Pro wrestler Kane, may run for Senate, Big fan of libertarian economics

Kane cc

I was never one for pro-wrestling. I have to admit that I have never found any entertainment in it. But I have heard of Kane. Mostly because he is an out of the closet libertarian. He writes regularly for The Daily Caller.

Now the former WWE champion might just “primary” Lamar Alexander in Tennessee. Given how wishy-washy Alexander is I am going to come out and say that I think Kane could win.  I give him a 2 in 5 shot.

Given Kane’s recent reading we can only hope he finds his way to Capitol Hill.

(From The Daily Caller)

Jacobs says he’s always been interested in politics, but it wasn’t until around 2004 that he began reading economists of the libertarian “Austrian school” such as Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. He calls Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson “one of the best books anyone can read,” and also cites von Mises’ Human Action and Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State as personal favorites. And after listening to Jacobs talk for a while, it becomes apparent that, somewhere along the way, this leather mask-wearing pro-wrestler, who is famous for performing something called a “chokeslam” on his opponents, became a full-blown libertarian nerd.

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Evan Miller
Evan Miller 5pts

Definitely intelligent. Every time the WWE put wrestlers on a TV quiz game show on a celebrity edition, he always beat the snot out of everyone else.

Alex Thom
Alex Thom 5pts

He got my vote as long as he choke slams Holder, Pelosi, and Obama through a table

Michael Malervy
Michael Malervy 5pts

A libertarian nerd with a shaved head? I wish I lived in Tennessee so I could vote for him!

Neurotoxin Pridebreaker
Neurotoxin Pridebreaker 5pts

As a one-time huge wrestling fan, I can tell you there are actually quite a few pro-wrestlers who lean libertarian - but most of them are idiots and would make disastrous politicians, much like Jesse Ventura. Glenn Thomas "Kane" Jacob, however, is a freaking genius. He wouldn't do this unless it were a serious bid and he thought he had a chance of success. This is VERY refreshing; would love to see him as a Senator.

RM Avila
RM Avila 5pts

There's enough idiots running the country as it is. I know the constitution but that doesn't mean every person should be a leader and make decisions that affect my life. I want to know more about the man. I have that right to ask!

Chris Fletch
Chris Fletch 5pts

I'd like to see him do a pile driver with Harry Reid.

Ron Patterson
Ron Patterson 5pts

Probably not a good idea Mr Ventura a SEAL in his younger days would probably just drop him and do serious damage to Mr. Pack . Besides we need all the LIBBERS we can get!

Randy Pelkey
Randy Pelkey 5pts

he probably thinks it's something to eat!

Stephen Klostermeier
Stephen Klostermeier 5pts

Because they have actually lived a life on the road and earned their money... It takes a special kind of person to do what they do. No matter how "fake" it is.

Mason Sky
Mason Sky 5pts

And don't forget their social fascist agenda.

Tom Moore
Tom Moore 5pts

I have a feeling Kane can catch their attention a bit easier than little old Ron...

Tom Moore
Tom Moore 5pts

How so? I think you must have your facts mixed up.

Kurt Riley
Kurt Riley 5pts

He can't be worse than the jackasses we have now.

George Roberson
George Roberson 5pts

I would vote for him over Alexander any day. At least with Kane we know he is nuts, with Alexander we know he is a back stabbing lying obammy supporter.

Deb Imholte
Deb Imholte 5pts

why do wrestlers always seem to be Libertarians?

Ryan 5pts

Hope he runs. Two problems: 1. Kane has never been WWE Champion(he should have though). 2. Kane is not retired he still wrestles for WWE. The fact that you had these two major facts wrong makes me wonder if you truly do any research or fact checking. I truly hope you do because I enjoy your site and fakebook posts.

Roy Merritt
Roy Merritt 5pts

Libertarian economics is just another way for the nation to put 75% of the population in poverty.

Marti Heath
Marti Heath 5pts

At least HE has an excuse for being brain dead.

Chris Dobson
Chris Dobson 5pts

What "qualifications" do you need. Last time I looked at the Constitution. "No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen. [U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 3, clause 3]" It was made that way for a reason. should he be a civil engineer like Obama, maybe a lawyer, non of that matters.

RM Avila
RM Avila 5pts

Besides being a "wrestler," what other qualifications does he have?

Laurie Raines
Laurie Raines 5pts

I'd have to know much more about him, before I support or oppose any efforts on his part to seek public office. I'm an educated voter and I don't buy into the "campaign slogans or hyped persona politicos create for politicians." I do my homework & make sure that their actions match their words. Hope other voters do too.

Rich Neusse
Rich Neusse 5pts

Has he got more brains than the last pro wrestler?

Chaz Labrock
Chaz Labrock 5pts

Easy target for ridicule..remember Ron Paul? an honored statesman could not get a word in over the din of corporate zombie speak.

Zacheriah Pearce
Zacheriah Pearce 5pts

you think he would wear the mask on capital hill?, maybe on the campaign trail?

Neil Jepson
Neil Jepson 5pts

Love to see him choke slam Jesse Ventura

Zacheriah Pearce
Zacheriah Pearce 5pts

That would be something worth seeing, Too bad linda mcmahon didnt win too, she would be great. could u imagine if Linda and Kane were both in the senate?

Psykho Ma Yang
Psykho Ma Yang 5pts

i wanna see him choke slam those Liberals, neo conservatives, and Fake ass Libertarians like Glenn beck