Brazil passes on American NSA tainted F-18s. Buys jets from Sweden instead.

Saab Jet 2

The NSA spying is starting to hurt American businesses. This is just the latest example. Until very recently it looked like Boeing (one of our favorite crony companies) was going to get the $4.5 billion contract. In the wake of the NSA revelations however the Brazilians felt they had to look for an alternative. Who can blame them?

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Don Wylie
Don Wylie 5pts

And Obama's clan is buying from Russia.

Ty Jack
Ty Jack 5pts

Time to get rid of cronyism and get this country rolling again. It seems they have wrung every dime they can out of this train wreck.

John Rohe
John Rohe 5pts

Once again, our President is the worst in my life time. He has no idea how to conduct foreign policy.

Sue Smith
Sue Smith 5pts

Boycott the American military industrial complex. Love it.

Bonnie Thomas
Bonnie Thomas 5pts

If we don't have military to protect us, and we can't have guns to protect us, We're in deep poop

J'Neanne Theus
J'Neanne Theus 5pts

Tell me how this wasn't the administration.

John Harris
John Harris 5pts

They can buy where they want - maybe we should buy sugar elsewhere too

Santiago Veguilla Jr.
Santiago Veguilla Jr. 5pts

I'm sure that was the only reason and price had nothing to do with it. We all know how comparable swedish armaments are to ours. Case in point, look at their bevy of fine automobiles as a comparison. The countries that can afford the best will still buy the best. It's not like they had anything worth snooping on anyway...Soccer, cigarette-smoking street children and jiu-jitsu...whooptydoo....

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

We have spied on other countries for a LONG time, just as they have on us. It's just who ever is running it too stupid to keep a lid on it. But, Obama DID say how he wanted to government to be "open and transperent".

Stan Dahl
Stan Dahl 5pts

Uh oh, Barrys gonna have to find some other Military Arms to sell.

Jim Stevens
Jim Stevens 5pts

NSA has been tracking overseas calls since the 90's. It was in the news back then right around the time the law was passed that every computer chip needed to have a government approved tracking program inserted.

Sandy Graham
Sandy Graham 5pts

how about all the foreign computer's powering these American Jets ?

Steve Collier
Steve Collier 5pts

This is going to screw our country so bad. Thanks assholes.

Luke A. Fink
Luke A. Fink 5pts

some of those US companies are guaranteed to be involved in the spying... willing to bet on it...

Roger Biggerstaff
Roger Biggerstaff 5pts

It's a little too late to wait until you're at war, to have your military equipped/trained.

Steve Orr
Steve Orr 5pts

Ya, because no one else does it. Duh!

Laura See-Taylor
Laura See-Taylor 5pts

They have wiretapped pretty much anybody/everybody (world wide VIPs) since Hoover started the FBI. That's why the two parties have been able to merge and serve the corporate elite. Standard operating procedure, have been "caught" many times (not just Nixon), and the story, like the party's cocaine busts, gets buried, wiped from history. They take it for granted, and supposed the nation did too.

Laura See-Taylor
Laura See-Taylor 5pts

Not google and apple and the little corp.s under their "umbrella" now that they formed them with Congressmembers and were awarded the tech government contracts in the no bid procedures.

Kenneth Peterson
Kenneth Peterson 5pts

So no one will be happy till America is dead right......what sad day..

Kyle Lohmeier
Kyle Lohmeier 5pts

I always had a weakness for conards. Let's face it, the SU-37 is dead sexy.

Omar Rivera
Omar Rivera 5pts

Some of these companies knew government was doing this and chose to stay silent, good for them!

Kehvan 5pts

NSA "tainted" F-18's?

Fix that headline guys... opinions were tainted, not the planes.

Janet Day
Janet Day 5pts

Another gem the pospotus has caused. Ruination of our foreign relations. Canwe ever get back the trust of our foreign friends.

Lisa Breuer
Lisa Breuer 5pts

haha..better looking jet anyhow. That canard is awesome!

Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson 5pts

Darn, maybe the private sector can make up for that loss. Oops, I forgot, too many rules,regulations, laws, and crony capitalism coming out of D.C. for that to happen!

Kyle Lohmeier
Kyle Lohmeier 5pts

I always thought the Gripen was a cool looking plane.

Martin Negron
Martin Negron 5pts

Yet when the spying was done in secret these companies were ok with it. Now that the secret is out they want to cry.....Get over it!

Gary Shaw
Gary Shaw 5pts

This is only going to help collapse our economy.