New poll: Young people don’t trust the government, Poll from 2010: Young people trusted government more than any other group.

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What happened. Did young people tack on a few more IQ points over the past 3 years because they started eating organic? Or is it that they have seen what the Obama machine has done and the crony capitalist policies it has implemented?

A gleeful story from NPR on the 2010 poll.

The story on this week’s poll.

Neal Camerlengo
Neal Camerlengo 5pts

They listened to every word that the media told them like brainless idiots.

Aging Hippie
Aging Hippie 5pts

What happened is that we voted for FDR, who would have fixed everything, but we got Herbert Hoover.

Blake Thornhill
Blake Thornhill 5pts

I bet most young people will blame it on the GOP and not Obama =/

Allen Liebing
Allen Liebing 5pts

Old people dont trust the government, either!

Carolyn Keaney
Carolyn Keaney 5pts

Because the young people who were turned by Obama finally realize what he was up to the whole time he was smiling in their faces.

Wayne Wilbur
Wayne Wilbur 5pts

Just wait until the Gov't shuts off their Obamaphones!

Larry Havard
Larry Havard 5pts

Conservative people are the only hope for this country,Michelle. Let me know when you get a job from the occupy wall streeters. The message the rep side is simple and clear,you don't need a nanny state.

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

Who even take polls seriously?

Jd Smith
Jd Smith 5pts

What happened? They started waking up.

Thomas Kuebler
Thomas Kuebler 5pts

we millennials are not all bad. I proudly voted for Romney and I'd do it again if I had the chance. I hope you people who stayed home or worse, voted for Obama are proud of yourselves. These polls don't mean jack now that Republicans think they lost not because their base stayed home but because they alienated Hispanics. Hispanics vote for Dems not because they think Republicans hate them. They vote Democrat because Democrats promise bigger government than the Republicans. But no, really, well done guys. Tell the pollsters you distrust the government. They know how much stock to put in that answer.

Ted Toth
Ted Toth 5pts

They are finally getting smarter!

Janet Day
Janet Day 5pts

Neither do the old folk...especially this administration.

Douglas Bartley
Douglas Bartley 5pts

how about younger finally getting the math they needed to make better decisions,...

Dave Wu
Dave Wu 5pts

Let's se. GEE/ that's a hard one to answer. DoH

Kent A. Lang
Kent A. Lang 5pts

Gary Johnson ran and was worth a damn! ;-)

Michelle Green Blease
Michelle Green Blease 5pts

they are not nearly as out of touch as they are portrayed. MANY of my students did NOT vote because, while they fell for the "Republicans are rich, white, out of touch old men" they didn't buy O's BS, either. This election was stolen...plain an simple. It does prove there is messaging issue with the conservative/Rep side, which is no surprise. What is disheartening is that I see nothing being done about it.

Alison Francis
Alison Francis 5pts

you'd never know it in 2012,need to wake up,wont have any kind of life if they dont all the good times will be gone,look out welfare here they come

Jo Anne Buchanan
Jo Anne Buchanan 5pts

I not only don't trust our govt., I'm afraid of our govt. It seems to be run by people with evil intent.

Peter Fithian
Peter Fithian 5pts

Does the phrase "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it" mean anything? I have a feeling young people are going to hammered by the truth of this popular but unabsorbed bit of wisdom...

chuckthebull 5pts

Republicans are just as bad...if you are going to narrow down the problem it wont be by adhering to the governments and medias propaganda tool of divide and conquer or you play right into their hand..there is NO LEFT AND RIGHT IN POLITICS...they are the SAME.... They PLAY the people on the ideological differences that mostly amount to little more then fashion facades... they have skewed the language to make people repeat their lies as "common knowledge" they have done this for so long most people have settled on the lies as givens and truth when in fact its mostly false and designed to make people malleable to the states system of abuse control and  exploitation...THEY command the narrative and they design it to command you... And because people invest a lifetime of identity in these positions they take up created by the systems admins they refuse to reexamine them and change that because they have married themselves to the investment..

Chris Vines
Chris Vines 5pts

our young are not as stupid as the government thinks they are

Donald Chovan
Donald Chovan 5pts

Old people either don't trust our Government

Kent Davis
Kent Davis 5pts

Did nobody listen to the story? The link goes to a poll that the youth trust the government way more than old people.

Steve Faseler
Steve Faseler 5pts

That's a promising development. I never did blindly trust the government, and I certainly don't trust the Obama Administration.

Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson 5pts

I love how the crimson article laments this as if it were a negative development.

Carol Rea
Carol Rea 5pts

i don't trust the government we have now....all crooks...a few rinos thrown in for bad luck...and what do you wind up with...a socialist republic of obama..

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

My generation still voted for Obama, yet they're worried about the government...

Judy Reed
Judy Reed 5pts

I'm not young and I don't trust the government!

Todd Rickey
Todd Rickey 5pts

Mike says it truly; neither, worship youth. Whomever the current youth are, their opinions are untested and mostly uninformed, usually force-fed by many media. Moreover, opinions are only that. In the military, at least 30 years ago, you learn that "opinions are like assholes." Nothing more is said (unless, I suppose, someone is stupid enough to comment with their opinion).

Larry Mcnabb
Larry Mcnabb 5pts

The young people elected this president they were totally unaware an uninformed. But in their defense I will say this that there was no one running that was worth a dam.

Debra Harrington
Debra Harrington 5pts

Older people don't trust them either!! Must have something to do with the lying and scandals pointing in their direction and all the lies that never end.

Bob Bradbury
Bob Bradbury 5pts

The abuses have become more blatant and the lies/manipulations more obvious.

David Lester Williams
David Lester Williams 5pts

A great percentage of Americans were induced by means of social propaganda and misconceptions to hate JFK, too. In the summer of 1963, at 11 years old, I worked at a new apartment construction site next to the VA Hospital on Briarcliff Road. The popular chatter, caused by fits and starts in the project's budget (attributed to a Catholic Kennedy), was that "Someone ought to kill that son of a bitch!"... Some day you might understand that it is the popular ideals, good or bad- and not the alleged power of one national leader- which most affects the national direction. Even Hitler could not have done his crimes against humanity without Goebbels' propaganda swinging the pendulum of popular sentiment toward hatred and inhumanity toward their fellow human beings...

Fatso Manley
Fatso Manley 5pts

Hell I'm old and I know the government is not for the people or by the people. It is there for Large Corporations only. Just look and see who has all the money.

Eric W North
Eric W North 5pts

You got it brother now watch the house of cards

Mike McKibben
Mike McKibben 5pts

I trust the gov't, but I sure don't trust Wall Street, or corporations in any shape or fashion. The current 'young people' lack in life experience.............. they'll learn, the hard way.

Rob Weaver
Rob Weaver 5pts

new of the world - old people don't trust it either...

Joseph Farrish
Joseph Farrish 5pts

I stopped trusting the government during the Bush era. That dude fucked shit up. At least my ignorance holds him accountable.