White House says “no set price for access to the president.” (So what is the price?)


I guess it’s a negotiable number.

$500k is just a starting point I imagine.

If you want extras it’s going to cost a little more. They have the basic Rose Garden stroll for the base price. But if you want to play basketball or golf with the president that’s the deluxe package. The premium package includes a stay in the Lincoln bedroom and a sight seeing tour on Marine 1.

(From Real Clear Politics)

CARNEY: The White House sets the President’s schedule. And there is no price to meet with the President. Organizations have fundraising. They raise money and this one has committed to disclosing its fundraising activities. But I would refer you to them for more on that.

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Alison Francis
Alison Francis 5pts

how disgraceful,the white house up for sale,500thousand and above is the price,this is the peoples house and if he wants to give his cronies access to him let him do it somewhere else,not in OUR HOUSE

Alison Francis
Alison Francis 5pts

how disgraceful,the white house for sale 500thou and above its our house,tell him to meet his cronies somewhere else ,but not in OUR HOUSE

John Young
John Young 5pts

So , the n----r admits that he can be bought , sounds like pre-civil war talk to me .

Allan Chapman
Allan Chapman 5pts

The price varies depending on whether your company goes along with the progressive agenda or not.

Mieke Jacobs
Mieke Jacobs 5pts

what does the constitution have to do with election fraud?

Karl Weber
Karl Weber 5pts

How do you have an unpaid tax cut? IOdiot

Steve Mansker
Steve Mansker 5pts

Hey stupid, it's his second term. Try reading the constitution.

Steve Mansker
Steve Mansker 5pts

how many vacation days did bush take? more than 700 in 8 years. if you don't know what you're talking about you run the risk of opening your mouth and looking like a fool. bush ran two unpaid for wars, had an unpaid for tax cut for the wealthy, an unpaid for medicare prescription plan, an unfunded mandate for no child left behind. look up hypocrite in the dictionary, i think it has your picture. moron

Steve Mansker
Steve Mansker 5pts

I'm sure that this president is the ONLY president ever to do this. A little right wing lean, Nick? Phony hypocrisy is still hypocrisy.

Karl Weber
Karl Weber 5pts

Well if you pay Obama you get a tour of the White house but if you are a tax payer they have closed the tours. If the President took one less vacation they could keep the tour guides for ten years or more.

Bill Skvarca
Bill Skvarca 5pts

Selling access for money the hooker and chief!

Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell 5pts

only a fool would spend money like that just to rub against a false fellow like Obama

David Wilson
David Wilson 5pts

The price is you must be an evil Criminal like HIM?!

Gary Griswold
Gary Griswold 5pts

I don't care if it's a nickel. It's just wrong. Impeach the despot.

Bobbie Ryan
Bobbie Ryan 5pts

Sell your soul to the devil and get what you deserve

Ron Watson
Ron Watson 5pts

When it comes to bribes I always prefer to pay just whatever feels right rather than any set amount.

Carole Christoferson
Carole Christoferson 5pts

Unbelievable! What are extras? He juggles, sings and dances! He does that everyday! Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free! Except we pay for the milk and he took our cow!

Chris Bliss
Chris Bliss 5pts

So, does this mean I can just show up, sign the guest list and be promptly granted a meeting with BHO?

Arretha Calhoun DeLoach
Arretha Calhoun DeLoach 5pts

OBAMA IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. He is making millions while this Nation is drowning in debt. PS..do you think he reports this money for tax purposes? OHHH...stop laughing

Brian Harmon
Brian Harmon 5pts

probably makes a difference if your a democrat or republican

Christina Kammerer
Christina Kammerer 5pts

Couldn't they just say "market price" like all the other low-class establishments?

Nancy Luckhurst
Nancy Luckhurst 5pts

yea there isn't any "set" price. That must mean it is negotiable. Always remember the advice an attorney gave me one day. "WORDS MEAN SOMETHING"

Tom Canaday
Tom Canaday 5pts

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.