Big (Soda) Business Loves Big Government, An independent soda retailer explains why Coke and Pepsi have no place in his store.

Galcos cc

This guy might be my new hero. His name is John Nese and he owns Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles. He embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. Obviously independent, customer centered, providing a valued product, his personality is as effervescent as the drinks he sells, he’s just a cool guy.

Why is the recycling requirement for plastic soda bottles actually environmentally unfriendly? Why does one only see Coke and Pepsi products on the shelves of supermarkets? Why is corn syrup used in American soda instead of cane sugar? John explains.

The video is a bit long but it’s worth it. I promise this guy will brighten your day. Plus you’ll learn some interesting stuff about soda. Who knew there was a soft drink made from rose petals?

Lake Writes
Lake Writes 5pts

Coca Cola's head CEO, the president of the company is Muslim! I no longer purchase their products!

CaseyStott 5pts

Imagine how many more cool shops would be out there and imagine how much further this guy could take his business without the restrictions of the state. It's too bad he lives in one of the least economically free states, but it's even more sad that the United States as a country has fallen from 2nd most economically free in 2001 to presently 18th on the list..... and falling. Big government is bad for business, I don't know why people don't get that.

Bill R Russo
Bill R Russo 5pts

To me not only is it about reuse of glass bottles, but REAL sodas. Soda made from real ingredients obviously would be better for you then the nasty ass coke and pepsi garbage. Obviously you still don't want to drink mass quantities, but still more of these is better then more of them. People are almost always gonna want a soda!

SoquelCreek 5pts

Interesting!  Strangely, Coca Cola and PepsiCo spent a combined $3.7 MILLION to raise taxes on Californians by supporting Proposition 30.

What did Californian's get out of it?

* California now has the nation's highest state sales tax rate.

* California now that the nation's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, & 7th highest state marginal income tax rates.

Thank You Proposition 30 Supporters!

Jennifer Prell
Jennifer Prell 5pts

Oh for the love of pete (as grandma used to say) fill anything with the cheapest substitute possible to increase corporate profits and market the crap out of it so people consume vast quantities and of course it is bad for you. Moderation in all things is the old saying. When you go off the deep end in any one direction then you have a problem. Once upon a time we went from worrying about Anorexia and Bulimia to now having "Food Purity" eating disorders being the most common. As someone who used to suffer from one, no matter what kind you have, it still means your crazy. I think the guy is wonderful and I am really not a soda drinker in any significant quantity.

Joshua Barnard
Joshua Barnard 5pts

Coke and Pepsi among other processed food giants are corporate sponsors for the American Dietetic Association. They are all in bed together.

Lauren Huppler
Lauren Huppler 5pts

As opposed to propaganda from the GMO corn industry? What do you think most HFCs are made from?

Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson 5pts

nasty drinks you can have all that crap for yourself ... fuckin rat poison ....

Eric White
Eric White 5pts

did you know that coke and pepsi charge retailers over $20 a case for 20 oz bottles? When food stamps were introduced you could buy juice but not drinks. Within about 6 months you could buy pop and pay the deposit on the bottles

Robert Hoff
Robert Hoff 5pts, more propaganda from the Processed Sugar industry...they will say anything to keep their monopoly...