The NSA is coming to town… Have you been naughty or nice? (Video)

santa glasses cc

Got to hand it to the ACLU on this one. They made me laugh.

Dharken O'Dale
Dharken O'Dale 5pts

As a Christmas gift I'll take a car laced with listening devices, at worse I could always use a colonoscopy.

Richard Neidrauer
Richard Neidrauer 5pts

There is nothing capitList about cronyism. It's communist egalitarian tyranny, plain and simple.

Troy D Taylor
Troy D Taylor 5pts

I posted this video on my wall yesterday. Lots of shares.

John Richardson
John Richardson 5pts

Why do people have to be so damn Procrustean? The creepiness of the NSA has nothing per se to do with socialism. Gov't authorities spying on citizens and thereby chilling freedom of speech and association is for sure an AUTHORITARIAN tactic, but authoritarianism comes in many flavors.

Ty Jack
Ty Jack 5pts

And if he doesn't the smart meter does.

Dana Robinson
Dana Robinson 5pts

NSA is evil and intends to bring socialism into existence any wat possible...and the "its necessary for our own and terrorist control" is bullshit...its to take our freedoms,privacy and lives when deemed expedient to their agenda.