Where’d the $450K go? DOE Inspector General looks into work done by former congresswoman’s company

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The world of government contractors is dark and mysterious. Money is moved here. Money is moved there. It is a confusing labyrinth of bureaucracy which along the way is salted with taxpayer funded pots of gold. It’s like Mario Brothers.

In this case it’s unclear if there was fraud intended (maybe not) or if it’s just a case of incompetence. Regardless its sounds like nearly a half million in tax dollars is gone for little (if anything) in return. The real shock is not that it happened of course, but that we even heard about it.

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Leon Hall
Leon Hall 5pts

So your worried about this money missing but ignoring The Fed unable to account for $9 TRILLION? The dollar being devalued to 1.8 CENTS by them? The $100 TRILLION that is "missing" from the derivatives market that never gets reported by the media? OK... just checking. silly humans!

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

This is just a drop in bucket, which is already full of corruption, lies, and power seeking.

Kip Martin
Kip Martin 5pts

Don't forget about the 9 billion lost in Iraq. No bigger waste than the fog of war. It's a good way of laundering money foe defense contractors.

Dan Carranza
Dan Carranza 5pts

will we the people ever get the truth..where did all that cash go?