Despite retreat, White House determined to start Obamacare money flow (That’s how people become addicted)

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It appears that the White House has been secretly negotiating with large businesses as Obamacare has veered off down disaster road. The delay of the employer mandate has everything to do with the Obama administration’s buddies in big business saying that the program is half baked at best and that they can’t comply with the tangle of red tape. So Obama has punted, on this.

Now, however, it appears the administration’s bravado was all for show. At the same time Obama was expressing great confidence, White House officials were secretly meeting with representatives of big business to discuss ways to postpone enforcement of parts of the new law. And on Tuesday the White House announced that the employer mandate – sometimes described as a “crucial” element of Obamacare – will be delayed to 2015 from its scheduled start on Jan. 1, 2014.

But the administration knows that come what may it must start transferring money to taxpayers via the healthcare “exchanges.” They must increase reliance on the government.

This is right out of the statist playbook.

Ever wonder why Social Security is so hard to reform? It’s because people have made economic decisions based on its existence. Grandma and Grandpa have long been counting on that check and come hell or flood that check is going to keep coming. They have made very real decisions which affect their everyday lives based on this payment. They, in short, are economically addicted to the payment.

A similar thing happens with food stamps and Medicare and Medicaid. People come to rely on these programs which then makes the programs nearly impossible to cut or even reform. The programs become part of the economic calculus of everyday life. As a result the politicians who promise to keep these programs going, even if the programs are hurting our economy, indeed the very foundation of a supposedly free society, are reelected. People become dependent and easily manipulated.

This is why, despite cutting a break for the crony corporatist friends of the White House, the administration desperately wants to get the subsidies going to people. They know that once the money begins to flow a whole segment of the American population will become addicted and essentially under the thumb of the state. It’s about control.

Those who seek to expand the footprint of government may tell themselves and the American public that they are doing it for humanitarian reasons. The real reason however is about power. Some interests benefit greatly from an expanded state (unions, government workers, statist politicians, big business in many cases) and they couldn’t care less for your quaint notions of “freedom” or “liberty.” You are a cog. You are a peon. You are to be bought off and dependent on the political class. That is (sadly) what Obamacare is fundamentally all about.

 At what point will they realize that this law is unworkable?”

Probably never. When key Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett wrote, after the delay announcement, that, “We are full steam ahead for the marketplaces opening on Oct. 1,” she was reflecting the administration’s determination to get the health care exchanges up and running no matter what. Delay the employer mandate? OK. Waive this or that rule? Fine. Just make sure the exchanges get going.

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Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

stop blaming the wrong people. The elites love the "hard worker" slave/consumers who blame the poor and destitute, and never complain about their lives cause it's so damn good under the banks, corporations, and elites. Just keep supporting them wars, payin them taxes, votin like it matters and keep wavin that flag.

Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

another way to keep people addicted to government is to destroy our economy and create a sea of poor, unemployed or underemployed who would starve without foodstamps or other programs. This ensures that those that are working will look down on their fellow brothers and sisters and scream foul and bums, which works in the interests of the elites, when the people are divided and hate and blame one another. This technique also destroys the self esteem of those who join the ranks of the poor and homeless, who no longer have the will to live or fight for a better life anymore.

Che Mort
Che Mort 5pts

one in place it will neevr be able to be ended, only a economic collapse will be able to do it.

Pontoon Beach
Pontoon Beach 5pts

Right millions of people on Medicare, welfare, disability that never paid a dime into the system, so since our parents and grandparents shoved their debts onto the future, we are the future. They get the benefits we get the bill. Sounds American

Evan Williams
Evan Williams 5pts

Do not give them money, do not take anything from them.

Nicholas Sweeten
Nicholas Sweeten 5pts

Business negotiations should never be performed by congress or the white house, and certainly never behind closed doors.

Diana Butler Reynolds
Diana Butler Reynolds 5pts

Here are the facts on free cell phones. Let's clear up some misunderstandings. The landline phone program originated by Reagan in 1986. Expanded by Clinton in 1996. G.W.Bush launched the first cellular service in 2005 for consumers who qualify. This program only provides monthly discounts on landline or cellular service to eligible consumers. It does not pay cellular companies to provide free cell phones. Although some cellular service providers CHOOSE to offer that benefit to Lifeline consumers. More importantly, the program is not directly subsidized by tax payer monies! It is paid for out of the federal Universal Service (USF) through a fee assessed against telecommunications service providers.

Paul Havemann
Paul Havemann 5pts

I stand in awe of Diana Butler Reynolds: she not only managed to change the subject away from the growing ObamaCare train wreck, she got the moderator off topic as well. Anyone want to discuss, you know, the linked article?

Paul Havemann
Paul Havemann 5pts

"No one can get 12 free working phones from the program. Check the website for facts." Yeah, and no one can scam welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. Check the websites for facts.

Harold Greenhalgh
Harold Greenhalgh 5pts

Corporate capitalism depends on cheap disposable labor.....power to the artificial people!!!

Christopher Roskosh
Christopher Roskosh 5pts

"Check the website for facts" ~ Diana the Idiot You believe everything you read on the internet? Your date must be a French model, with a fannypack and a neck-beard.

Steven Phipps
Steven Phipps 5pts

Diana how did GW start the free phone program 5 years before he took office? Get your facts straight @sshole.

Kip Martin
Kip Martin 5pts

Yeah Rush Limbaugh loves to say the same thing constantly. It's the perfect smoke screen to obscure a political party that governs ONLY for the benefit of corporations. I guess this sites has the words against and FOR switched right in its name.

Janet Day
Janet Day 5pts

Wake up Obamamites...he is putting the screws to you too..... and its just the beginning. Some will not contemplate what loss of freedom consequenses are...until they are long gone.

Pete Billings
Pete Billings 5pts

When did we cross over where there are more on welfare then working Diana ?

Bonnie Thomas
Bonnie Thomas 5pts

we have so many screaming for more and free when does it stop? Work like many of us did

Mike Walker
Mike Walker 5pts

Another program from Dubya that I was, and still am, against. However, I would take Dubya over anything on the left every day of the week & twice on Sunday

Barbara Givens Croft
Barbara Givens Croft 5pts

The U. S. House of Representatives is still under Republican majority control. This means Speaker John Boehner and the House Republican Leadership has the power right now to stop much, if not most, of the funding of ObamaCare. This is because the U. S. Constitution requires that all spending and revenue bills must originate in the House. Very little ObamaCare money has actually been appropriated by Congress. This means the only way further funding for ObamaCare can occur is if House Republicans approve it. Now, think about that!~and how can IRS hire 16,000 new agents and build new facilities unless Republicans approve!

Sandra Bassetti
Sandra Bassetti 5pts

as usual govt.aid for phones to be used by the old,sick, help so people could stand a better chance of getting employed gets abused.the people making the phones got paid and tax write off for all. one size does not fit all. govt. never seems to figure that out as they try to make the liberal agenda of "fair and free" a reality.

Diana Butler Reynolds
Diana Butler Reynolds 5pts

And you believe she has 12 phones from the LifeLine program? My 84 yr. old mother gets this free cell phone, I helped her get it. No one can get 12 free working phones from the program. Check the website for facts. It is a program for mostly the elderly, disabled, people on food stamps and/or Medicaid. Not just anyone is eligible to get this free phone. Of course, people like you, can't stand it when a needy person gets help or assistance from the government. But telecommunication companies have a contract with the government at a very discounted rate, to help the needy.

Christian R. Campa
Christian R. Campa 5pts

Here's reality, either we feet rid of or downsize the current system or it'll continue to fail and no one will get anything.

Richard Vaughn
Richard Vaughn 5pts

No one cares if it was the Dems or Repugs, it needs to be stopped! One gal said she had 12 phones! There is so much fraud in government it is unreal!!!! Clean up the waste and fraud and then we will talk about new bills and programs!!!!!!

Richard Vaughn
Richard Vaughn 5pts

First we nudge them we push and then it is mandatory!!!!!!

Aaron McCallum
Aaron McCallum 5pts

does it matter who started it? NO WAY, it is wrong no matter who is responsible for starting it

John A. Schneiter
John A. Schneiter 5pts

Just try a little of the Obamacare Crack.... Everyone does it....

Les Jones
Les Jones 5pts

politician = license to steal

Janice Foundas
Janice Foundas 5pts

He can give it up he is not getting any votes neither are the rest of the dumrats!

Diana Butler Reynolds
Diana Butler Reynolds 5pts

Actually I was right (about the free "cell" phone. ) The free telephone, a free landline was started under Reagan. But the free cell phone was started by G.W. Bush, in 1996.

Joseph A. Cummins
Joseph A. Cummins 5pts

The SS Trust Fund was stolen by Johnson and the Democrats to pay for all his Great Society programs back in the 60s. That's when SS trust monies were put into the Gerneral Fund for Congress to spend.

Diana Butler Reynolds
Diana Butler Reynolds 5pts

YOU are an asshole idiot. People paid into Medicare all their working life. They depend on when they reach retirement because that money is theirs! They look forward to it- just like YOU most likely, look forward to your paycheck! And healthcare is a right for everyone- not just for those who can afford to pay it.

Byron Whitesides
Byron Whitesides 5pts

They aren't retreating, they don't want to lose elections in 2014 because of problems of Obamacare so they are trying to delay that battle.

Diana Butler Reynolds
Diana Butler Reynolds 5pts

The free cell phones started under Bush- NOT Obama. Get your facts straight.

John Atherton
John Atherton 5pts

Hey, here's ANOTHER ONE for u. “How Your Social Security Money Was Stolen - Where Did the $2.5 Trillion Surplus Go?” “The American people were not supposed to find out about the great Social Security scam for another six years, and the government was hoping to continue to receive surplus money from the Social Security contributions of working Americans for at least that long. But the inevitable day of reckoning has come, six years sooner than anybody expected, because of the severe recession. And the government of the United States has been caught with its hand still in the empty Social Security cookie jar.” “As I’ve been reporting for quite some time now, trillions of our tax dollars have been looted by Wall Street, wars, global corporations and the richest one-tenth of one percent of the population.”

Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey 5pts

They know what's best for us citizen. Work hard and pay more taxes and ENJOY!