Jeb Bush’s Education Racket

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As we have noted many times before, crony capitalism happens all over. The Democrats do it. The Republicans do it. They typically do it in slightly different ways but neither party is the sole source of crony capitalism. There’s plenty to go around.

Michelle Malkin also makes this point in the column attached below which highlights the educational dealings of Jeb “I’m really thinking about 2016 if Christie doesn’t take all my donors” Bush.

This Common Core thing just stinks to high heaven. Everyone seems to hate it but the big shots.

(From The National Review)

The resignation of Florida education commissioner Tony Bennett couldn’t have come at a better time. His disgraceful grade-fixing scandal is the perfect symbol of all that’s wrong with the federal education schemes peddled by Bennett and his mentor, former GOP governor Jeb Bush: phony academic standards, crony contracts, and big-government and big-business collusion masquerading as “reform.”

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Iggi Husar
Iggi Husar 5pts

Jen is a big government RINO, just like Christie.

Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman 5pts

Robert, that's true if you vote for either of the two halves of the Republocratic machine.

CT Buck
CT Buck 5pts

He is not even worth talking

Matt Cosgrove
Matt Cosgrove 5pts

This scuzbag is a piece of shit... like the rest of his f___ed-up family of evil rat bastard luciferian shitheads... burn in hell you Mother fuckers.

Wayne Langley
Wayne Langley 5pts

Republicans trying to distance themselves from the Bushes. Dumbass on dumbass crime.

Jean Irwin
Jean Irwin 5pts

No more Bushes!!!!!!!!!! He's a big RINO!!!!

Bill R Russo
Bill R Russo 5pts

Enough with the Bush/Clinton dictatorship!

Robert Gandy
Robert Gandy 5pts

Jeb Bush is just another big government politician, who is convinced he is doing good for all of us. If he can line his, and his friends, pockets while performing his munificent deeds, all the better. Liberty, self reliance, and personal responsibility, get lots of lip service from the establishment Republicans, but they consider us too stupid to really be able to survive without them.

Yale O. Leftwich
Yale O. Leftwich 5pts

I would rather you show some plumber bent over ass crack than see a picture of any Bush,Obama,McCain etal....

Linda Herod
Linda Herod 5pts

Jeb Bush's idea of education is to privatize it totally. He does not have the solution. He is the problem.

William Sharplin
William Sharplin 5pts

The Bush brothers have gamed every law they could and made it pay off

Les Jones
Les Jones 5pts

never have any one they do not want running,

Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

It doesn't matter whether you will. If you vote, it will be for more of the same, since all of them are pre-selected for us and are made beholden to the elites or they don't get in office.

Sherri Acklin Naughton
Sherri Acklin Naughton 5pts

Thank you for pointing out there is no difference between the parties --people better wake up to this!

Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson 5pts

As I've often said, the Democrats and Republicans are just opposite sides of the same coin!!...Short of having a third political party that actually represents us, the best we can hope for is to ensure that no more than 1/2 of government is controlled by any one political party, and that they'll be willing to work together on compromises!!...Unfortunately, we don't have the compromise part!!...(And yes, I won't vote for any "right by inheritance" politician either, ever again, which was one of a number of reasons I wasn't a fan of Romney!!)...

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

No Jacob, I believe in our PUBLIC education system that helped raise the generation that put men on the moon. It needs to be reformed, true enough. But your rant is absurd. There's a term for what you advocate: racial suicide. If you do not believe in shouldering your responsibilities as a male of the species to help the species, to protect its women and children, to raise the next generation, then leave. Move to an island somewhere and grow old and die alone. The rest of us will take the responsibility.

Chris Gibbons
Chris Gibbons 5pts

I am so tired of them lying to us and thinking we believe them.

Kris Christoffel
Kris Christoffel 5pts

The Bush's started the mess that this Muslim Socialistic Lying Scumbag Obama has taken and run like hell with ! Obama makes Bush look like a choir boy but no more of the Bush family BS will be needed !

Michael Lay
Michael Lay 5pts

Richard they can't hardly give it back to the states because they've let so many illegals in, that can't speak English. Certain areas needs the government funds and couldn't keep the doors open without it.

Michael Lay
Michael Lay 5pts

Alan yes your right ,,, why do you think he went to florida. He's nothing but a criminal just like the rest of his family !

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

Richard, that's simply not an option. Our competitors don't have this "every person for themselves, anyone not from the yacht club get off my lawn!" bias that the American Right does. Finland has the top achieving system in the world, and it's all public. Other high-achieving societies are likewise.

Alan Paris
Alan Paris 5pts

get the freaking federal government out of education...they do not have Constitutional not let Jeb Bush into the primary... was he h the Bush brother involved in the mortgage scandals back in the eighties...?????

Richard Vaughn
Richard Vaughn 5pts

We need government out of education! Give it back to the states!

Jacob Hoss
Jacob Hoss 5pts

If you love big government and everyone being equal, move to North Korea!

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

If you don't like living in a technologically advanced society (and education is a sine qua non of such a society), move to Somalia or Afghanistan. No one will ask you to pay taxes or contribute to anything outside yourself. Well, except for militias and gangs...but hey, it's everyone for themselves, right? Just carry a bigger gun and don't sleep, and you should be fine.

John Marcinko
John Marcinko 5pts

I will never vote for another Bush, Roosevelt, Kennedy, or other right-by-inheritance politician.

Bryan Carosi
Bryan Carosi 5pts

Not to mention these nations also don't force you to pay for a college education before you have a livable income. Anyone else notice this problem?

Jacob Hoss
Jacob Hoss 5pts

Public education, like all government schemes, is theft, plain and simple. Government steals, at gunpoint, from the productive, and hands it over to the unproductive. I studied hard, I worked at McDonald's as a teen, and I pounced on every chance for networking and connection making I had to get where I am today. And then the government is going to order me to hand over what I have earned entirely on my own, so that they can pay a bunch of lazy, worthless teachers to babysit for half the year (while getting paid for the whole year)? Hell no. Look at any typical school in Detroit, East St Louis, or Chicago, and tell me what we're getting out of our "investment" in kids there. They're a bunch of lazy no good thugs and wannabe "gangstas" who will just end up in prison anyway, where we AGAIN get the privilege of paying for them just like we would if they stayed in the projects! Oh joy! Put the miserable little bastards to work, force them to contribute something instead of always taking their whole lives. Teach them to respect their betters and call us "sir", rather than mugging us and living high off the hog at our expense. Public education in this country is so fraught with problems that I don't understand how anyone is stupid enough to still support it. Can't afford to pay your own way? TOUGH! Not my problem. Stop wallowing in your pathetic self-pity and go put in an honest day's work to pay your room and board.

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

Well, we need to figure out how to successfully involve the federal government in education. Our competitors, including the top-achieving countries that wipe the floor with us on international test scores, all have vigorous public education systems.

Lawrence Bouchat Jr
Lawrence Bouchat Jr 5pts