All you need to know about how the Federal Reserve works, in one picture

About sums it up.

Fed works cc

Lester Prosser Jr
Lester Prosser Jr 5pts

Lorenzo, that has been tried before and it didn't work. The idea is to LEARN from history.

Lorenzo Sharp
Lorenzo Sharp 5pts

i wouldnt end the fed, instead i would end the monopoly on currencies allowing other banks to print their own currency open the market to more competition.

Ben Calvin
Ben Calvin 5pts

if someone invested some heavy funds into security at a quantum level. bit coin would work

Carol Rea
Carol Rea 5pts

audit the fed, then...get rid of it.....

VicSmith 5pts

Only a banker could come up with this definition of banking..... Ho. Ho. Ho.!!

Nathan D. Linn
Nathan D. Linn 5pts

*Almost* a good analogy... In order for it to be fully accurate, when the bank runs out of money it would need to take a percentage from all other players' earnings.

Bill Colias
Bill Colias 5pts

I'm sure Milton Bradley copied that rule from one of the operating manuals for the Federal Reserve.