Using Political Connections, Al Gore Has Become “Romney Rich.”

gore cc

If one wants to learn how to become a top notch crony capitalist, one could do worse than mentoring under Al Gore. In 2000 Al Gore was “worth” (I hate the term) $1.7 million dollars. Now, 12 years later, after parlaying his name and connections in the name of environmental responsibility, he is worth $200 million.

In certain circles Al Gore is a great guy who only lost to George Bush because the election was stolen from him. (For the record I am no fan of GW Bush but the real scandal in Florida was the news channels calling the state for Gore in a very tight state race, before polls closed in western Florida, a heavily Republican area. So no one should cry over Florida.) That he sold Current TV to Al Jazrera, which has been built on petrodollars, CARBON dollars, doesn’t seem to bother anyone in the “Gore’s a great guy” crowd. (Al Jazeera English is not a bad news source by the way.)

That the guy has made an amazing amount of money selling climate austerity but has a King Kong sized carbon footprint, doesn’t seem to bother many people either.

Gore even has a new beach house, which according to his calculations should be under water due to rising sea levels sometime next week.

gore house cc
Gore’s beach house bought in 2010.

Yet, by many, the guy is celebrated as a fellow who “did well, while doing good.”

I am all about doing well while doing good, it is practically a personal mantra, but if one is going to advocate for everyone else to tighten their belts in the name of stemming global warming, how about keeping it to only 2 mansions.

In all seriousness, why not sell off the other 2 (Gore has 4 at last count) and buy a piece of the Amazon rain forest the size of Connecticut? Seriously, this would be a good idea.

It always amazes me (though I am much more jaded these days and am amazed less often) that people who say they are for income redistribution, and regulation, and just generally gumming up the economy for entrepreneurs, always seem to worship wealth so long as the right boxes are checked on the way to riches. Or, alternatively if one simply just has the right last name.

Had Gore made all his money in tobacco, or guns, he probably wouldn’t be invited to the same parties he is now. But even then I don’t know. For some folks, all that matters is what people say in public. So long as a certain agenda is moved forward all is forgiven, over and over. Witness the Kennedys, the Clintons, and soon the Obamas.

(From Bloomberg)

By the time of the Capricorn investment, he was already starting to rake in cash from Generation Investment Management – – a fund that incorporates “sustainability” into its investment approach. Gore co-founded GIM in 2004 with former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Managing Director David W. Blood.

Public filings show that in 2008 through 2011 London-based GIM racked up almost 140 million pounds ($218 million) in profits to be split among its 26 partners.

Gore and Blood as founders are thought to have the largest equity stakes. GIM doesn’t disclose partnership equity or how the partners split profits, said Richard Campbell, a spokesman.

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Mike Mittleberger
Mike Mittleberger 5pts

Yep between inventing the Internet & Global Warming er ah Climate Change he's now in the 1%...

Aquinomas YBnormal
Aquinomas YBnormal 5pts

My big concern is that Al is starting to look like Jabba the Hut.

Ted Amadeus
Ted Amadeus 5pts

Which Roth$child rugrat family did he marry into?

David Abrams
David Abrams 5pts

Stan AMERICA belongs to the left!! Remember the NORTH won!!! You don't like it LEAVE!!!!

David Abrams
David Abrams 5pts

Nice Pic of ceaser idiot. Jesus WOULD hate you if he was real.

David Abrams
David Abrams 5pts

Just go away already idiot. America is a LIBERAL IDEA moron.

David Abrams
David Abrams 5pts

Calling gore a liar WHIKE supporting CARSON. Classic CONSERVATIVE HYPOCRITE

Wink Jorgens
Wink Jorgens 5pts

How does he explain record levels of antarctic ice pack???

Lawrence Allen
Lawrence Allen 5pts

Republicans and terrorists are going to the same hell.

Peter Scharthi
Peter Scharthi 5pts

al gore has gotten fithy rich with his global warming scam

Jack Brodowski
Jack Brodowski 5pts

Hell,Impeach him,Confiscate his Estate,Give it to Veterans that are Ho,less !!!

Joe Boren
Joe Boren 5pts

What a loser. Is he still messing with several females?

Thom Guzman
Thom Guzman 5pts

Have you ever considered that maybe O's is struck in there? I would recommend you see your PCM but the Grinch Obama stole the right from you as well

John Gleason
John Gleason 5pts

All under the HOAX of climate change and global warming.

Nancy Kogok
Nancy Kogok 5pts

But....his foot print, he should live in a tiny house and ride a bike.

Joe Austin
Joe Austin 5pts

this nut has made himself rich by using some made up thing called Global Warming ........

Jackie Lawrence
Jackie Lawrence 5pts

Too many nut jobs think It's wrong to make money the way Romney did Gore pushed the 'Man-Caused Global Warming Hoax'

Jim Valentine
Jim Valentine 5pts

This is one of the sickest people i know . I cannot stand to look at him ,He is as bad as the Clintons no good and should be run out of this Country .

Geoffrey Church
Geoffrey Church 5pts

Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Algore has mastered the art of shaking down corporations.

Jeffrey Morris
Jeffrey Morris 5pts

did he get rich from inventing the internet or was it a peace prize over global warming - maybe he writes stories --- this I know and millions of American's also -web you did not _global warming doesn't exist -- so he writes fairy tales !

Tom Blue
Tom Blue 5pts

This is chiefly a testimony to those socialist-leaning folks that they shouldn't worship leaders nor believe them when they say things like "income equality" and "wealth redistribution". It will never happen in a just manner. These shallow leaders simply tell the masses what they want to hear so they can stay rich and in power.

Donald Dennis
Donald Dennis 5pts

This idiot should count his blessing that we let him live, for a short while anyway!

Larry Lindley
Larry Lindley 5pts

Just like the rest of the DC Hill gang,robbing we the people.

Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo 5pts

What's wrong is he knows the climate cures he's selling us won't make more than a minimal difference in the supposed atmospheric carbon problem. Our country's efforts cannot prevent climate change and most of the rest of the world will NOT go green. You're naive or worse if you believe the green energy false propaganda. For instance China just admitted to using significantly more coal than it was reporting and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Gore is well aware of this fact and is getting rich while he buys a beachfront mansion and jets around the world not practicing what he preaches. We should continue research but not waste money putting up expensive, inefficient wildlife killing technologies like wind turbines and solar collection plants like the one in the Mojave Desert. Our current administration's policies only make us poorer and less able to financially adapt to the changes if the climate alarmists are correct.

Jeff McKnight
Jeff McKnight 5pts

I'm assuming you obtained your FACTS from the same scientific community that maintains humans have a roll in global warming or do you pick and choose the FACTS THAT suit your opinion?

Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo 5pts

Gore is a smooth talking shyster who does not practice what he preaches. Except for Obama and maybe Donald Trump, who has a bigger personal carbon footprint than Gore? NOBODY! He's a snake oil salesman getting rich selling us medicine he would never take!

Joann Young
Joann Young 5pts

We all knew he was a scumbag for years.

Joe Fielder
Joe Fielder 5pts

The devil will make him pay in the end.

Barbara Martin
Barbara Martin 5pts

Jeff McKnight And some of us studied geography and geology in college and are aware that there have been significant [much more so than current] global climactic changes and reversals over millions of years...including ice ages, and the planet reversing it's polarity and causing complete flip flops in climate and weather etc. Geological evidence is NOT speculation. I guess those fossil fuel effects were going on while the "fossils themselves" were still alive and on the hoof, eh Jeff? I prefect FACTS to SPECULATION.

Kurt Schumacher
Kurt Schumacher 5pts

Made it all on Global Warming hype and carbon credits

Vickie Packard
Vickie Packard 5pts

Makes millions off of climate change scare and that is all it is

Jim McQuiston
Jim McQuiston 5pts

In liberal country only political connections will allow you to prosper.