Presidents of ABC News, CNN, and CBS News are married or blood related to officials in Obama’s White House?

It’s all about the “narrative” people. What is the story which is being told to the American people? Think about who signs off on the “official story.”

I usually don’t post these kinds of graphics but in this case I will make an exception.

The story creators think they can manipulate you with the TV. The propaganda box. That time is ending.

Fight anything which seeks to restrict the Internet. It is our best hope.

News cronyism cc

*Shout out to Judy Morris for this one.

Fed Up
Fed Up 5pts

Why does it matter?  Conflict of interest... Doing the right thing... Free Press not State Run Press 

The problem with all of them they have an agenda. The problem with CNN, ABC, CBS is the top of the food chain is in bed with the Obama Admin. It's evident in their reporting. 

Nancy Lacy
Nancy Lacy 5pts

Actually Fox news is run and controlled by conservative interests ( Murdoch et al). Many regional news stations are well as are many city, regional newspapers. Not any one source will provide us with the complete and accurate information that we, as citizens, need to make intelligent decisions. I would suggest a healthier well-rounded approach is best for all of us, collectively and individually. In other words, actively seeking to balance our outlook by getting our news from various sources and figure the "truth" is somewhere in the middle (which it clearly is). This is a far healthier approach for the collective "us" and for each and every individual.....rather then believing right wing websites and fox news or those supposed "left wing" sites as being guardians of the truth and nothing but the truth. Nothing, indeed could be further from the truth :).

homsec 5pts

Obamas cronies are running ABC, CBS and CNN, why bring up FOX?

Chad Parker
Chad Parker 5pts

Shouldn't people be FREE to have the jobs they want regardless of their family? Why do you hate FREEDOM?? :P

Mich Col
Mich Col 5pts

James chambers another kool aid drinker!!

James Chambers
James Chambers 5pts

You tell lies thinking nobody can see. Only a moron would buy your line of shit!

RetiredCop 5pts

No wonder only half truths about Obama are reported to the people, to many butt kissers in this administration who feel they have to protect the pimp in the WH.  He needs to be fired and his family and staff need to be deported or jailed.

Geo James
Geo James 5pts

Piece of Shit scumbaggery...

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

And here I thought it was simple bribery.

Anabell Yard
Anabell Yard 5pts

I BELIEVE THAT..........................

Gary Brummer
Gary Brummer 5pts

All 8 of these people should be arrested for treason.

Wayne Wilbur
Wayne Wilbur 5pts

If anyone deserves to be investigated by the IRS, It's these people!

Kathy Nather Thomas
Kathy Nather Thomas 5pts

Then there are the corporations who own the network news media who have their own agenda.

Nicolas L Dulay
Nicolas L Dulay 5pts

Part of the reason why the USA today is creeping towards a one party communist state: a one party broadcast media.

Donna Zee Hester Clark
Donna Zee Hester Clark 5pts

what's new as if the nation is blind and deaf bho's evil muslim slime brotherhood is every where bring our country down as fast as they can

Mike Lemen
Mike Lemen 5pts

what kills me is,this has been happening ever since the reagan administration and you guys are just catching wow

Alissa Shipley
Alissa Shipley 5pts

news channels began to sell their integrity under Reagan and then wholesale in the elder Bush's administration. Ronny charmed them into forfeiting their journalistic integrity and Bush slapped them upside the head with 'national security'. slamm dunk tag team effort.

Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson 5pts

WOW, that's wrong on so many levels!

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 5pts

Gee, why would our state-run, I mean, "free press" scare you?

Brian Herbinko
Brian Herbinko 5pts

ALL media is biased. There is no money in truth.

Daniel Shapiro
Daniel Shapiro 5pts

Wish I could click "like". Wish they had a "scares the crap out of me" option instead.

Wm Gates
Wm Gates 5pts

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Gary Robinson Sr
Gary Robinson Sr 5pts

Unbalanced, tainted media; or sly selection of political appointees? Or, maybe a little (or a lot) of both.