Surveillance State friendly congressman throws a fit over Rand Paul’s opposition to the NSA

Peter King cc

Ah yes, Congressman Peter King. One of America’s loudest big government “conservatives.” When he’s not working the system for more Hurricane Sandy aid he’s singing the praises of our overseers.

You see it’s not the NSA violating the Constitution we should worry about. It’s no big deal that General Clapper, the head of the NSA straight faced lied to Congress and the American people. No, Rand Paul is the problem because he keeps informing us of how the surveillance state is running roughshod over the very principals that bind the United States together. (Or did.)

In Congressman King’s world this makes sense. Truly bizarre.

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Jess Cruz
Jess Cruz 5pts

Peter King is from NY. All New Yorkers (the city) are afraid of another large terror attack (9-11). They are willing to give up their freedom for security and believe that the rest of the country should also (for the protection of NY City). Very sad indeed.

Kevin Donoghue
Kevin Donoghue 5pts

War Pig@!!!! Fear broker...... He IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!

Marc McClendon
Marc McClendon 5pts

he is only one of many political lemmings. they get their marching orders from some cowardly asshole hiding away in an ivory tower. his constituents or anyone else for that matter meen nothing to these people. it's all about power and control. i bet if you listen to one of peter kings speeches you can find another member in his party giving the exact same speech. Congressional representation is a rogues. true representation has not existed for decades now.

Chris Aylward
Chris Aylward 5pts

The guy is BAD NEWS! But he's from NY! What do you expect?!?!?

Todd Shoenfelt
Todd Shoenfelt 5pts

Statists like this can be useful. They show how ridiculous, incompetent, and callous the state is.

Kitty Wolf
Kitty Wolf 5pts

Tap tap,,,all his problems solved

Jd Logsdon
Jd Logsdon 5pts

I wonder how many congressmen realize that there are no private discussions in DC ? NSA even has wire taps in the congressional bathrooms....

Dan Glosser
Dan Glosser 5pts

What is wrong with him or anyone that would think what the NSA is a good thing.

Robert Gandy
Robert Gandy 5pts

As long as there is money in it for him, or his friends, King is for it.

Thomas Albert
Thomas Albert 5pts

The Worst sort of traitor, selling his children, grandchildren and yours out for toilet paper.

Sedek Tirdoff
Sedek Tirdoff 5pts

I'll do some Kroll related googling and I'd bet he shows up. Him and Feinstein are up to no good. Why protect the NSA when it's so obvious now that laws are being broken for no good reason.

Donna Brazel
Donna Brazel 5pts

Don't care what kind of fit he throws .NSA need s to go away

Kathye Theo
Kathye Theo 5pts

What do you expect from a treasonous socialist lover

William Davis
William Davis 5pts

Source of continuous repugnican fits ..................

Steve Orr
Steve Orr 5pts

No, he just knows the facts vs all this BS rhetoric. I embrace libertarian views, but on this point you are wrong and naive.

Dennis Brophy
Dennis Brophy 5pts

This A-hole agrees with Putin of Russia. This congressman is truly Obama`s butt buddy.

Samuel Long
Samuel Long 5pts

Yes, Thomas, Authoritarians are the problem.

Jeff Hallam
Jeff Hallam 5pts

Waterboard the Traitor till he tells on his friends?

Vickie Christensen
Vickie Christensen 5pts

He's a big mouth Liberal who thinks it's his way or no way! WRONG!!!!!

AKansan 5pts

Peter King, We The People demand honesty, integrity and transparency. If you cannot play by those rules you need to leave. 

William Wagner
William Wagner 5pts

he's a commie,thinks he;s good for something.Regular trash.politician.

Steve Paul
Steve Paul 5pts

Yes he is, very sad. If he wanted he could join Chris Mathews; they would make a lovely pair of nuts.

Robert Cook
Robert Cook 5pts

Just thimk if you say things you npt like just cause wire tap you become a terrorist, go to jail

Ray Warren
Ray Warren 5pts

Just another RINO. He's up there with McCain and Grahamnisty.

Teresa Burns
Teresa Burns 5pts

Term Limits needed. When they get too deeply entrenched they soon forget who put them there and whose intrusts they should be serving.

Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson 5pts

King's got it reversed. Clapper is the traitor and both he and King along with many others in DC need to give the constitution a good read.

Fidel Balan
Fidel Balan 5pts

My former Congressman, he has been in power for over 20 years and is now a left wing loon.

Melissa Crusinberry
Melissa Crusinberry 5pts

Too bad for him. Hopefully the people in his district will vote him out and vote in someone more like Rand Paul.

Louis DeVries
Louis DeVries 5pts

This is another RINO that needs to be voted out of the herd.