do not quote very often) finding "mutual coercion mutually agreed upon." - comment by a college friend of mine and professor of environmental studies in defense of Nanny Bloomberg

Tim Singleton
Tim Singleton 5pts

Well, there are those who argue that the Constitution no longer applies because it assumes an independent and somewhat informed electorate, not the deliberately dumbed down and willfully malignantly immoral and ignorant citizenry we are faced with today.

Michael Counihan
Michael Counihan 5pts

I believe the appropriate word is "concupiscence." If God left us free to choose,who the hell is Bloomberg?

Phil Pausmer
Phil Pausmer 5pts

"When the government makes loans or subsidies to business, what it does is to tax successful private business in order to support unsuccessful private business." -- Henry Hazlitt

Mike Shotts
Mike Shotts 5pts

he is teaching youre kids dont forget

C.d. Morran
C.d. Morran 5pts

I will think and act for myself, if I f**k up I will take the consequences and Nanny Bloomingturd can suck my crusty a**......

Judith Cook
Judith Cook 5pts

"Corruption of Capitalism leads to Communism"......

Judith Cook
Judith Cook 5pts

What you describe Alan is not pure capitalism, but crony capitalism or crony corporatism. Capitalism actually has very little to do with financial control, but everything to do with individual rights. You are right that an absolute free market has never existed, because the government cannot or will not "let it be".

Louise Richardson
Louise Richardson 5pts

Yes they do. They are "useful idiots" and the first to go when the coup is through, and the dictator is in power. Sarah Connelly is unbelievably ignorant. Every line of her argument is false.

Michael Tonks
Michael Tonks 5pts

@ Alan You had me right up until "Capitalism leads to Communism". This is simply not true, and is in fact the argument that Marx makes in his work, "Das Kapital". CRONY Capitalism, which is moribund capitalism (or as Lenin put it, "capitalism dying, not dead."), can and will lead to Socialism (and in fact that is usually the point). However Capitalism -the right of the individual to privately own and invest his capital- is a necessary condition to freedom and laissez faire. You cannot have the latter without the former.

ClaudioSaavedra 5pts

Are you serious? Don't you see the slippery slope fallacy in your argument?

Perhaps you are not aware that there are studies proving that people have a tendency to overeating when portion sizes are bigger. Also, that larger portion sizes (and hence a larger amount of fats and sugars) increase the probability of becoming addicted to those.

Gary Tedder
Gary Tedder 5pts

Spoken like a true Elitist. Who decides who gets to be on the Elite Team? Do not the Professors get executed soon after the establishment of a Communist and/or Fascist Dictatorship?

Rich Demanowski
Rich Demanowski 5pts

"Nanny state fascism is OK because you are ignorant and irrational" ... hmmm ... seems to me that Plato made that same argument in "The Republic" ... and it's just as wrong now as it was then.

Susan Shultz
Susan Shultz 5pts

think that all liberal marxist professors should be kicked out in order to put educators in that will teach unbiased lessons!

Michael T Buffo
Michael T Buffo 5pts

. . . And the more you call them out on their agenda, the more ignorant and irrational they consider you. Sick bastards. It's all about money and control.

Alan Burton
Alan Burton 5pts

Laissez-faire Laissez-faire is an economic environment in which transactions between private parties are free from tariffs, government subsidies, and enforced monopolies, with only enough government regulations sufficient to protect property rights against theft and aggression. The phrase laissez-faire is French and literally means "let [them] do", but it broadly implies "let it be," "let them do as they will," or "leave it alone". Scholars generally believe a laissez-faire state or a completely free market has never existed. Capitalism Can Only Lead To Communism! Capitalism is financial control over human life! Capitalism without controlled backing of gold creates elite groups which control the middle and lower classes with help from the Federal Reserve System! Our Government of The People, By The People and For The People can still be an excellent government, as long as we put it back into our own hands. Changing a government can be difficult but possible as long as all of the people stick together by continuous voting and writing to their political leaders. Government is controlled by the rich elite who have received their wealth through greed. This is okay, but the rich want to stay in high political positions so they can use the government to maintain their wealth. Only the wealthy can receive these political positions, since they are the only ones who can afford the publicity to get there. Once in a political position, they realize through greed the political decisions they have to make. Greed is human nature and very hard to control when there is a constant access to financial success from the Federal Reserve System. Every time the rich elite want something done, they do not want to use their money. Instead, they think of a problem that needs capital and then pay for it through our government, which in turn ends up back into the hands of the rich. The more problems they create – war, welfare, institutes, prisons, world affairs – means more money the government has to borrow, which creates the deficit. This has to be paid through taxes, which means less pocket cash or printing excess money from the Federal Reserve System, without Gold or Silver backing, which causes inflation. All this money ends up in the hands of the rich through the natural process of business transactions that make the rich richer and the greedy greedier. The rich will control the middle and lower classes because we will all be in debt to these people as long as our government keeps borrowing, taxing or printing our money. This transaction is happening naturally worldwide because debt is the best way to control your fellow man. As soon as all the governments are in debt to the rich, we will be controlled by a World Government, which will make it easier for big business transactions. All mergers will end up with one winner like a Monopoly Game. After all this happens, the only thing left is the Antichrist. Is there any difference between this and Hitler's Communistic State? Capitalism Can Only Lead To Communism! Alan Burton Dieterich, Ill. [email protected]