Who Voted For CISPA and Who Didn’t, The Roll Call Vote.

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Thanks Joe Reppert for the link.

The vote results can be seen HERE.

*If your Congressperson voted yay or nay, send them an email telling them what you think. I promise you this matters. Then unload on your senators.

Margaret Levine
Margaret Levine 5pts

Those Congressmen & Senators who voted for CISPA; U. S. citizens vote them out of office!

schultz812 5pts

It has become obvious with this vote that the GOP is the party of fascism - the enemy of the people.  Anybody that throws this information to the side and yet still votes for these people are simply worshipers of the state.  

Considering Rep. Lamborn (CO) (including both Republican Kings) love of the military, for nothing other than the fact that he has major military facilities in his district, with his vote, is an indicator that this is a military endeavor.  Thus, the irony of the conservatives wanting more war  by voting these people into office yet decrying drones over America.  Mr. Lamborn takes large amounts of donations from military contractors, specifically, ones that build drones.  He was, also, the one that shocked the Pentagon officials by declaring that North Korea has nukes when in reality nobody knows for sure.  This is where his heart is - he would send our young and kill foreign peoples just to keep his friends happy and himself in power.  

Allen Liebing
Allen Liebing 5pts

I thought the GOP was for "small government"??

Darl Turner
Darl Turner 5pts

Indiana's Walorski needs to be shown the door.

Corey Bigdog Wilkins
Corey Bigdog Wilkins 5pts

Three out of four of my representatives voted for it, and the fourth was too much of a coward to vote either way.

Peter Heffner
Peter Heffner 5pts

Time to remember why there are 13 loops in a noose.

Shawn Eng
Shawn Eng 5pts

I sent this to my Congressman: Thank you for your Yea vote on H.R. 624: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, Representative Grimm. I look forward to the day the FBI combs through years of your past e-mails without a warrant and finds something incriminating.

Sean Isbehindyou
Sean Isbehindyou 5pts

No surprise to see Lamar Smith on there. So glad Castro decided to say Nay. Props to him!

Susan Ebrill
Susan Ebrill 5pts

Did the Republicans just have a major BRAIN FART? Or did they forget their brains at home today? Damn incompetents

Michael Fett
Michael Fett 5pts

You hear the drug czar is talkin about goin against the will of the people in CO. and WA. on their state decriminalization?

Sue Davis
Sue Davis 5pts

Sorry to see Andy Barr of KY voted for this. It's like Ben Chandler hasn't left after all.....

Budd Williamson
Budd Williamson 5pts

At least MY Congressman knows what the Constitution is, and we're in California! Thank you Tom McClintock.

Michael Fett
Michael Fett 5pts

You notice this story won't show up on the newsfeed?