Twinkies Coming Back, But This Time Union Free.


If I bought Hostess I would want absolutely nothing to do with the myriad of unions which took the original company down. The AFL-CIO has threatened any new owners of Hostess with a boycott if the new company goes union free.

Let them do it. My bet is that when Twinkies find their way back onto supermarket shelves people will buy them by the case.

Me 5pts

A Union is simply a group of people (workers)  who engage in collective bargaining for their mutual profitability. 

A corporation is simply a group of people (investors) engaged in collective bargaining for their mutual profitability.

Promoting one while disparaging the other is a sure sign of an inability to think critically.

So lets's go ahead and get rid of the unions starting with Hostess, McDonalds, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Siemens, Phillips, Pfizer, etc,..etc.

Stephen Beying
Stephen Beying 5pts

I knew there was a reason I never ate this crap!

Walt Weller
Walt Weller 5pts

will union free make theem taste better ??

MikeHutchison 5pts

People in this country would do well to actually do some research before mouthing off about how evil unions are. There are unions for a very good reason. That being said, the unions themselves would also benefit from a long hard look in the mirror. The unions themselves are their own worst enemy. The Country Club Mentality needs to go, before unions find themselves a thing of the past. If that happens, all the Anti-union blowhards will get themselves a good dose of what brought unions into existence in the first place, but in general isn't really good for the workers in this country. When a company treats their workers like humans instead of production cattle, there is NEVER any union talk, nor is there ever a chance a union will be voted in. Why? Because people want to be treated with dignity plain and simple, it's up to the employer whether that happens through their own initiative or thru a union.

Jim Smith
Jim Smith 5pts

Wouldnt buy this crap to begin with!

Piotr Suchocki
Piotr Suchocki 5pts

I can sleep pretty darn well actually Brian, thanks for looking out for my well being haha

Jay Mastrud
Jay Mastrud 5pts

Now if they only use real cane sugar and aluminum foil wrappers for HO-HO's and Ding-Dongs like back in the day instead of HFCS & cellophane, then they will really be Back in the Black. ;)

Piotr Suchocki
Piotr Suchocki 5pts

I love it how pro-unioners on this page only believe a company can pay their employees well if there are unions involved, as if there are not a lot of companies who pay their employees well.

Brian JE Pinnegar
Brian JE Pinnegar 5pts

Tar and feather all failing CEOs. Problem solved. Let's start with you.

Brian JE Pinnegar
Brian JE Pinnegar 5pts

Proof that "RTW" is all about busting unions. Hope you can sleep at night you bald scab bastard.

Roy Merritt
Roy Merritt 5pts

Unions took no body down, the Vulture Capitalist that bought out Hostess took it down, the Unions gave back until it couldn't give back any more. This site is turning into a Koch Brothers mouth piece.

L.f. Kukoleck
L.f. Kukoleck 5pts

hostess went 'belly-up' & sold twinkies to another company

Sue Suhling
Sue Suhling 5pts

It is because of the unions that the non union workers make a decent wage...

Ric Cochran
Ric Cochran 5pts

I have nothing personally against union workers. They just clearly overplayed their hand in the case of Twinkies. Make no mistake, management failed, too, and both were replaced.

Joe Herkert
Joe Herkert 5pts

for an editpr you are very short on facts . the unions did evrything to save the company and jobs ! ceo raises and using union pension ,bad management , and terrible leadership by managemewinkee to go under . publish the facts ,not corporate phoney bs .

Michael Martin
Michael Martin 5pts

@Michael, I never understood why people think the minute you belong to a nonunion place of employment you’ll automatically become deemed as a low wage worker, this kinda makes me laugh. I live in MI the home of the “UAW” and I know many people working in nonunion shops doing just fine in BOTH pay and benefits( not to mention they get raises based on performance and NOT tenure..Imagine that). There both pro and cons to both, but neither are perfect .

Gary Brownlee
Gary Brownlee 5pts

WHEN A CEO makes enough money in one year to finance a union contract for three years and still has enough for him and his family to live on comfortably,and the ceo insists the union workers take a pay cut and or disolve the union and the place closes down the problem is with the management not the union

Jeff Roland
Jeff Roland 5pts

I believe( my opinion) that we would be better off without unions these days. There was a time of need but not today except as a political war chest(money) for their politicians.

Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis 5pts

Cost of living is less in the RtW states check the numbers.

Terry Lowe
Terry Lowe 5pts

They will just taste better, knowing they wern't made bu Union Pukes.

Ovid J Osborn
Ovid J Osborn 5pts

SO WHAT!!!!! Tastycake rules Twinkies are for corpration losers.

Michael Bell
Michael Bell 5pts

Sorry Ben...that argument is about the weakest you can throw out...I live in a right to work state and it hasn't happened the federal minimum wage also protects that...unions served a useful purpose when started because of the abuse...they've outlived there usefulness...and if they are so good why is it that in right to work states the economy is better and there's less unemployment?

Brian JE Pinnegar
Brian JE Pinnegar 5pts

how does someone make use of the legal system when they get paid crap? think!

Brian JE Pinnegar
Brian JE Pinnegar 5pts

Bull! Management negotiated contracts. Then they gave themselves giant pay raises. Is your wild claim the result of "Austrian economics"?

Brian JE Pinnegar
Brian JE Pinnegar 5pts

I'm so sick of hearing about "Austrian economics"! How's the Austrian economy?

Nathan Downing Phenicie
Nathan Downing Phenicie 5pts

Deleting this site from my newsfeed for being anti-union. America can't afford to eat our own and drive our own wages down in a race to the bottom!

Sali Perry
Sali Perry 5pts

The unions do not write their contracts independently -- they are a negotiation with management. Both parties agree to them. For anyone who works for someone else to be against a union is like kicking yourself in the teeth.

Thomas Mrak
Thomas Mrak 5pts

Rand believed that using force against anyone to get your way instead of peacefully negotiating for mutual benefit to be wrong. But since many who believe in the principles America was founded upon find the welfare state or subsidies to private companies to be immoral because they are only possible if money is taken from one person to give to another by FORCE and not by choice, we're automatically labelled as monsters who care nothing for our fellow human beings. Nothing could be further from reality. To write off all business people and entrepreneurs as "evil" because we only hear about the ones who mistreat people is wrong, and believe that every single employee is "exploited" is wrong. Employment is voluntary, and like any other relationship adults enter into, is usually open to negotiation or termination as both parties see fit. Yes, people DO hurt other people sometimes, but that's why we have a legal system- to help people settle disputes when they can't rationally. Lifetime success and comfort are not rights. No one DESERVES a job for life because they exist, and companies don't DESERVE profits because they exist. People must provide some sort of value to one another. No one is guaranteed a long career just as much as business people aren't guaranteed a profit. You are suggesting that no one is allowed to change the terms of their relationship with one another, and that entrepreneurs deserve no rights or say in how their own businesses are run. Read about Austrian economics sometime, and stop blaming the "evil rich people" for why there are so many problems. If you don't like something, you are free to do something about it or you don't. If you do nothing but complain, you're be a victim. I've been through a lot of suffering and been mistreated, but it's not an excuse to do nothing about improving your life. I do care a great deal about other people, wanting people to be free

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

I do too, Carol. The idea that people should be able to make a decent living actually WORKING is abhorrent. The rewards should go to the banksters, the Bilderbergs and the CEOs. If you weren't born into money, screw you. But if you can get rich gambling with other peoples' money--preferably the pensions of the poor schmucks who actually did productive work--hey, one hand washes the other.

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

Yay, let's all work 60 hours a week for two bucks an hour! All HEIL the wealthy elite!

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

Hey, the "Against Crony Capitalism" crowd probably creamed when they read that. Nothing is too good for the CEOs and banksters, but screw the common man.

pitdoug1998 5pts

@MikeHutchisonUnions are by and large finished, going the way of the buggy whip industry. They have sent many formerly 'American Made' industries along with crushing regulations and the highest corporate taxes in the 1st world government universe FLEEING to friendlier business climes all over the globe. We have businesses heading north to socialist Canada to get some friggin' relief! Toyota kicks GM and Mopar's a$$es because they can build a Camry with quality metals, plastics and rubbers for about 20-25$ less an hour. And why is California 190$ BILLION in the red? Union pensions and per capita Illinois is worse, much, MUCH worse. Hell just the top 100 Illinois school administrators alone will be owed approximately $887 million. An administrator named "Gary," he can retire if he wishes — he’s making $306,000. He'll end up making over $9.2 million during his retirement. How can you pay for this?

People in this country would do well to actually do some research before mouthing off about how evil unions are."

So the 1st Amendment Rights of folks that see through the big union scams and schemes makes us 'mouthing off blowhards'? I thought you libs were 'pro-choice'? Oh that's only within the realm of slaughtering unborn Americans and dudes spoonin' with dudes? I see clearly now........

"All government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service."~~ FDR 'King of American Socialism'

"Remember Pana"

pitdoug1998 5pts

@Roy Merritt "This site is turning into a Koch Brothers mouth piece."

WHO-RAY! Who're you a 'mouth-piece' for?

Polly wanna' cracker......

Hey sir Matt Liar called and said you missed this mornings gay NBA player talking points for the damn day! 

To much Mad-Dog 20/20 with your EPT card last night?

pitdoug1998 5pts

@Sue Suhling That's silly. it's because you cannot find good workers for peanuts ma'am. If you owned a small biz you'd understand. 

Why does Nissan make a better car than GM, Ford or Mopar? 

The employees have run off UAW a$$es more then once. GM and Mopar will fall again!

MikeHutchison 5pts

@David Wilson Bangladesh has booming employment and no unions. What are you waiting for?

restlessnative 5pts

@pitdoug1998 @MikeHutchisonangry and uninformed much? Your facts about Toyota vs. American automakers are utterly wrong by the way, and suggesting that someone 'do some research' is hardly limiting your 1st amendment rights.  Perhaps you should focus your anger on the previous Hostess corporate management who were illegally raiding company money, to include pension funds, before you blame the unions involved, but that would involve doing some apparently non free speech research...

pitdoug1998 5pts

EPT meaning:

 'Eveybody Party on the Taxpayers'........

restlessnative 5pts

@pitdoug1998 wrong again, sir, with your economic analysis AND your attack on her comment; its true and easily verifiable if you'd check the history of labor rights in America (feel free to do that after your 5 day're welcome)