Report Suggests NSA Engaged In Financial Manipulation, Changing Money In Bank Accounts

fourth-amendment cc

You thought that as an American you were protected by the Constitution and that you could be secure in your “papers and effects.” The 4th Amendment says so.

But we now know that some parts of our government do not feel that the 4th Amendment applies to them. It appears according to the attached report from that intel agencies might even be doing more than just spying on our bank accounts. They may be messing with the amounts in our bank and brokerage accounts and may be manipulating the broader financial system.

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Alcyrus 5pts

It must be surprising to average guy but not to me. they have targeted wireless signals from my house, my mails, emails, internet and phones are all being intercepted and they still claim that they have no records and file on me!! I won't put anything passed them.

JonPOgden 5pts

Does it matter whether the NSA does it or the Federal Reserve does it?  

Bjorn Larsen
Bjorn Larsen 5pts

They are doing something with the data they collect. I wonder about stolen innovation, inside trading, and other innocent but secret data they collect.

Jerry Ware
Jerry Ware 5pts

The FED was founded to manipulate the money supply. The intention was to finance government deficits and creating inflation. Inflation transfers real wealth to people with assets, the rich, at the expense of the working class and poor. Real wages fall creating the wealth inequality.

Jay Kay
Jay Kay 5pts

Once it is in the Bank we no longer own it. The Bank just promises to pay you they can do what ever they want with it until you request it!!!!

Dharken O'Dale
Dharken O'Dale 5pts

If your going to let others get away with it might as well as cash in yourself. The laws are only meant to be enforced on the peasants on Main St.

Stanley Stan Stanley
Stanley Stan Stanley 5pts

The Fed will just zap your money from you by way of inflation, so there goes that plan.

Dana Kendrick
Dana Kendrick 5pts

so thats why my bank account is always 20 less than i thought it was!

Charla Shamhart
Charla Shamhart 5pts

The ONLY thing banks understand is if you TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT. Put it in a credit union, in a home safe (NOT a bank safety deposit box as some of those are being raided) or under the mattress next to your pistol.

Julie Downs
Julie Downs 5pts

Pretty bad when you can't even take a nap .

John Legget
John Legget 5pts

That is a federal criminal act. Since its the government its ok???

Mike Lemen
Mike Lemen 5pts

Just catching on huh? The stock market is bloated because of it...the global market has a 22 trillion $ bubble in it. Hyperinflation....can happen if China wants it to...our future is actually in the hands of communists....

Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey 5pts

'Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.' - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Papalucas Robbin
Papalucas Robbin 5pts

to the nsa just be sure to add loads of zeros ahead of the 50