Obama’s golf courses remain open during the shutdown while Feds evict elderly couple from the home they’ve owned for 40 years. (It’s on federal land.)


This is just flat out bullying. The Feds are good at that. The people without connections and clout feel the brunt while the privileged political class sees little impact.

The courses where Barack Obama plays at Andrews Air Force Base and Ft. Belvoir (146 rounds to date as president, he’s probably on the links as I write this) are still open.

The commissaries are closed. People can’t shop for groceries. But the President gets to play golf.

Mr. Obama can play golf on a course which demands upkeep, watering, staff, etc, but this couple in their 70s, who own their home outright, who don’t need any federal employee assistance, don’t get to sleep in their own bed. That is pretty messed up.

In a crony capitalist world some are more equal than others.

(From TheLibertyPaper.org)

Last Thursday park rangers arrived at the elderly couple’s home and forced them to leave. Their home sits on federal lands. Even though the Spencer’s have owned their home for more than 4 decades, the park ranger told them they could not return until a budget was passed.

“I had to be sure and get his walker and his scooter that he has to go in,” Mrs. Spencer said of her husband Ralph.

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RobertDentato 5pts

Maybe it's me, but aren't any taxes the feds impose on us now unconstitutional ? We are no longer represented, it's obvious they only give a shit about themselves

Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson 5pts

Beverly Greene Your complete ignorance and stupidity are a FACT.

Beverly Greene
Beverly Greene 5pts

Steve, I suggest you go look up David Frum, George Bush's speech writer, said about the ACA. The republican are responsible for Obama care. Edward

Beverly Greene
Beverly Greene 5pts

Steve Wilson, you are rude. Typical republican can't discuss without insults. My fact are correct. I can prove everything I said. Edward

JustinWidener 5pts

They are all POS. They all need to be fired. What we the people need to do is take up arms, march down to the White House, and demand to see all of them. The government will definitely take up arms and fight. But when we get all the military servicemembers, veterans and lay people together, we will have a say. No more voting or any of that bullshit. As a veteran, I am sick of what all these assholes are doing. Time to clean the shit out of Washington. Fucking stand up people, quick arguing and bickering on here like bitches. When you come on here and argue and whine, it makes you no better than the people who want us to fight. The more we fight, the happier they are. Regain focus America.

Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson 5pts

Great priorities as to what does or does not get funded during the government 'shutdown'.

Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson 5pts

Beverly Greene once again your full of bullshit and lies. Stop getting your information from Comedy Central and Huffingmypost. Dems have agreed to nothing, get your FACTS. They won't even vote on funding the government you dumb lying liberal. Interesting, Barry has had NO problem delaying portions and giving exemptions of the LAW for his RICH 1% cronies even though he HAS NO LEGAL authority to do so, so the Dumb Dems have a problem delaying it for the General Public. Get your FACTS dumbass and get your own Facebook account.

Jon Weiss
Jon Weiss 5pts

Just one more case of an elitist snob showing off.

Richard Cornett
Richard Cornett 5pts

The Democrats and Republicans in Congress are dealing with an idiot with no skills, no job-set exp., no character and demonstrates no leadership, in short, obama should be fired for failure to do his job!

Sterling McVay
Sterling McVay 5pts

No Different than, Daddy War-Bush, or Dubyah!! They are all of the same 'ilk', and work for the same 'overlords', and are Intentionally, DESTROYING AMERICA!

Connie Anderson
Connie Anderson 5pts

The White House is on Federal land. Obamas will have to get out until the government is funded!

Tom Kiefer
Tom Kiefer 5pts

But... but... let them eat cake?

Beverly Greene
Beverly Greene 5pts

Yes Steve Wilson and the facts are that the Democrats had agreed to everything the Republicans asked for until they wanted to defund or delay ACA. Now they are adding more things they want. If the republicans had help write the ACA they might be more happy with it. The fact is they refused to cooperate on it. Their plan was to use it to defeat President Obama in the election. That came from David Frum, speech writer for George Bush. Great planning in my opinion. So put any blame you have on the Republicans. Edward

Dave Wu
Dave Wu 5pts

cmon. This is horse kaka.

Charlotte Laborde
Charlotte Laborde 5pts

The private Federal Reserve has everything to do with it. It is about the power that money created out of debt gives them. It is enslaving us all to debt for generations to come. They use this money created out of thin air to forge the chains that are enslaving us. With this fiat money they have corrupted our whole system from our educational system to our media to all three branches of government. It is all about control and power. If we want to regain our independence and freedom we must kick out the Federal Reserve, there is no other way.

Ray Cote
Ray Cote 5pts

All's fair in love and war. Obama and the Democrats declared war on the American people and fortunately a few Republicans are fighting back.

Markus Ervin
Markus Ervin 5pts

I'm so scared for Obama, hopefully there will be more elderly or children to evict before we have to repurpose Obama's golf courses, our dear poor president (that's sarcasm is you're a moron)

David Herrmann
David Herrmann 5pts

@louis: your level of intellect is impossible to argue with

DJosh Gayhart
DJosh Gayhart 5pts

this is so disgusting. has that man not one shred of dignity, morality, compassion.

Larry Orren
Larry Orren 5pts

Bought and paid for by the multibillionaire brothers.

David Herrmann
David Herrmann 5pts

So the President of the United States should be horsewhipped? Perhaps you have lost your perspective a wee bit...

David Herrmann
David Herrmann 5pts

Oh, they're Obama's courses. Very objective considering...

Alison Francis
Alison Francis 5pts

so is the white house on fed land,can we evict him

John Zimmermann
John Zimmermann 5pts

This site must be an affiliate of FOX ,funded by the crotch,sorry koch brothers.Can not wait til 2014

Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson 5pts

P.S. For you stupid ignorant FACTLESS lying liberals To compromise is to make a deal between different parties where each party gives up part of their demand. In arguments, compromise is a concept of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms—often involving variations from an original goal or desire.

Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson 5pts

Obviously a bunch of dumb lying liberals without a CLUE on how this Federal Republic is designed to function. The ACA was null and void when Barry issued exemptions, etc. to his cronies. The designers of The Constitution wanted the Congress to control The President by controlling the purse strings. Once again Lying Liberals without facts!

David Miller
David Miller 5pts

Now I know! No compromise so he can stay on vacation for awhile.

Michael Benghazi Wilson
Michael Benghazi Wilson 5pts

Yes, obama is responsible for this. The Obamanation of America continues. What you get when you have a person against The United States in The White House. Shown by the actions, lies, scandals, and coverups of this Administration. The obama's administration answer to Postpartum Depression is to blow away a scared mom. What about shooting the tires to disable the vehicle ? http://freepatriot.org/2013/10/05/mr-l-strange-case-miriam-carey/?fb_source=pubv1 Hello Liberals, Where is your outrage about what happened this time ? Oh Yeah, I forgot, it is the Republicans fault that the Democrats voted down 3 times the bill that would have kept the Government open. How about looking in the mirror and facing Reality for a change. The Liberal policies are ruining the once great United States. If Obamacare was so freakin great, how come the President and all of the people who voted to ram it down our throats exempted themselves from it ? Just shows how stupid people have become for supporting these lying Oath Breaking Politicians. THIS MUST GO VIRAL TO EVERY AMERICAN , HERE IS THE TRUTH OF THE SUPREME COURT ABOUT OBAMA CARE...PASS IT ALONG AND KEEP A COPY OF THIS FOR YOURSELF People of The USA .We are being played as fools. Chief Justice Roberts did not say obamacare was constitutional..read his RULING .. http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/11pdf/11-393c3a2.pdf He said that the mandate was NOT Constitutional and that the ONLY WAY THAT the federal government could enforce obamacare is to to enforce it as a tax.... WELL here is where the obamacare mandate is unconstitutional..Right when Justice Roberts made that ruling THE ACA should have went BACK to congress and should have been VOTED ON BY EACH MEMBER OF CONGRESS AS A TAX .. IT WAS NOT .. The House did not pass obamacare as a tax..they said that it was NOT a tax.. The Obama Lawyers argued their case saying it was not a TAX... Roberts contorted his logic like a cheap soggy pretzel and called it a TAX. So DO NOT BE FOOLS PEOPLE .. OBAMACARE IS ILLEGAL .. BECAUSE OBAMACARE/THE ACA Originated in the SENATE and a Tax cannot originate in the Senate.. THEN.....OBAMA has unlawfully changed the law by giving exemptions and waivers to Corporations, Big Business and Labor ..HE HAS NO LEGAL STANDING TO DO THIS... He is an Alinskite Radical revolutionary and his lap dog Main Stream media Knows the Alinski rules and is REPEATING THE LIE over and over and over again so it becomes the new reality.. JUST BECAUSE YOU HEAR SOMETHING ON THE NEWS DOES NOT MAKE IT ACCURATE .. They are trying so hard to make us all believe that Obamacare is legal BUT IT IS NOT LEGAL... Lets work on taking the IRS to court if THEY try to garnish your bank account when you OPT-OUT ..go to (generation opportunity.org) AND (cchfreedom.org) There will be a chance for class action law suits against the Federal Government but we cannot take them to court until they try to tax us for not having health insurance .

Salty Dog
Salty Dog 5pts

Bush and Cheney are both assholes. Plain and simple. I see your insult and raise you one.

Salty Dog
Salty Dog 5pts

I agree totally; Ted Cruz should resign from the Senate and go back to Canada. lol

Salty Dog
Salty Dog 5pts

I think that's a bit strong even for him ... I mean Ted Cruz is an incompetent dickhead but horsewhipping???