Santelli and Stockman: The budget deal “Is a joke and a betrayal. It’s the final surrender of the House Republican leadership.” (Video)

“(The Tea Party) ought to go after every incumbent Republican who voted for this abomination.”

We agree Mr. Stockman. Like we said 2014 is lining up to be a battle for the ages within the Republican Party. On one side is Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Cantor, Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment. On the other side of the pitch are the small government people, some of whom have made their way to DC in the past couple years, but most of whom have yet to breach the city gates. But they are coming.

Rising interest rates are going to explode the budget. No joke. There will be fiscal carnage.

The GOP leadership betrayed the American people. Simple as that.

James T. Wood
James T. Wood 5pts

Who do you think runs law enforcement and the military????

James T. Wood
James T. Wood 5pts

Initial Medicare recipients like Social Security recipients made no payments!Where do you think the money came from to pay the benefits?These taxes should not have a ceiling and the rich should pay the tax rate on all income like most Americans !

James T. Wood
James T. Wood 5pts

They have been caught too many times spewing unbelievable lies!

James T. Wood
James T. Wood 5pts

It is a COMPROMISE and too much has been taken from the poor and unemployed already and jobs outsourced around the world!

Cheyne Hill
Cheyne Hill 5pts

I find it hard to feel bad for seniors of the Baby Boom. Collectively they've already leeched from the preceding generations, and they are now trying to absolutely demolish the younger generations by making us pay for their mistakes and greed. They deserve far more than Medicare cuts.

Cheyne Hill
Cheyne Hill 5pts

Until the Republican party can accept defense cuts there will be no real progress on fiscal issues. The Budget Control Act was a foolish, blunt instrument but still superior to this deal.

Linda Powers
Linda Powers 5pts

I listened to Sean Hannity with Mike Lee and Louie Gohmert (sp?) and darn he's a Texas Representative today about this. Although I understood what they were saying, not sure I agree.

Rosalie Jaspering
Rosalie Jaspering 5pts

Our whole government is a joke . If I could I would fire every one of them .All they do is a lot of styling and profiling !!

Ronnie Young
Ronnie Young 5pts

When those dudes (GOP ) agree to do something good for the nation it scares me. I worry about what their motives are, it can't be good.

Bill Steele
Bill Steele 5pts

Wish we could all stop paying federal income tax. Maybe then they could figure out a real budget.

Kenneth Olsen
Kenneth Olsen 5pts

I give up. The USD is finished. We will never pay back the debt. I am buying Bitcoin.

Rich Wyzykowski
Rich Wyzykowski 5pts

No it's more like the dumping of the Tea Party so that legislation to help the nation can proceed!

Joe Brown
Joe Brown 5pts

Reagan's budget director is a leftie?

Jason Luther
Jason Luther 5pts

Now all we have too do is make all the sheeple who blindly support either party understand that they are all lying @$$4013$ and we can move forward. ""Hey look they are taking Jesus out of schools everyone get behind the Republicans... Oh my that family can't afford healthcare let's support the Democrats""" #nevergonnahappen

Louis C Carl
Louis C Carl 5pts

Was a major campaign issue in 2012, ignored by the state-controlled media and trumped by having conscience based institutions provide abortifacients.

Mark D Fulwiler
Mark D Fulwiler 5pts

They are just looking towards the 2014 elections at this point. They don't want to offend anyone getting government money and they don't want another government shutdown.

Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

I wish! the GOP leadership?? will never surrender. It will take law enforcement carrying out the will of the people to put them out of their offices. Elections are hopelessly corrupt.

Ron Miller
Ron Miller 5pts

So, we save 21 billion over 10 years. Whoa, we are borrowing 85 billion every month. Sorry folks, we have all been lied to again. Out with all of them.

George Powell
George Powell 5pts

We need a new political party for the people, by the people and of the people to oust these Demorepubs, and restore our country.

JonPOgden 5pts

Let's have that fight in 2015, not 2014. Thought police are the best way of insuring that Harry Reid stays in power.

David Ursiny
David Ursiny 5pts

the house republican's surrender and betrayal of their faithful service ,at the golden alter ,and holy temple ,of cash almighty of wall street ,shove it Santeelli, you sell out traitor ,to our nation and people, the military should hang you on K street for treason

Mike Lemen
Mike Lemen 5pts

Republicans have absolutely no ideas. They just want to keep Thier jobs. That is why they obstruct and do nothing. You want small government. Better come up with solutions instead of obstruction....

Lee Cape
Lee Cape 5pts

Absolutely ridiculous. 98% of the Republican party ought to just join the Democratic party for goodness sakes.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell 5pts

It doesn't matter if the democrats are in the majority or the minority they beat the Washington republicans silly on every issue.

Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes 5pts

In exchange for raising spending from $967 billion to $1.014 Trillion, the Republicans will receive new taxes on travelers from the Democrats. Sounds Legit.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell 5pts

Wait until the seniors that voted democrat find out it cuts more from Medicare.

Mike Lemen
Mike Lemen 5pts

Republicans have a major problem. No one trusts them...

Nadine Faber
Nadine Faber 5pts

Dems are NOT going to approve anything that is in the best interest of the US, the people, honors our Constitution, Bill of Rights... freedoms and rights of the individuals.... They are all about themselves and the GOP/Rep's better get their act together and put forth solutions counteracting the obama corruption shoving down our throats all of the policies and reg's, agencies abusing their powers against the American Way of Life and are ability to bounce back economically, take back our health care, tax reforms, restore our military and educational systems, give back the non-profit and churches... organizations the ability to help those in need without the government sticking their noses in where they don't belong.

Jackie Cooper
Jackie Cooper 5pts

NSA must have something on Boehner to blackmail him with.

Nick Berry
Nick Berry 5pts

House leadership? There is no leadership in the House or from any republican, they just want to be liked by their compatriots on the other side.

Larry G. Kilmer
Larry G. Kilmer 5pts

The dems promise everything and deliver nothing. Spend now and save in the future is a pipe dream.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

I'm trying to be optimistic, yet moderate. I'm not a fan of the deal.

Aidan Haggerty
Aidan Haggerty 5pts

Mark Levin complained bitterly about the deal. I would too. The deal did not go far enough. In the long run we will be back to where we started.

Tom Curtin
Tom Curtin 5pts

We have no leadership in DC get them all out.

ByronShutt 5pts

Ahhh, the blame game, aprogressive obligation. Following the lead of the leftest to divide and conquer. The baby boomers 'leeching' are you fucking on meds? Why don't you tell the truth or is that beyond you abilities? We have had decades of progressive BS and their socialist/communist agenda to redistribute what they feel is fair.....and look what it got us, anational debt beyond repair and dopes like you.