Firm contracted to develop Obamacare site, also contracted (but failed) to build Canadian gun registry

HCgov cc

Well at least they don’t seem to get these creepy websites to work. So I guess that’s a positive.


The failed gun registry was only one of CGI’s many Canadian failures, which included canceled contracts to build health care databases in the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick. Despite CGI’s checkered record, the Obama administration awarded its U.S. subsidiary, CGI Federal, the $93.7 million contract to build, part of $678 million in health care services contracts awarded to the company.

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Michael Kanaba
Michael Kanaba 5pts

why do we contract government duties out to private corporations

Ted Toth
Ted Toth 5pts

Probably why BO hired a Canadian Company !!

Liberty Blueskyes
Liberty Blueskyes 5pts

Oh yeah, American government! Hire these idiots again just cause they did such a good job before.

Dave Wu
Dave Wu 5pts

They must have some serious connections.

Sharlene Stefanski
Sharlene Stefanski 5pts

The question to ask is ,Where is the 640 million dollars. This pos did not cost but a fraction of that. Who owns the Company, why wasn't bids taken?

David Ursiny
David Ursiny 5pts

doesnt say much for looking at a track record before hiring some company

Alan Grose
Alan Grose 5pts

yes.... joking... just like this whole Administration

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

Why on earth did the US government hire these people in the first place?!?!

Louis C Carl
Louis C Carl 5pts

The ever so polite Canadians can teach us all a lesson. - Their gun control registry was the greatest example of passive resistance in the history of the planet, sorry Mr. Gandhi you are an also ran. - When asked to register their long guns the Canadians collectively said "bite me"

Alan Grose
Alan Grose 5pts

hard to believe this Administration would hire someone who had also failed at making other programs....