Should the Government Be Able To Follow Your Internet Browsing and Have Access to Your Internet History Without a Warrant? CISPA’s Back!

Ben franklin

CISPA just passed a closed door vote of the House Intelligence Committee 18 to 2.

In 2012, the Internet community rose up in opposition to this bill, irritating many members of Congress. As we said last year, the powers that be were going to come back again to try to get it passed. And so they have.

Washington wants to be able to put the lock down on the last free place in the world, the Internet, and eradicate any sense of Internet privacy if it can. It looks like we must fight them back again.

Ricky Hon
Ricky Hon 5pts

If you put it out there, their going to get it.!!!!!

Diana Reid
Diana Reid 5pts

What's next them standing at our mail boxes taking our mail.

Shane Oswald
Shane Oswald 5pts

no. but too many complacent idiots will allow it to happen.

Bonnie Thomas
Bonnie Thomas 5pts

No, but they probably snop about like they do on phones if certain words are said

John Hagerty
John Hagerty 5pts

HELL NO, but I have actually heard constitutional scholars on both side say there is no right to privacy in the constitution. It is especially argued by conservatives who opposed Roe v Wade. Don't believe itis only thedems who want to know everything. Both wings of the republicrat party do. But the 4th amendment would probably prohibit it. All the businesses get to see everything anyway.

Scott P Bienvenu
Scott P Bienvenu 5pts

the only thing the govt should have is a record of a person's birth in this country. thats it, nothing else.

Don Turco
Don Turco 5pts

Each Person retains sole domain, custody, control and ownership of their own Person, Body, Mind, Property and Health Care. Neither Congress or The various States shall infringe this right.

Roger Snell
Roger Snell 5pts

Let me think... HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beverly Schoen-Peterson
Beverly Schoen-Peterson 5pts

I suppose we'll all be Droned and the selected ones will have their Internet accessed. SAD, and is this all that the gov't. has to do? Don't we have enough problems? If they'd close the borders they wouldn't have to be doing this in the first place. DAH.....

Levi Dabney
Levi Dabney 5pts

NO!!! They need to leave us the hell alone!!!!!

Cody Hays
Cody Hays 5pts

next ull have to tell them what underwear you have on fuck no

Brian JE Pinnegar
Brian JE Pinnegar 5pts

Go ahead and do it. But...what does it matter if he's Muslim? You talk as if that matters.

John Newton
John Newton 5pts

Doesn't matter, if they have the ability, they will use it for whatever means they feel like. When you give an inch, they will take a mile.

Brian K. Charles
Brian K. Charles 5pts

No. It would be a waste of time and money, as well as an invasion of my privacy.

Kent A. Lang
Kent A. Lang 5pts

Should they be able to read the letters in my mailbox?

Lois Horn Smith
Lois Horn Smith 5pts

I will give it strong consideration only if I get to see Mr. Presidents closed school records and open up the sealed fast and furious file and the Beganzi cover up. And last but not least lift the now close White House Tours to the Citizens of the USA,

Lito Philippe Sanchez
Lito Philippe Sanchez 5pts

violation of privacy! that is 1000% unconstitutional and an idea that foreshadows a tyranny.

Eileen Seel
Eileen Seel 5pts

I don't need big brother looking at the boring details of my days.