Has Obama forced a Constitutional crisis with the Obamacare “fix”?

Each branch is equal under the Constitution.
Each branch is equal under the Constitution.

“What the president has done here is outrageous, it is illegal, and it is unconstitutional.”

Amen to that.

The “fix” decree which came from the president yesterday should concern every single person who cares about the rule of law in this country Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, whatever. The president does not have the power to just declare part of a law void. He can’t do that. I thought Obama was supposed to be some kind of constitutional scholar.

Maybe he needs a refresher course because what he is attempting to do is in clear violation of the Constitution. We can’t just let this go. As Mr. Sasse explains in the video this is now about much more than healthcare policy. This power grab is unacceptable and it is dangerous.

Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

"We just can't let this go." . . what are you going to do about it? huh? In case you haven't noticed . . the government hasn't operated under Constitutional law for quite a long time and has no intention of doing it. And, they are using the Congress and the Judicial branches and the nation's law enforcement and military to write whatever laws and enforce doing what ever the hell they want. When are people going to stop acting all outraged and upset? They should have done that, we all should have done that decades ago. It's too late now. Only God and or a miracle can help us now.

Michael Benghazi Wilson
Michael Benghazi Wilson 5pts

If people honestly looked at how much obama has hurt our country and got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi, then he never would have gotten reelected. Proof the Sheeple are ignoring the truth and facts. They Lied about Obamacare from Day 1 and now we are all suffering because of it. The takers are taking the whole country down with them. Remember that Obamacare was passed entirely by Democrats who exempted themselves from it. They ignore the fact that Obamacare is illegal in the first place as this tax did not originate in the House as mandated by The Constitution Of The United States. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZU0c8DAIU4

Stanley Peterson
Stanley Peterson 5pts

Don't forget the Wall Street branch of power right along with the Corporation branch. I mean congress is too busy watching their bank accounts grow to actually make laws.

Daniel Stoner
Daniel Stoner 5pts

It's certainly illegal / unconstitutional - no question about that. But whether it rises to the level of a "crisis" is up for debate. I think that if no one steps in and SUES with an attempt to get the SCOTUS to strike down the illegality, the precedent that that lack of action would set would likely bring about an ultimate crises, if not during this admin, during the next 10 years or so.

K.c. Forde
K.c. Forde 5pts

And the Supreme Court doesn't have the authority to reinterpret a bill and then say it's Constitutional.

pacman925 5pts

The reason is that Obama & several top muslim government leaders, such as Eric Holder -DOJ, only cases to support Obama, not justice.

John Brennan - CIA, lies to congress last week regarding benghazi...a converted muslim.

& Obama has fired top 200 of our military officers, he wants total control...

obviously, he wants to bankrupt our nation, so "top leader's will have totally control"....it is very scary in our near future !!

It is time to FIGHT BACK !!    November 18th & 19th with thousands (millions?) to protest at the white house. We need all biker's & truckers & veterans & every patriotic men & women with signs saying, "WE WILL NOT ALLOW CORRUPTION IN USA"...We need millions to call, email, go to senator's & state rep's office DAILY !   I don't think most people have been reading & researching as much as me, but this nation is amazing....dozens of Obama & top leaders scandals, but hardly on the news....They are controlling our media too !

Art Smith
Art Smith 5pts

America is being destroyed !!

Michael Haynes
Michael Haynes 5pts

What about the 14 other illegal changes to the bill?

Thomas Savino
Thomas Savino 5pts

What Constitution is that? The Civil War changed the one from a voluntary association of free men into a gun pointed at your face. Is that the one?

Charlie Town
Charlie Town 5pts

this corruption started way before Obama and people were not saying shit !!!! The GOP tells us how bad the black guy is and that he is not really American and people start sucking up that white night bull shit because they say so. The affordable care act was modeled by the Republicans. Things were fucked up before Obama. There were still no one speeking up for us In Washington to make things work, don't discredit the man because there were a bunch of ass holes before he got there. bunch of brain washed suck up making these derogatory statements against the US LEADERSHIP..YOU ALL SUCK....

Kathy Mann
Kathy Mann 5pts

not really happy with any of them right now

Marti Rundus
Marti Rundus 5pts

Among others. Congress needs to do their job and call him out on these power grabs.

Patti Wetterman
Patti Wetterman 5pts

Yep, this is the way our government works...or doesn't....

Randy Baker
Randy Baker 5pts

Congress shall pass no law that doesn't apply to all the people them and their staff too

Christian R. Campa
Christian R. Campa 5pts

Laws have no meaning if they're not enforced. We have failed to enforce them.

Chris Duffee
Chris Duffee 5pts

MF hasn't been anything but a constitutional corrupting fuck.

Laura See-Taylor
Laura See-Taylor 5pts

Yes, they are currently pulling every scam known in history; as well as a few new ones thanks to technology. And most just sit and say "somebody will do something about that".

Laura See-Taylor
Laura See-Taylor 5pts

They are giving us the distraction from selling off the national parks (still on GWB's great national forest budget that was going to make them self-sufficient because of the fracking) and post office itself (yep, legislation has been submitted to start accepting bids). Did you ever see a bigger mafia? History being made!

Louis C Carl
Louis C Carl 5pts

Ben, you have a point but you are preaching to wrong congregation. - The business community would be the biggest beneficiary of the program you want. - Quite selling it as sticking-it-to-the-man (which is the polar opposite of the truth) and sell it as helping global competitiveness. - My expat, Norwegian GM tore his hair out over the time and money he spent on health care.

Louis C Carl
Louis C Carl 5pts

No 'crisis", just a routine C.F., that I would like to say is typical of the Left, except that it is typical of the last generation, generally. - We can't do squat anymore - and - nobody is held accountable.

Robert Jsomebody
Robert Jsomebody 5pts

We're only worried about this constitutional crisis? What about all the others?!

Dawn Cox
Dawn Cox 5pts

obama proves to get away with many things that are illegal. He started out stating that obama-care was not a tax. The supreme court said it was in order to pass it. He lied to us then. The law was passed without one republican vote and the dem/libs didn't read it/understand it in full before passing it. Illegal/corrupt. Then all the other lies and bad policies about obama-care started coming out. He ILLEGALLY made a change to his law by exempting the big rich corporations and recently thug unions from having to abide by his law for a year. ILLEGAL. Now he's changing it again cause his dem/libs are pissed off that Americans are angry enough to vote out all the dem/libs for forcing the majority of us to pay for crap-care that is more expensive in every way, less options, and also- for Millions it even took their docs away. ILLEGAL. VOTE THE DEM/LIBS OUT 2014-2016 because they cannot fix nor hide what they have done to US and our Country as they have protected and promoted obama's lawlessness (and including illegally keeping 20+million illegal immigrants in our country and suing US when upholding our laws against them) and dem/libs even protect obama from the impeachment that MILLIONS of Americans have demanded. It's totally illegal in what obama and his entire administration has done to us for over 5 years now. Put the pressure on all the reps in congress and across the states to stop, impeach, and imprison obama and all in his administration who continually commit crimes against our Constitution, Laws, Country, and Legal American citizens. They are behaving as dictators and king and prove it.

Helene Thomason
Helene Thomason 5pts

I wish more people would learn about what our government and our constitution is supposed to be. With our children in the public school system only being spoon fed the liberal agenda, I'm afraid they will never learn.

JonPOgden 5pts

This was foreordained the first time Reid and Boehner did not hold his feet to the fire for violating the Constitution. 

Back in the day of Clinton, Senator Byrd, a member of his party, fought tooth and nail to keep the line item veto out of the hands of the Presidency, because he believed (correctly, in my opinion) that it would cede power to the executive and reduce the power of the legislators. How shocked and disgusted the old man would be to see how both Democrats and republicans have allowed Obama to assume the authority of a king.

Jason Sabourin
Jason Sabourin 5pts

That's more along the lines of hyperbole or sarcasm.

Geoff Scholl
Geoff Scholl 5pts

Nordic countries are so awesome...shit just "gets done" at the expense of eastern europe and africa. Ask the EU about crony capitalism, it's what keeps them going.

Jason Sabourin
Jason Sabourin 5pts

Benjamin. All of those nations do that because we provide for their "defense". If they paid for their own or paid us for what we do, they would all be closer to bankruptcy than they already are.

Jackie Clack
Jackie Clack 5pts

as long as harry reid is the senate leader nothing will be done about obama

bob 5pts

This is not the first time that Obama has taken on the Legislative mantel.  He has decided that certain portions of the Affordable Care Act doe snot need to be enforced (small business mandate, specifically).  

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

Stanley, the funny part of this whole kerfuffle is that Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, et. al. all manage to provide universal coverage to their citizenry. Their life expectancies are generally comparable to, and in some instances superior to, ours. They spend a lower percentage of GDP than we do. Yet there are no endless arguments, no conspiracy nutters, no rants about communism or socialism or any other -isms. Shit just gets DONE. That's what we need here. I'm tired of peoples' ideologies. Ideologies heal no one, discover nothing, improve nothing. Git'er done!

Gregg Schmitz
Gregg Schmitz 5pts

It wasn't a tax until the SCOTUS said so. It's law via three branches of government now.

Stanley Stan Stanley
Stanley Stan Stanley 5pts

The government that kidnaps people off the streets for victimless acts the states sees as unclean behavior and bombs innocents in the poorest parts of the world does not care about yours or anyone else's health.

John Wallace
John Wallace 5pts

That might be the stupidest comment on Facebook today.

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

sat·ire ˈsaˌtīr/ noun noun: satire 1. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature;

Elliott Roschuni
Elliott Roschuni 5pts

Yes, and he already did when it became a 'tax' AFTER it passed...

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

God will surely pour out His wrath on America for daring to try and heal the poor.

yoverne 5pts

@bob He also decided on his own not to enforce immigration laws

Mike 5pts

@Stanley Stan Stanley You know, it's amazing how few people actually get that.

JonPOgden 5pts

@Benjamin Stockton  big fail (bɪɡ /feɪl/) compound noun: 1. Benjamin Stockton. 2. Dodo bird.