The Goldman Sachs quant robot has second thoughts

I made this video almost 4 years ago now and just stumbled across it again. It definitely deserves a re-post.  The Liberty and Economics Review was my blog before became what it is today, in case you were wondering.

Sohan Calebephratah
Sohan Calebephratah 5pts

Barely a year removed from the devastation of the 2008 financial crisis, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York faced a crossroads... New York Fed President William Dudley had to answer two questions quickly: Why had his institution blown it, and how could it do better? So he called in an outsider, a Columbia University finance professor named David Beim, and granted him unlimited access to investigate. In exchange, the results were supposed to remain secret.. 2009 08 18 FRBNY Report on Systemic Risk and Bank Supervision Draft

Louis C Carl
Louis C Carl 5pts

Asked a question. If you don't have an answer no need to get pissy about it, just say you don't know the answer. Nood need to be ashamed

John D'oh
John D'oh 5pts

Louis C Carl For your fake outrage...The pathetic reich wing

Louis C Carl
Louis C Carl 5pts

Intelligent issue for the 21st century. - If one aspires to higher office must one's spousal selections be restricted to Waffle House waitresses and Starbucks baristas? - I don't know and I really want to.

Billye Martin
Billye Martin 5pts

This is misleading because republicans give millions in dark money. They give to pacs too. Seiu is a union but guess who likes this union? Haliburton.

Jess M Rodriguez
Jess M Rodriguez 5pts

Now THIS IS a Real Problem!! Going back through ALL presidencies!!! And does need to be addressed... !!

Terence Bell
Terence Bell 5pts

$26 million to government from Goldman to political campaigns 60% to Democrats

Charles Hendry
Charles Hendry 5pts

Ancient banking empire has dupped humanity into thinking we have to have a global financial system that they get to control?

John Wilczewski
John Wilczewski 5pts

wow... prophetic as we see the market breaking all kinds of records while there continue to be no jobs... \;-|