I don’t know this guy but he just published a remarkable anti-crony capitalist video manifesto.

Like I said I have no idea who this guy is. Saying that, this 12 minute analysis of our current crony capitalist system is damn good. It’s white lightning so be warned. Distilled and powerful.

Matthew Klokel
Matthew Klokel 5pts

He lost me right away when he complained about wireless transmissions causing illness and GMOs.

Larry A. Roth
Larry A. Roth 5pts

Definitely an interesting video. However, I cannot buy the straw argument that anything "corporate" is inherently evil. Corporations are simply inanimate business entities run by corruptible humans. And look around, almost nothing you see was done by government, but by business. Indeed, the country was founded with the idea of government facilitating business (which argues against income taxes & in favor of sales tax)... i.e. creation & maintenance of "postal roads", etc.

Aaron McCallum
Aaron McCallum 5pts

I am not sure that you are watching the correct video...how did you get that from what he said????

Against Crony Capitalism
Against Crony Capitalism 5pts

Yeah- I don't really buy the wi-fi is bad for you idea. He's not right on everything and it is a rant, but it's a video worth watching.

Jude Tags
Jude Tags 5pts

WOW, Amazing, so well done. Wish he could be televised from coast to coast, people need to wake up NOW.

Nicholas Icenhower
Nicholas Icenhower 5pts

it was ok... but he is misguided about capitalism being the shit.... yes the government is stealing your wages and so is your boss! capitalism starts out ok but when wealth gets concentrated in the hands of the few fascism is always around the corner. he's dead on about there being no distinction between big business and government but the american people don't care, too fat and lazy to give a shit as long as wal mart has groceries and there phone and tv work they are a ok! america is a fascist oligarchy- ruled by the rich for their businesses, we should eat them!

Thomas D. Walls
Thomas D. Walls 5pts

I generally liked the points made, but I didn't get the part about "radio frequency pollution" and "EMR-sensitive" individuals.

Rd Martin
Rd Martin 5pts

I thought it was a weak video. Arguments not very sound or accurate and it sounds like he is at heart a big government guy.

Against Crony Capitalism
Against Crony Capitalism 5pts

I actually think GMO has some real promise. It's not black and white. It has some real dangers too.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

Most business don't benefit from government regulations except the big corporations. The partnership of big business and big government is much too cozy right now.

Mike McGee
Mike McGee 5pts

Yeah, didn't take long. "GMO is a legit issue" is too broad of a statement on which to comment. But to claim the entire technological field of biotech is harmful to humans is BS. I go by the peer-reviewed scientific literature, not Internet fear mongering.

Mike McGee
Mike McGee 5pts

He had me until he went off into anti-GMO paranoia.