European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government (Not a joke.)

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All plants, all seeds, and even gardeners in the EU may soon have to be registered with the bureaucrats in Brussels. Truly, is Europe just going collectively insane? Everything about the place is going haywire. But this new possible law is breathtaking in its bold stupidity.

The paper pushers are going wild. No one in leadership on the Continent seems to have any common sense anymore. The only thing these guys know how to do is tax stuff and generally make a mess of the economy and social systems. I guess that’s better than their grandparents who really knew how to throw a fascist party. But give the EU guys some time. They’re still learning.

If this law passes it will literally be a crime in Europe to plant an unregistered tomato seed in the ground. * The power to feed oneself will be in the hands of the state. Now that is a scary prospect.

(From Natural News)

A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”

It’s called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, and it attempts to put the government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.

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*Update: Right now, because of back lash the original bill has been amended according to Natural News and currently excludes home gardeners. If one lives in Nice and plants a tomato in one’s back yard one WILL NOT go to jail. However at least a few have fears that this will not remain the case. Regardless, commercial scale or not, this is a dangerous step.

tz1 5pts

You mention Monsanto in the list of topics, but this might be more serious.

So if someone smuggles a GM seed into Europe and plants it in their garden, and the bees do their thing, the genes now contaminate the European genome.

Not that I trust Brussels to control sprouts.  This is two wrongs not making a right.  Only that with the USA trying to control the planting in a similar fashion (Oh, you thought those were organic plants, you owe Monsato $$$ because they have the patented gene), I can see why they woudl be defensive.

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

and how exactly is this to be enforced?

Emerson White
Emerson White 5pts

I am so fucking embarrassed that I posted this along without reading the article and seeing the source.

Hughleen Preslar
Hughleen Preslar 5pts

When one can not justify their stand they ridicule and seek to defame those telling the truth. WND supplies all manner of documentation for validation on all their reports. Do not know that much about NaturalNews.

Ricky Evans
Ricky Evans 5pts

I thought they had more important issues!

schultz812 5pts

OK I just had to post this.  This is how silly this will get.  I had to laugh.  As if they were God giving out numerous commands and laws to Moses in the OT.  They determine what is fair market quality for stem cuttings.  Yes, because people can't figure out what they should pay for a stem cutting or what is good quality.  

In Annex XI (page 117):


Requirements to be met by parts of plants of the species and artificial hybrids listed in Annex IX .  Parts of plants of the species and artificial hybrids listed in Annex IX shall be of fair marketable quality. Fair marketable quality shall be determined by reference to general characteristics, health and appropriate size. In the case of Populus spp. it may be stated that the additional requirements set out in Part C are met.


Requirements for external quality standards for Populus spp. propagated by stem cuttings or sets. 

1. Stem cuttings 

a. Stem cuttings shall not be considered to be of fair marketable quality, within 

the meaning of Part B, if any of the following defects exist: 

(i) their wood is more than two years old; 

(ii) they have less than two well formed buds; 

(iii) they are affected by necroses; 

(iv) they show signs of desiccation, overheating, mould or decay. 

b. Minimum dimensions for stem cuttings 

- minimum length: 20 cm, 

- minimum top diameter: Class EC 1: 8 mm; Class EC 2: 10 mm.

schultz812 5pts

You don't have to get far within the bill to see the true nature.  I guess they figured either everybody that read it will agree with it while everybody else won't read it.  Within the Explanatory Memorandum (beginning at page 2), it's filled with reasons as to why this legislation is needed, such as "greening" the product, making the market level out for the professional operators, and make product control easier for "competent" authorities of Member States.  (Quotes point out the irony.)

The word "sustainable" comes up:  ""Sustainable intensification" and greening of food crop production, in which yields EN 3 EN are increased without adverse environmental impact and without the cultivation of more land, have become a central concern."

For the sake of "Security":  "In the past years, agricultural policy in the EU has come to be seen as strategically important for food security and safety, the nutritional value of food, the environment, biodiversity and climate change."

Leveling the playing field:  Because the current fragmented laws and regulations, "This creates an uneven playing field for professional operators on the single market. There is a need to harmonise implementation of the legislation, reduce cost and administrative burdens and support innovation."  Uneven playing field for who?  The state doesn't support innovation; it can't produce innovation through legislation, but try they will.  This EU thinks it's to maintain order over the market.  Since that is the case, and that the market is based on individuals making decisions, then how much more is the EU over the People?  

Just in case if you think this will harm or do real regulations against or keep major corporations in check: 

"On 18 March 2009 an open conference "Ensuring Seed Availability in the 21st Century" was organised to present and discuss the evaluation results with different stakeholders. Finally, a webbased stakeholder survey using an “Interactive Policy Making” (IPM) questionnaire to collect comments on an "Options and Analysis" paper was organised from 19 April to 30 May 2011. It yielded 257 responses from a very wide range of stakeholder groups."

"The main objective of the consultations was to seek views on the provisions and application of existing legislation and the needs for change."

Why are stakeholders involve in the legislative process?  I haven't been able to read all of the bill, but I don't think regular people had a say in this.

Again, if you think major corporations will be checked by government regulations and laws:  "Maintaining the general principles of the current legislation – especially the procedures for the registration of varieties and the pre-marketing certification of seed lots – was strongly supported by a majority of stakeholders."  

If it's only going to keep in check the major corporations or make things legislatively simpler and not effect individuals such as home gardeners and exchangers, then why have the bill mention how it must create innovation and better security and safety? 

Jennifer Prell
Jennifer Prell 5pts

I am ok with not following unjust and cruel laws and the consequences that go with it. It is a decision we all have to make.

Donald Chovan
Donald Chovan 5pts

I this what America is going to turn into,under Obama

Jo Anne Buchanan
Jo Anne Buchanan 5pts

The seeds from the U.S. may be genetically modified. That's better? I don't think so!!!

Turtle Rick Watson
Turtle Rick Watson 5pts

how a bout a source, like the Rev says? I have heard this about Monsanto, and I have heard that EU is fighting all the modified seed stuff--looks fishy

Gary Graham
Gary Graham 5pts

What happens if they want to plant a garden?

Keith Godat
Keith Godat 5pts

Sounds like our Governments ties with Monsanto!

Fred Timmons
Fred Timmons 5pts

No to chick peas, yes to marijuana...what a world it will be!

Susanm Timmons
Susanm Timmons 5pts

It isn't far fetched to me, every tree in German forests are named and numbered. That is what I've been told by Germans during several different times there. It has been done for a long time folks nothing new in the pew. To add to that, it is how they came to the conclusion that the Black Forest is dying off.

Fred Timmons
Fred Timmons 5pts

Well, sadly, you know how "Progressive" thinkers (generally) just idolize anything Europe does...

James Tyree
James Tyree 5pts

we'll stop obeying laws when they get this bad.

Belell Kaeh
Belell Kaeh 5pts

what are you in for?.......Rape what about you?........murder and you?........tomatos and green beans

Edge of Chaos
Edge of Chaos 5pts

They should call the DEA for some evidence-based advice. Ask them how well banning just one plant is working out. -Toxin

Don Sykes
Don Sykes 5pts

What???Sounds like Air and Water will be next....

Chris Matthes
Chris Matthes 5pts

I'M thinkin this would be an excellent retort to the Monsanto Protection Act - guessing the GMO god will not be able to endanger UK with it's monsters...

Tom Miller
Tom Miller 5pts

Are we going to trend into a facsimile of this type of government. We have to wise up fast.

Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones 5pts

so you cannot replant Grandmas Tomatos unless its registered... food control!!! this is not anti-monsanto.

Mo Ni Ca
Mo Ni Ca 5pts

who do these people think they are? I've heard about this for about 10 yrs and guess they are just given the right of way

Hughleen Preslar
Hughleen Preslar 5pts

Actually our USDA has been talking about this because some say, regulation is a way to "safeguard to ensure seeds are not contaminated" in plain language - they are struggling for some excuse to justify controlling the food supply so as to control the people.

Alan Clontz
Alan Clontz 5pts

Lord knows there are plenty of bad seeds over there.

Glenn Wychryst
Glenn Wychryst 5pts

NOW is REALLY the time to throw the bastards out and revolt for BS like this. That is just flat our retarded tyranny!!

Charles E. Woods II
Charles E. Woods II 5pts

In the US, seed packs already have thing called a "UPC" code that was of government regulation; so how is this something that I should use up time reading?

Bill Peters
Bill Peters 5pts

It is coming here too...part of the Agenda 21 implementation actually.

Willard W. Olson
Willard W. Olson 5pts

This is what happens when left wing enviro-hippies are taken seriously. The Europeans can't blame Moslems or Jews for this kind of idiocy.

Monica Palitieu
Monica Palitieu 5pts

@Jonathan Byron   "persons other than professional operators" are the excluded parties. So what that means is that if you make your living from HOME-growing HOME-vegetables, the law applies to you. Good luck proving to the government that you are not a "professinal operator" if you sell vegetables...  Basically, if I understand correctly, if you grow vegetables, not only do you need to pay taxes to sell them in the local corner market, you can't just grow and sell whatever vegetables you like. That is an incredible intrusion of government regulating power in a private citizen's life AND another way to collect and spend the people's money.

schultz812 5pts

@Jonathan Byron

The law is huge so I haven't yet had time to read all of it.  However, considering fascist governments' history, most likely it's pertaining to companies that produce seeds and food.  It's easier to control this way, as even the law states, "The traceability of any plant reproductive material is ensured by the obligation for the professional operators to have information one step before and one step after their commercial activities."  Though I don't know how they'll ensure the professional operators to maintain their jobs without messing up.  Like an employer they're telling companies and workers that they need to do this or their will be consequences.  The law reads like a company's mission statement and policy, yet it's not any company that's writing it.  Well, maybe it is.  

Usually, these laws benefit the few and powerful that have connections within government.  Hence, why Mr. Sorrentino stated fascism.  They're not so much wanting to control individual households firsthand, but control and limit their competitors, which in the long run controls the individual households. Who else are customers going to buy from?  I would be interested to know which companies support this law - and there are companies that support this.  

In the United States, we have anti-drug laws, and yes, this can be compared to the drug laws as well.  So, the next step for the EU would be to control the individual and independent companies that go outside the law, and there will be folks who do this just like drug runners and makers in the U.S.  When the smaller seed companies realize they can't make a living or folks don't want to be fed what the government is feeding them, people will start their own underground (black) market network for seeds and food.  Then, the EU will declare a war on "dangerous" seeds, and start going after individual home gardeners and exchangers just like the U.S. government with drug makers.  Whenever you make a demand illegal, you create an underground and even criminal activities out of desperation.

The multiple page written law is multiple pages for a reason.  It's to look as if they're only going to go after major companies when in reality it's for the major companies.  They do this all the time in the U.S. government.  Most times congress doesn't even read the legislation.  They do what they're told and pass the bill.