Obama reinterprets Obamacare so Congress doesn’t have to pay for its health insurance, A list of companies and unions with Obamacare exemptions

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Well let’s see. The doctors are leaving in droves because of Obamacare. The IRS doesn’t want Obamacare for its employees even though that agency will administer it, Congress just got an exemption from Obamacare from the president, hundreds of politically connected companies and unions have gotten exemptions, the Teamsters have warned that Obamacare threatens the middle class, the law is so complex that an army of “navigators” must be hired to sign people up, and the Democratic Senator Max Baucus, who is the outgoing head of the Finance Committee referred to the effort to administer the law as a potential “train wreck.”

Nothing wrong here. Slap one of those “I love Obamacare” stickers on your car and pretend like this isn’t the biggest legislative disaster of perhaps multiple generations. Everything will be just fine. There is no way this program is going to cost trazzillions more than the trillions it’s projected to. No worries. We’ve got plenty of money, no deficit or debt at all.

The main issue which must be dealt with in this country is access to care in catastrophic circumstances and insuring those with a prior condition. This is a huge, monumental task, but much more narrow than the sweeping tsunami of red tape which is Obamacare. However, there are those who just want nationalized healthcare at nearly any cost and simply making sure that those who have cancer don’t fall into bankruptcy, and those who have epilepsy can get their medication easily isn’t enough. There must be “comprehensive” care for everyone, damn the cost to the taxpayer, or the employers (which are also taxpayers).

The connected know (especially those with lawyers who have read the law) that they want no part of Obamacare and that is why the administration has issued HUNDREDS of EXEMPTIONS for connected companies and unions over the past 3 years. Now Congress and probably the IRS get exemptions too.

If Obamacare is so good why are even the members of Congress which wrote the legislation and the unions which lobbied for it desperately trying to get out of it?

Why? Because they can, and you cannot.


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dancerboots 5pts

Oh Nick..do you ever print the truth. It was not that the IRS did not want Obamacare for its employees. It was the Republicans, once again, attempting to obstruct its implementation at all costs. Republicans introduced a bill that would require all federal employees be required to purchase health insurance through the exchange. They are covered by the FEHBP. . Why would they wait to introduce this amendment several months before its full implementation and not years before? They decided to hold a Congressional hearing and ask IRS officials if they wanted Obamacare. The response, I like the insurance I have and Obamacare is for those that have no health insurance. Isn't that what President Obama promised? If you like the insurance you have through your employer, you get to keep it?

The waivers for "hundreds" of companies and unions were for the phase out of caps on lifetime benefit limits begun in 2011, set at $750,000 and gradually phased out to no caps in 2014. These waivers will expire in 2014 and all health insurance companies will no longer have a cap on lifetime benefits.

Congress will not be exempt from purchasing their insurance through the exchange, It is in the law. However, prior to this, Congress members and their staff were covered by the FEHBP and part of their premium was paid for by their employer, the federal government....just as most health insurance premiums costs are shared by the employee and employer in the private sector. It became apparent that no provisions in the AHCA allowed federal contributions to assist covering the premium. They would have to pay the full cost. While it is true Congress approval rating is in the tank, allowing the private sector employers to share in the cost of health insurance premiums, those opting into the exchange receiving subsidies and requiring the Congress staff to pay the full cost is not fair and was not intended.

"We also reviewed the most recent congressional testimony on how the waivers were granted. None of the witnesses provided evidence that there was special treatment. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., questioned the administrator of the waivers on the point, specifically asking about complaints from Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Cummings: "Now some critics have suggested that the process by which annual limit waivers have been issued is biased and favors certain groups such as unions. For example, the February 10th, 2010, letter to the secretary, Chairman Issa made this statement, and I quote, ‘The current process gives credence to the perception that bureaucrats are picking winners and losers in a politicized environment where the winners are favored constituencies of the administration.’ Is that accurate?"

Larsen: "That's not true. We do not favor any particular type of applicant, or any applicant from a particular sector, and we've applied the standards that we set out fairly across all the applicants."

Cummings: "Is political support for the Obama administration or health care reform a factor your office uses in evaluating applications for annual limit waivers?"

Larsen: "It is not."

Cummings: "And you understand you're under oath?"

Larsen: "I do, sir."


As per your usual opinion pieces, no links, no facts to prove the point you make. Doctors leaving  in droves has no basis in fact.

Jack Gammon
Jack Gammon 5pts

If health insurance is supposedly universal, then it should by definition include everyone and have NO EXCEPTIONS. Defund Obama(no)Care now.

Tom Dewalt
Tom Dewalt 5pts

Unions, congress, the IRS, BIG business, all want out . . . Hmmmmm

Nick McDanel
Nick McDanel 5pts

You're so deep in your left-right paridigm you don't know which end is up.

Alison Francis
Alison Francis 5pts

I want to know if what he is doing is legal,if its the law and written,why can he change it anytime it suits him,congress holds the purse so stop the money,

Marta Perez-Stable
Marta Perez-Stable 5pts

Seriously, how does one apply for a waiver? We could at least go down being annoying.

Harold Hughes
Harold Hughes 5pts

If one congress man or senator gets exempt the bill is flawed and needs to be scraped. because if the exemption is good for congress it's good for everyone!

Janice Oskowski
Janice Oskowski 5pts

If obamacare was decent, congress would be on it. It was their idea.

Crystal Barnett Grizzle
Crystal Barnett Grizzle 5pts

I am exempt thank God, only because I am American Indian and they can't take my medical away, if they thought they could I am sure they would. With that said I still fight for the rights of the people that are not exempt. I have had people ask me why do I care if I don't have to have Obama care, and like I have told them I still have friends that are not exempt. And why shouldn't everyone care? I wonder if it is a sin to pray for Obama to die of a heart attack?

Marta Perez-Stable
Marta Perez-Stable 5pts

I want out of my new 28 hour limit on the number of hours I can now work in a week.

Wayne Langley
Wayne Langley 5pts

That right, Dick. By the time the Republicans get through lying to you, you won't know which end is up...you peckerwoods set yourself up, and Fox knocks them down for you.

Tommy Tucker
Tommy Tucker 5pts

It's about "fairness", whatever the f#ck that means.

Paul Weisbrich
Paul Weisbrich 5pts

Obama care Is medicare for all. No reason for the 1% to make money off of sick helpless people.

Gregory Rook
Gregory Rook 5pts

They should pay for their own health care..or help to repeal Obamacare now!

Kelly Wentz
Kelly Wentz 5pts

Mike, What ever your business is lets nationalize it and take away your property. Sounds Fair to You!

Steven Verner
Steven Verner 5pts

This is so stupid. No, I'm not talking about congress being "exempted". I'm talking about the utter and complete stupidity of the misleading title of this article. The president has NOT made congress exempt. He has continued the practice of having the majority of their premiums paid for by their employer. You see, somebody snuck in a small provision that would have taken away the employer contribution for healthcare for not only the congresspeople themselves, but their staff as well. All other provisions stay intact now.

Dan Davis
Dan Davis 5pts

That the political (that is to say, criminal) class is now exempted should invalidate the law.

Mike Topjian
Mike Topjian 5pts

The goal is more access to healthcare. Being pennywise and pound foolish is part and parcel of Teapublicans. A healthy population helps everyone. Unwillingness to make health care a priority is despicable. Wave the flag and cut funding to veterans. Wave the flag and cut funding to help the poor. Cut taxes on the rich and rely on the middle class to carry the burden, then promote policies that hurt the middle class. It is class warfare and the wealthy class has been winning for far too long. Wake up.

Robert Jsomebody
Robert Jsomebody 5pts

Hey Mike, look forward with YOU'RE OWN MONEY. That way, when it all inevitably FOLDS, you can feel the crush.

Robert Jsomebody
Robert Jsomebody 5pts

"the exemptions are pragmatic"? LMAO...are you stupid? Of course they are, pragmatism dictates if something won't work, you avoid it. Exactly why Obamacare needs defunded and repealed. Not just "exemptions" for those who were key in forcing it upon everyone else.

Jana Burritt
Jana Burritt 5pts

I will refuse to go to the doctor for anything if obamacare is forced on us. Obama can go back to Kenya.

Kelly M Peterson
Kelly M Peterson 5pts

What does it matter if unions are exempt, we all ready have way better insurance. Why would we want worse? We the unions stand up, vote and fight for are wage, health and welfare. It paid for by my employer because they signed the contract to get us to work for them. i'm no government employee ether. I do agree that Congress, The House or any elected official should not be exempt! Obama for sure.

Mike Topjian
Mike Topjian 5pts

Oh, regarding bankrupt cities, just something else that needs to be fixed. It's not beyond what we can do. Giving up is not the answer.

Mike Topjian
Mike Topjian 5pts

We must look forward. High speed rail should have been here 30 years ago. The USA connected the nation with rails. The USA connected its cities and the world with premier air transportation. I believe a great nation needs to be healthy. The American people built our country. We built that. Not the corporations. Now we as a nation need to fix what needs to be fixed. Together, as a nation, this is possible. Never perfect...always perfecting.

Les Jones
Les Jones 5pts

no way you make the law you live by it

J Ladd Yost
J Ladd Yost 5pts

There are consequences of voting for stuff you never read and trusted "them" to get right.

Terry Brown
Terry Brown 5pts

Still think the AMA should be told to go to health.

Nels Anderson
Nels Anderson 5pts

The Democrats see themselves as 'the special ruling class' who do not have to live under the laws which everyone else has to. Truly tyrannical and utterly disgraceful.

Ken Miles
Ken Miles 5pts

CA "projecting" premium reductions is as laughable as the High Speed Rail Act bringing prosperity to the bankrupt municipalities who can't pay their share of the cost. The "data" has been proven to be more propaganda by California for Common Sense. I live in the once great state of CA, unlike most of my friends who retire to more friendly environs. In case you didn't notice Stockton and San Bernardino filed for BK. More to come, unfortunately. You must get your data straight from the Obama political machinery.

Richard Reschick
Richard Reschick 5pts

....and this is going to be good for who now, there isn't very many people left except for the middle class and the poor.

Mike Topjian
Mike Topjian 5pts

Tea Party. Mainstream? Bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers.

Mike Topjian
Mike Topjian 5pts

No, premiums have come down, significantly. You must be reading from the Fox News playbook. Of course, the projected premiums I'm referring to are in the Great State of California. California is with the program and becoming greater for it.

dancerboots 5pts

@Crystal Barnett Grizzle You have medical coverage and you are fighting for the right for those that do not have it to NOT get it. Any one that has health insurance does not have to...are exempt from purchasing health insurance through the exchange. Obamcare is not taking health insurance away from those that already have it...though there may be crony capitalist that may stop offering it.  Obamcare is offering a way to purchase health insurance through the exchange at a rate they can afford with subsidies and only for those that have no insurance. Unbelievable the way people have been brainwashed.

dancerboots 5pts

@Marta Perez-Stable Perhaps Mr. Sorrentino can write an article about crony capitalism and why corporations reporting  record breaking profits refuse to offer health insurance benefits even prior to the enactment of Obamacare and have no problem cutting your hours to avoid it...laughing all the way to the bank as you place the blame on the poor working class and President Obama. How many times do we have to be told about the wide divide in income that has worsened over the years as our wages remain stagnant and the obscene rich's wealth/income soar.

dancerboots 5pts

@Richard Reschick Exactly the people Obamcare will help. Do some research. Congress or their staff are not exempted from purchasing their insurance through the exchange..the only thing that was addressed was did the federal government assist in the premium costs?...as had been done under their FEHBP. This affects the staff as well. Congress said yes they should receive the same benefit everyone else receives...through the private sector if employes offer it..they also share in the premium cost and through the exchange with the subsidies.

Kat 5pts

@Mike Topjian Our premium has almost doubled (almost $700.) and we have one less person on it since Obama. Not sure how long we can keep up with it. And that not a good policy-$1000. per person deductible + $1000. family deduct, then 80/20 on named providers??? Almost the mortgage payment.

Kat 5pts

@dancerboots We have health insurance and since Obamacare it has gone up (with the new rates starting next month) almost $700.00 per month.. That's a house payment!!!  Now why is my health insurance costing as much as my house payment??? Obamacare is taking away from those who have it now because they can no longer afford it. Also, I have never seen a person in a true emergency be turned away from the hospital. ps Dancer? Have you actually checked what health insurance is going to cost you?