Crony Media Protection Bill? Feinstein moves to limit online speech, Matt Drudge calls her a “fascist.”

Feinstein cc

Feinstein is proposing a media “shield” law (Why does speech in the United States need a shield?) which would in effect limit the protections of the 1st Amendment with regard to journalists to “legitimate news-gathering activities.”

I am positive that the 1st Amendment extends to everyone and not just to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Fox (?) etc. Even in today’s wishy washy world I think that is pretty clear. Kind of the point of this country really.

The gatekeepers are afraid and Matt Drudge just called Ms. Feinstein out.

Drudge Feinstein cc

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Dustin Jorg
Dustin Jorg 5pts

Whoa buddy who added 7 trillion to the debt in the last 5 years? But my point was all government officials promise things like welfare, food stamps, extensions on unemployment, medicare...all of these programs are too good to be true and can not be sustained with current tax receipts even by cutting military spending to the bone(which they should). So wouldn't that be considered a false promise to gain their re-election over many decades. This is the same government trick that has been used for centuries on the people of this planet. Same old bullshit on and on. Man think out of the box they built for you.

Dustin Jorg
Dustin Jorg 5pts

Actually I wouldn't pass them off as idiots, they are intentionally doing all they can to strip us of our freedoms and trying to destroy the middle class (even though they say opposite) to create a Super Oligarchy that rules with an iron fist and the rest which are poor slaves to the system.

Rob McDonald
Rob McDonald 5pts

Pacify the people with handout? That's ridiculous! The GOP has ran up the debt, and wishes to cut all services your tax money is supposed to go to pay the debt service on THEIR DEBT! Shut up idiots, the GOP needs to hang! Hang the GOP for treason, and their fucking media they bought too!

Dustin Jorg
Dustin Jorg 5pts

Exactly, both sides are against long will it take for people to see this? The name of the game is to keep themselves in power, extract wealth, and pacify the people with handout and empty promises that will eventually be paid by themselves and their children.

Gary Bennett
Gary Bennett 5pts

When Feinstein accused Snowdon of being a traitor, she was simply showing her true fascist colors. Just another corporate shill. She has no business being a public servant. LET'S VOTE HER OUT OF OFFICE.

David Peterson
David Peterson 5pts

By the way, you can set profanity to off for your page and give the appearance of more intelligent following.

David Peterson
David Peterson 5pts

Who are we going to agree that we will all support to run against her? That's step 1. I'll bet we can't get 5 posts to agree on one person, before we get 5 different suggestions.

John Reikowsky
John Reikowsky 5pts

its time for her to go she has been bought out, she is corporate property

Art Smith
Art Smith 5pts

It's about power and control - of YOU!!

Steve Kempster
Steve Kempster 5pts

(American Heritage Dictionary, '72 - '82): Fascism. A philosophy or system of government that advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with an ideology of belligerent nationalism. Socialism. 1. a social system in which the producers possess both political power and the means of producing and distributing goods. Capitalism. 1. An economic system characterized by freedom of the market with increasing concentration of private and corporate ownership of production and distribution means, proportionate to increasing accumulation and reinvestment of profits.

Stephen Klostermeier
Stephen Klostermeier 5pts

This is just pure nonsense. The ENTIRE point of such a bill is to filter and control information. That is DIRECTLY opposite of the 1st amendment. Nice trya t rationalizing it all away tho. Feinstein is one of the most tyrannical people in Washington. There is no upside to this bill. It is designed to destroy the free press and of course keep the American people in the dark.

Stephen Klostermeier
Stephen Klostermeier 5pts

I honestly cannot find 1 redeeming quality in this woman. She is an extreme hypocrite and liar. Her bill is also lacking any good qualities. What does anyone (except tyrants) have to gain by stifling competition and free speech/of the press?

Hal Rogers
Hal Rogers 5pts

I Will write what I wish -- come and get me !

Tommy Tucker
Tommy Tucker 5pts

Frankenfeinstein has long since past her sell by date. 5pts

You know, your articles would be much better if you covered BOTH sides of the story... as journalists do, rather than pushing only one facet of a story, as propagandists do. Feinstein's amendment has nothing to do with protecting MSNBC but not The Blaze or even ACC or some 17 year old blogger (as Matt Drudge errantly tweeted). Her amendment is simply to give a bill that provides legal protections to ALL journalists some clarification as to who or what a journalist is and to exempt organizations such as WikiLeaks from benefiting from the shield law being contemplated when the content in question is unauthorized classified materials. Why would she propose this amendment?!?!? Because if this exemption isn't in the bill, it will not pass committee and will not be made law... and as a "journalist," you should be pushing for this law because it may keep your ass out of jail some day.

Steven Haney
Steven Haney 5pts

stupid ass people like her should be hung .

Barbara Bingham
Barbara Bingham 5pts

She certainly doesn't have any sense. Maybe she is on psychotropic drugs?

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

Hmm, not tolerating opinions different then ones own? Yea, text book Facisim.

Geo James
Geo James 5pts

"Fuck you, you Fucking Fuck!" Feinstein, you're piece of shit whore...please get cancer!

Mary Beth Heyart
Mary Beth Heyart 5pts

@Chaz: your second, disgusting comment reveals your character, so why would I pay the least bit of attention to your ill-conceived opinion of my political philosophy?

Michael Benghazi Wilson
Michael Benghazi Wilson 5pts

Vote all of these Lying Oath Breaking Politicians Out Of Office. They are destroying our Once Great Country with their Treasonous Policies.

James L. Taylor
James L. Taylor 5pts

Fienstein is a Communist Democrat, and of course a UGLY BITCH.]

Dave Haufe
Dave Haufe 5pts

why is someone this old and out of touch in office in the first place? she belongs in a home.

Chaz Labrock
Chaz Labrock 5pts

WAKE UP TIME...or keep playing there game they are winning.

Chaz Labrock
Chaz Labrock 5pts

Again the neocons invented the meme that its all the fault of the liberals so you would see the enemy of your enemy as your enemy... these people are not socialist or liberals they are FAKE in order to trick people into following them....

Chaz Labrock
Chaz Labrock 5pts

But then you just follow the brain washing of the right and that makes you just as bad...its not left and right anymore, that bull shit is how they have kept you following along like useful idiots this whole time..Stop playing that game..THEY demonized liberals so YOU would help them..its ignorant NOW STOP IT....

Andre Torres
Andre Torres 5pts

Now she wants to limit freedom of speech too?!!!!

Rick Harter
Rick Harter 5pts

Another communistic move to restrict our freedoms by another communist ass licking bimbo

Sohan Calebephratah
Sohan Calebephratah 5pts

She should be recalled... her husband's privileged government contracts, the anti-gun bill, attacks upon all veteran's sanity and now licensed journalism

Andrew Bauer
Andrew Bauer 5pts

She's your typical libtard. What else is new?

Ron Maier
Ron Maier 5pts

facist commie idiot who wants to silence people who speak out against her, anti-american slug

Cornealious Mcbee
Cornealious Mcbee 5pts

just another socialist that wishes to control the people so they can do as they wish with out having to worry about what people will do vote her out of office