Another Loss For Freedom At the Hands Of the Republicans, CISPA Passed the House

cispa cc

Congratulations America, the Republican controlled House of Representatives just passed CISPA, which will allow private companies to share your personal online information with the government with no worry of legal liability. If AT&T shares your medical records with Uncle Sam, well that’s too bad. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Now it goes to the Senate, where McCain, and Schumer are waiting to send it to the president for signature. Obama has indicated that he might veto, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Soon the government (in theory) will be able to follow your web browsing (with help from private industry) without so much as a warrant.

Land of the free and home of the brave.

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Blueneonkid 5pts


Seriously..... FUCK those fucking ASSHOLicans. taking away our MOTHERFUCKING Freedom. Fuck..... I cuss a fucking lot.......THEY CAN EAT MY ASS and Finish it off with my BALLS and For a drink with their meal is a Mixture of my bloody piss, semen and blood. fuck THOSE 200 some REASSICANS who voted for CISPISS. RAGE out.

George Parigian Jr.
George Parigian Jr. 5pts

Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for passing this BS, which no doubt Obama will sign!

Susan Ebrill
Susan Ebrill 5pts

Nope - it does not "allow". It "compels these companies to offer up your information, and because of this, there is no threat of litigation regarding promises of privacy with customers. The companies and corporations are pissed as hell

Susan Ebrill
Susan Ebrill 5pts

The big gang of eight definitely voted for this!!!! And, they sold the amendments that would have protected some of our privacy, right down the drain before it even got to the floor.

Les Jones
Les Jones 5pts

asa would say. They can hiss my asp

John Terry
John Terry 5pts

Well, that's just the House. Let's hope the Senate has a few more brain cells, huh?

Bucky Woods
Bucky Woods 5pts

i'm sure 1% of people, plus 545, will not be affected by this 'cuz they're are above it.

Bucky Woods
Bucky Woods 5pts

about 70% of that stored info will end up being cat videos and memes. we should go nuts and fill it with that junk.

Gary Robinson Sr
Gary Robinson Sr 5pts

Be nice if someone were to define the term CISPA before condemning it.

Dennis Cooper
Dennis Cooper 5pts

This will haunt every citizen. We are sliding down that "slippery slope".

Susan Ebrill
Susan Ebrill 5pts

Obama is not going to veto this since he has just finished building that new facility in Utah that is large enough to hold our emails, twitters, facebook comments, phone conversations, and much, much more for many, many years to come.

John Richardson
John Richardson 5pts

Anyone who thinks the Republicans are pro-liberty must have been dozing through the past five decades of pro-drug-war, pro-prison, pro-military build up, pro religious meddling, anti free speech Republican policies.

Kat Smith
Kat Smith 5pts

Yup, both sides suck our rights away. Remember Iceland!!

Vince Niemetz
Vince Niemetz 5pts

Stop supporting the establishment's hand picked candidates like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They just want to protect their positions.

Lou Smallwood
Lou Smallwood 5pts

Will you give us the roll call on this vote please? I want to know who voted for it.

Michael Burton
Michael Burton 5pts

Whether dems or reps, ruling class remains worthless and clueless!

Jared Martin
Jared Martin 5pts

I just wish there were more (any) D's on the side of liberty. Baucus, Begich and Pryor are starting to show cracks, but I'm not convinced.

Lala Sofia Castellanos
Lala Sofia Castellanos 5pts

Right is right even if no one does it, and wrong is wrong even if everyone does it. - R S

Nick Berry
Nick Berry 5pts

Anyone who thinks this is left vs right is completely wrong. The democrats in the Senate can't wait to vote yes on this legislation.

Shaun Thorsted
Shaun Thorsted 5pts

Someone needs to get this stuff up on Reddit, fast...

Michael Gillman
Michael Gillman 5pts

libtards and the rinos are all brain dead,out for themselves and should be tossed into prison and then executed!

Shawn W Janke
Shawn W Janke 5pts

Didn't odummer claim he would veto it anyway, not that I believe a word that spews out of his pie hole.

Darren Pollok
Darren Pollok 5pts

Yes, both sides are corrupt. Folks, it's time to clean house. We must all get more involved in elections. Get to know each and every candidate. Don't accept political ads and hearsay as information. Please, our Constitution is on life-support.

Penny Hulsey McClure
Penny Hulsey McClure 5pts

Both sides, no real differents, all they want is all our freedom. What do we do? We look like those bobball head dolls!! Sheep that follow, open your eyes America!

Glenn David Barres
Glenn David Barres 5pts

Please show me where CISPA "forces" companies to share information with anyone let alone the government. Last I checked it only "allowed" companies to share the information with each other.

Linda Mitchell
Linda Mitchell 5pts

This should be against the law, they make up all this crap and get together and make it law. What about what the people want, like privacy???

J Angeles
J Angeles 5pts

Bet if it included guns that thing would be shot down quicker than a North Korean MiG, buzzing Kadena AFB.

Bill R Russo
Bill R Russo 5pts

Can we get past the blame game. Both sides of the aisle are just as bs.

Margie Hoover Imhof
Margie Hoover Imhof 5pts

Do you people REALLY think censorship is all we're losing right now? Idiots! Your government could give a rats ass about you. Our freedoms are being stripped from us so that we can be oppressed and taken out of the way for the NWO to advance. And here's a news flash for you... it's got nothing to do with partisanship anymore. Democrats in government, Republicans in government...they're all owned by elitists who want world domination and population control. Poison in our food water air, vaccinations for our children. You blind blind stupid people. May GOD forgive you.

Phil Pausmer
Phil Pausmer 5pts

Up is now down and lies are now truth on Obuma's Planet Liberal.